Perfect Babymoon Attire: PassionSpice Giveaway

So I admitted to some of my self esteem issues with my big belly. It’s really weird, some days I love it and other days I’m trying to hide it.

I’m back and forth the same way with my husband. Some days I’m like “Look at my fat belly!” and other days I’m wrapping it up in a robe. I definitely know the more confidant I am with it the more appealing it is to everyone… Myself included.

We both requested a three-day weekend this coming week and I’m looking forward to having a little getaway… Possibly our last one before Little LadyBug arrives. Since we have our first childbirth class in the middle of it, and because we need a dog-sitter we may not be doing a full-on babymoon, but I’m still wanting to plan some fun activities like a Temple Trip, maybe a visit to Sea World, and going on a gondola ride on the River Walk.

Now when it comes to what to WEAR for part of the babymoon… I’ve got that covered. I know my blog is called “Baby Making Machine” and I’m sure there’s been many-a Googlers who’ve come to my site disappointed by my content and while I’m about to share a very fun product that is great for *ahem*… fun in my condition, I’m not going to say anything else more risque than that… Sorry perve Googlers.

But beware of photos coming! Old ladies shield your eyes, I’m about to show you some totally adorable and sexy (ok I said the “S” word) maternity lingerie!!Earlier this week I told you about a pretty nightgown I had and my fascination with the abundance of maternity lingerie, well, it doesn’t stop there.

PassionSpice has an awesome, VERY AFFORDABLE line of maternity lingerie that’s for SURE gonna turn your baby daddy’s head.I’m not gonna tell you which one they sent me cause I’m saving you those mental pictures, but I did get one of these items and I LOVE it! It’s also something that will be fun post-maternity. It’s not flimsy, but durable and easy to get on and… Well, you know.
All of their sets are under $30 right now! Can you believe it?! Watch out Victoria’s Secret!

Their slogan “being a mom doesn’t mean you have to stop being a woman.” SO true!! Here’s a little more about them:

“PassionSpice Maternity and Nursing Wear is committed to providing pregnant and nursing moms with an alternative to the boring undergarments most women are forced to put up with. PassionSpice is committed to helping women feel confident and sexy throughout their pregnancy and beyond. PassionSpice carries a line of maternity lingerie to keep the spark alive during pregnancy, as well as nursing bras for post pregnancy. All of their maternity products were designed to be worn throughout the pregnancy, and even beyond pregnancy. The nursing bras were also designed with the new mom in mind. They feature soft fabrics, fun colors, and gentle detailing to remind new moms that they truly are sexy women, too!”

They also have a great line of beautiful nursing bras which are adorable, but also convenient for nursing. Not sure what size you are? It’s easy to check their charts to see what size you are if you don’t know.Right now, they’re having a sale and everything is 30% off! They have a nice range in items from bras to undies to garter belts and baby dolls. Keep up with their Facebook Fan Page and their Twitter Page to see more deals.

So you can check out their site and BUY something cute.

Or you can try to WIN a $25 gift card to PassionSpice and use it towards a nice new ensemble for your special drawer.

{{{How to Enter}}}
Visit PassionSpice and leave a comment telling me what you’d get with your $25 gift card

{{For Extra Entries}}
Be(come) a follower of my blog
Let me know if you had or recommend a BabyMoon!
Follow @PassionSpice on Twitter
Become a PassionSpice Facebook Fan and comment on their wall letting them know you found them from here!

Contest Ends May 10th at 11:59pm
Winner will be chosen via good luck!

*Big thanks to PassionSpice for sending me an item to review and feature and for sponsoring the giveaway. I was not compensated for this post and all of the opinions expressed are from yours truly!*

***Spoiled Mama Giveaway Winner: Comment #123 The Taylor Family***

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  1. WOW they all looks so cute! Makes me miss being pregnant! 😀

    Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a blessed Sunday 🙂

  2. I would get the Amor nursing bra. I am only at the very beginning of my pregnancy (7w!) so it feels like FOREVER until I’ll need it, but I am so not looking forward to the uggo nursing bras out there.
    Great giveaway!

  3. Oooh…I am most interested in any of their nursing bras. That turquoise one is super cute! I don’t think I’d buy any of the “skimpier” things though.


  4. I would probably get a nursing bra! I am hoping to be preggo sometime in the next few months and I HATED my nursing bra’s from my last go around. They were ugly and uncomfortable. These look amazing!

  5. I love the sexy nursing bras! Something that isn’t beige, white, or gray! I will order the Amor Nursing Bra if I win. I haven’t gotten the hang of nursing with underwire yet…

  6. We did a babymoon of sorts. Our 10th anniversary was about 2 months before the due date of our first baby. We drove 2 hours north and stayed in a different town in a nice hotel, ate the gourmet breakfasts, went hiking, and had an in-room massage. It was totally awesome!!

    I would recommend to anyone to go on a babymoon. Have as much fun together as you can!

  7. A BabyMoon sounds fun. I didn’t have one, due the fact that I was suppose to be on strict bedrest with as little travel as possible. However, I would recommend pregnant couples take one before the baby comes. It’s nice to set time aside to reconnect romantically.

    When we’re pregnant, we do tend to lose sight of our sexiness. We have those moments when look at our big bellies and swollen feet and hands and wonder if our spouses could possibly be attracted to all of that. And the answer is yes. So, if I have ever decide to have a second child, I will certainly be taking a babymoon whether or not I’m on strict bedrest.

  8. So glad to see some normal fun looking nursing bras! I am pregnant for the 2nd time and was dreading wearing another plain old boring unattractive nursing bra. I am so glad you shared this site I would love to purchase some sexy looking items while I feel big and fat.

  9. A babymoon sounds like a fantastic idea, but with a new part-time job, and trying to buy a house, it seems by the time we finally get some free time, I will be in the “no travel” zone :).
    So I would love to get a comfy nursing bra and the Amor Nursing Bra has no underwire so it would be at the top of my list.

  10. We didn’t do a babymoon with my first because my hubby was deployed for all but the last month of my pregnancy,but with baby #2 we will definitely take one and spend the time relaxing before we become a family of 4 🙂

  11. A babymoon sounds like a great idea! I would definitely recommend going on one! My first pregnancy we visited my family in Utah and went to the Pittsburgh zoo. I am hoping to do a few things during this pregnancy. We are planning on going to some car races next month. I would so love to purchase some pregnancy lingerie but living with the mother-in-law I don’t think that would be such a great idea lol.

  12. I don’t have any experience in it, but my friend went on a babymoon and she said it was the best thing ever… one last vacation just for her and her husband, a great time to relax and reconnect before baby!
    ebickell at hotmail dot com

  13. I LOVE the cute nursing bras. Since, in my opinion, there is probably no time in your life that you will feel less sexy than when you are covered in newborn spit-up and the front of your shirt is soaked with milk, I think I could definitely use a little help in the feeling pretty department.

  14. We took kind of a babymoon/family vacation a few weeks ago and it was really nice. It gave us a little break from reality and we felt re-energized when we got home so we were able to really get to work on the nursery. Once you have a child already though, like us, it’s a little different. For someone who is expecting their first, I would say that you should definitely do it, even if just for a long weekend.

  15. We had a lovely babymoon about 1 1/2 months before our first child was born. It was a wonderful trip where we didn’t have to worry about anything but ourselves. We stayed at a little B&B which had a swimming pool—I highly recommend floating in a pool to any pregnant woman! Very relaxing!

  16. I would definitely get one of the pretty nursing bras. It is hard feeling beautiful sometimes when you are pregnant and I can imagine that will extend to post baby. I think a beautiful nursing bra would make me feel like I was doing a little something for myself!

  17. Honestly, I would give the gift certificate to my friend who is pregnant for her baby shower! I’d love to give her something for her.

  18. I would definitely get one of the pretty nursing bras. It is hard feeling beautiful sometimes when you are pregnant and I can imagine that will extend to post baby. I think a beautiful nursing bra would make me feel like I was doing a little something for myself!

  19. I love the Jola Babydoll,so cute!!! My hubby would really love to see me in something other than sweats at night while I’m pregnant!!

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