Pardon the Interruption: I’m Featured!

Excuse me for budding into previously scheduled programming, I just wanted to brag a little show you something I’m excited about!

Not long ago the some of the big people over a BlogHer came across a post of mine they liked and asked if they could syndicate it on BlogHer. I love the site… Great site for women bloggers, didn’t know exactly what syndication meant in terms of blogging but what the heck… I re-wrote the post for my BlogHer blog, and today… Behold, I’m on the front freaking page!

I need to remember to take a screen shot cause this day may never come again!

If you’re a BlogHer member, or even if you’re not, please share some love over there today!

ALSO… I had the privilege of being interviewed over on Momotics: Where motherhood meets the politics of parenthood. She interviewed the “Baby Making(g) Machine: Before the Baby.” So check out that interview too! She asked some great questions.

Whew! Ok I think that’s it! Let’s all hope and pray that I can keep this up another few years from now and make enough to work from home. Ooops, did I just say that?… Another story for another day!

Ok… Back to today’s original post: Books, Toys and Snoop, Oh My!

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  1. I just clicked over and read the post and it was hysterical!! I am sitting at my desk at work trying not to laugh too loud. I am 8months pregnant now and have done a couple of blind shaves and thats it. I can see why it was picked! Congrats, lady!!!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats my friend! That’s so great! When the little one sleeps I’ll have to try to remember to head on over and read it. Hugs to you and your pending beauty!

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