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pixar onward movie review

Debating Taking Your Kids to See Disney Pixar’s Onward? Read This Review First

I must admit, after seeing Onward I can understand why Disney is creating so many sequels, and live action remakes. We’ve built a connection with characters we’ve grown to love before we even walk in the door. I stepped into the Onward screening knowing a little bit about what to expect aside from what I saw in one trailer to get a taste. We didn’t know if we would get attached to the new characters. I walked out feeling as though I liked them, I don’t love them. And the movie was cute. But not the spectacular story I’ve come to expect from Pixar.

If you’re planning to take your kids to go see Onward this March there are some things to know. In this spoiler-free review we’ll discuss if Onward is scary for young kids. I’ll also review it and share what I liked and didn’t like. I went with my 6-year-old son and my 9-year-old daughter and their Onward kids reviews are also down below. So if you’re debating whether to take your kids to see this opening weekend or waiting until it hits the dollar theater, hopefully this will help.

I loved that Onward touched on family relationships in a way we haven’t seen before. Specifically with brothers, step-parents and even actually having a parent (or multiple parents) involved through the movie. Having three kids of my own I loved seeing a movie that touched on sibling bonds beyond what we’ve seen in movies like The Incredibles. I love that the mom doesn’t just sit on the sidelines. She’s actively a part of the story.

The movie has a ton of adventure as it revolves around a quest. It had my son’s attention the whole time, which isn’t always the case with new movies. At one point he turned to me and asked if it was almost over (by my guess we were about halfway). When I told him no he smiled and said “ok because I really like this movie.” Onward is emotional, and has some funny parts that didn’t go over their heads. Though like many Pixar movies, there are some serious messages that can be a little heavy (loss of a parent, being different), it wasn’t so complex to where they couldn’t understand it.

Green chocolate covered rice krispy desserts

Toy Story Movie Night Snack: Alien Rice Krispy Treats

Cooking isn’t one of my passions. But my kids–At least two of them, really seem to enjoy it. I don’t want to stifle their dreams so I’m putting in a little effort to help encourage their hobby. One of my stipulations for the treats we make is they HAVE to be easy. Not many ingredients. And simple enough that even my kids could make on my own. My oldest loves playing in the kitchen so this is a fun way for us all to bond together before the movie. I am very passionate about family bonding.

This week we made Toy Story Rice Krispy Treats. These could be used as Toy Story party treats or snacks for a Toy Story movie night.

Biracial girl holding a cell phone on Internet safety day.

I Had ‘The Tech Talk’ With My Daughter Here’s How it Went

“Me and Logan are the ONLY two people without a cell phone,” my daughter told me as we rode in the car. I had just asked her if a lot of kids in her grade have them.

I kid you not, between cheer and school, she’s told me stories about hacking, phishing, bullying, and people pretending to be someone they’re not. AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A PHONE. My friends, this is why we have the talk.

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