Pink or Blue Party Prizes and “Clues”

Ready for the party to start? They’ll be a chatroom on my site tomorrow so you can join in! Be sure you’re typing in pink or blue! Here’s some hints (most myths) as to what I knew before my ultrasound:
I was carrying sorta “low”= Boy
Intelligender Test results = Boy
My 91-year old great-grandpa who claims he always predicts correct = Girl
Heartbeat was high 160s@12weeks and high 150s@16 weeks= Girl
Craving salty foods= Boy
Husband is gaining weight too (to his credit, it’s muscle)= Girl
Ancient Chinese Lunar Calendar= Boy
Dreams were all of boys until a few weeks ago = Girl/Boy
Dry skin=Boy
Morning sickness= Girl
Sleep on the right= Girl
Feet are colder than before (hard to believe!)= Boy

Hmm. Looks like we’re back to 50/50. Which test do you believe most?
Good luck with your guesses 😉

Now on to the Pink or Blue Party Prizes!
The Design Girl (3 winners)
A Premade Blog Template
A Premade Announcement Design
A Premade Stationary Design
(must print your own stationary/announcements)

$100 Gift Certificate to use at Lillunia
$50 Gift Certificate to Storkie
2Chix Maternity
Pink “Ticked Pink” Maternity Tee or Blue “Oh Boy” Maternity Tee

Milan Maternity
Any top of choice from Milan Maternity
EcoStore USA
$25 Gift Certificate to Ecostore

Panoramic Photo Frame from GrowShow

Unravel Me Designs
Pink or Blue Teddy Bear Baby Beanie
B Baby Bling
Pink or Blue Bib from B Baby Bling

Babies Booty
Any one item of choice from Babies Booty
Also… 25% Off for ALL of you. Just mention my Pink or Blue Party!
Mommy Measure
A Mommy Measure

Spirit of Giving
Hooded Towel

Sweet Dreams Maternity Wear
A Maternity Sleepwear Outfit from Sweet Dreams Maternity
Dirty Birdy Vintage
$20 Gift Certificate to Dirty Bird Vintage

Valerie’s Bowtique
A Girlie Hair Bow or a Set of Custom Bottlecap Photo Magnets

Anti-colic Bottle Featuring Peristaltic Nipple
Sewn Inspirations
$15 Gift Certificate to Sewn Inspirations

Jewelry Kaleidoscope
Pink and Blue Sunny Day Earrings

Spawnie was not shy!! I know what (s)he is for sure! Tune in at 10:30am EST Tuesday to find out and win prizes!!

Honey B. says:

I’m looking forward to it!!

Angie says:

Great Giveaways!
I hope you had fun at the ultrasound too. My hubby really didn’t know what was going on and couldn’t figure out where the head was for the longest time:)
Our baby is healthy!
I’m guessing we got the same gender results:)
I am posting the pictures on my blog tomorrow too.
Can’t wait to know for sure about yours.

OMG! I am so excited for you!:)!:)

Unravel Me says:

So glad Spawnie cooperated for you today! I can’t wait to find out tomorrow what you’re having!

Bethany says:

Oooh, I can’t wait. I have so enjoyed following your pregnancy journey through your blog. I plan on being here tomorrow to find out with everyone else!

Mommy Bee says:

Then i’ll guess BLUE, because the ultrasound techs always tell me that it’s the girls who are shy, and that the boys are not.

(to be fair, Bear had his legs crossed and we poked and pushed and I actually practically got up and did a dance to get him to wiggle enough that we could see…but Eagle had it all hangin out in plain view so that Hubby noticed and called it even before the tech did).

MsBabyPlan says:

Oh my gosh what fab giveaways I really hope to win one. I am so excited, I feel like I can’t until tomorrow. Oh my my, I really hope when is my turn I share with you and have this fun. Chat to you tomorrow future momma and eveyone. Bye

Elana Kahn says:

I personally think/hope it’s a girl, but I think the tests say it’s a boy. 🙂

1stopmom says:

I am saying blue. I can’t wait until the party 🙂

Awww, I’ll be in the middle of teaching mean 9th graders 🙁 Boo.

But, I think little Spawnie is a girl 🙂

Shelle says:

How exciting!! Can’t wait to find out boy or girl!!
Happy Monday!

H says:

Woo hoo! So excited!

I truly believe in the carrying low test! LOL I think you’ve got a boy on your hands!!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow.

Nichol says:

Not sure I’ll be able to make it but I’m saying PINK!

heather says:

BOY! It’s gotta be.

Allison says:

Unfortunately, I won’t be around because I have a meeting at work but I’m going to go with Boy!

Can’t wait to see what he/she is.

Jessica says:

I would love to be able to participate tomorrow but unfortunately I will be at work. Boo! I’m thinking blue though. Like I’ve said before we are having a boy in April(there was no mistaking it…it is definitely a boy) so I’ll get on to what I think about the myths.

I can’t go by how high or low I’m carrying because I’m more in the middle than anything.

The Chinese lunar predicted girl so that was wrong.

I’ve never known the sex of the baby in any of my dreams. Not sure why.

I’ve had really dry skin since becoming pregnant.

I had morning sickness from 7 weeks until about a month(maybe a little more) ago. So that’s wrong.

I sleep on my right side all the time so that one seems to be wrong too.

So, according to the myths I’m supposed to be having a girl but like I said…There was no mistaking it when we did the ultrasound. It’s definitley a boy.

Sorry if it’s a little long.

Tori says:

I’m thinking BLUE too, just in case my little man won’t nap for me. I’m so glad you had a great experience with the u/s. It’s a shame I’m not preggers right now, as those are some amazing prizes you’ve got there 🙂

I really think it’s a girl! From experience with my friends the women having girls have a round belly, women having boys have a pointier belly. I haven’t been wrong yet! 😀

Kristen says:

I say boy because you sound a lot like I did… except for craving salty. I craved sweet which should have pointed to girl. Hmm.

I have a sweet spot for boys anyway! 😀

Oh how exciting! 😀 I would have to say that it sounds a lot like a boy but I really don’t know! I can’t wait to find out!

Stephanie says:

You know the tune…. “I gotta feelin’… Spawnie’s gonna be a good boy, spawnie’s gonna be a good boy, spawnie’s gonna be a good good boy… Ooooh ooooh.”

haha – there’s my two cents. Can’t wait to party tomorrow!

Chelsea says:

I think it’s gonna be a boy 😀

Mindy says:

I totally think it’s a boy because you are CONFIDENT in what you saw. If you know what I mean.. lol

Lets see I carried high which means girl, but I had a boy
The heart rate was always high which means girls, but had a boy
I had morning sickness for five whole months they say girl, again I had a boy
I slept on the right a girl, but what I had a boy
Then the day came and I was excited and I even got a cute little dress just in case!!!! and….. I was told a girl!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited, my husband and I cried and was so happy! But wait the baby was stucking his thumb and at that moment the sack must of dropped or something because she laughed and said guys. No painting pink rooms nows, in all my years this has never happened, but look. She zoomed in and surpirsed or sweet son gave us a peek at his package! We have now what we like to call his money shot! So I am saying girl only because I know you think boy that way I can be wrong! I am excited about tomorrow! Amanda

Cynthia says:


I dreamed I was having a boy also until about week 16… then switched to girl thoughts… Sure enough it was a girl.

Come on pink team!!!


My husband gained weight with me and it was a boy. Stopping by from SITS!

Mame Afia says:

Hello everyone this seems fun. Stopping by from D.A.M.E.!

Katherine says:

I’m going to go with PINK because everyone thinks it’s a boy. It seems like no way is always correct, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of being right! 🙂 I’m excited for you guys, and excited to find out!

jenn says:

i think it’s a boy but we will see at 10:30

I’m rolling with Team Pink—Girls ROCK!

Ann says:

Team Pink:

One2Many on the Chat

carolpie says:

Oh my gosh! I finally got in! Yay!

Alanna says:

I’m listening to your show…It won’t let me log in to chat though. 🙁 Boo!

But YAY – congrats!!!!!!

@EBMR says:

I’m there,,,is this the rsvp?

Jess~ca says:

so what is spawnie???? I missed the show 🙁

Shoot.. I missed the show – oh well – I KNOW spawnie is a GIRL!!!! Can’t wait to see the cute girly stuff you pick out! LOL

MDtripmom says:

I apparently missed it too but Carter’s Mommy was kind enough to spill the beans. CONGRATS!

This is all very exciting! Can’t wait to see how you reveal the sex in your post tomorrow. Something creative, I am sure.


Tomorrow, on my blog, I’m giving you a blog award. I am sure you get these all of the time, but I wanted to show the blogosphere my genuine admiration and appreciation of your hard work to build the tremendous following you currently have. “Best Blog!” of course.


Lolli says:

I am so excited for you!! And what great prizes!

Oh no! I thought there would be a post on gender. :(. I couldn’t attend because I had to work. hm. Can’t wait to hear.. if anyone knows let me know. 😀

How exciting..I love this stuff. BABIES!!!..I’m going to go with the chart it’s been right for me…so it’s a BOY!

Kt says:

Found your blog through the grapevine. Congrats on the baby girl! Let the planning (and shopping!!) begin 🙂 We can’t will find out in a few weeks and I can hardly wait!

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