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Pixar onward party dessert

Onward Ice Cream Cone: Movie Night Snack

Pixar’s Onward hit theaters and quickly moved to digital release and soon it’ll be streaming on Disney Plus. On April 3rd to be exact. If you missed it, we wrote a detailed review of Onward. Lots and lots of information there about whether it’s too scary for little kids, and our thoughts on the movie. Including my kids review.

pixar onward movie review
Walt Disney Studios

We have a weekly family movie night where we take turns choosing movies to watch together. Onward is Pixar’s latest movie to hit theaters, but sadly the run was cut short because of the pandemic. Good news is it’s already available on digital home video, and will be available to stream on Disney+. We got started on making a Pixar Onward Dessert that you can enjoy with your family while you watch Onward together. And don’t forget to download our free Pixar movie watchlist to check this movie off your list. And follow me on Instagram for more digital checklists.

As with all of our recipes, they have to be EASY! So easy that my kids can do it alone or with minimal help. So far we’ve done Tiana’s Beignets, Toy Story Rice Krispy Treats and Princess Jasmine Donuts. Today I’m sharing our Onward Dessert Cones.

For this you just need some square campfire marshmallows, some sugar cones, blue ice cream (or some frosting), toothpicks, and some spray food coloring. You can also have some fun with it and add some blue cotton candy for the hair. The idea is for this to look like the head of the elves.

Which is the Best Pixar Movie? Use This Bracket to Find Out

It’s hard not to love a Disney Pixar movie. All have compelling stories that take us on emotional adventures, characters you learn to love, and teach us important lessons. Ranking our favorite Pixar movies hasn’t always been easy. Especially since the lineup has grown significantly longer over the last several years. But one fun way to do it is with a March Madness-style Pixar movie bracket.

With Onward coming to Disney Plus this week you should be able to watch and rank them all! If you haven’t signed up for Disney Plus yet, now’s a good time to try a week for free.

biracial girl on her laptop doing a homeschool lesson

30 of the Best Free Websites to Help You Homeschool

I homeschooled for two years, and I had plans to begin homeschooling again starting this summer when word of schools around our country shutting down spread. Instilling a love of learning in my children is one of my passions, and I’m always looking for ways to do that.

But I know the idea of homeschooling or helping your kids learn from home can be intimidating. Especially if you’ve never done it before and find yourself in a situation where your kids are suddenly learning from home.

In this blog post I’m going to share some of my favorite resources for free homeschool lesson plans.

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