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Is the live action remake of mulan scary for kids

Is the Live Action Mulan Worth the $30 Premium Price tag? An Honest Review

If you’ve read my Disney movie reviews before you know I’m not crazy about the remake and sequel trend. While Aladdin was done really well, and Frozen 2 was pretty good, I’m over here waiting for more original stories from Disney Animation Studios and Pixar. That said, because I love the original films, I have to see the remakes, and all the sequels, and I like to see how they hold up. And Mulan is the next one up for review.

The main things I want to hit on while reviewing this movie are to help you decide 1. How appropriate or inappropriate it might be for your kids. And 2. If it’s worth the premium price tag of $30, or better to wait three months for it to be free with your Disney+ subscription. I will leave out any spoilers of this review, as well as most of my kids’ opinions. If you want to read their Mulan kids review (with some spoilers) check out this post.

The refreshed storyline was moving in a way we haven’t seen in many of the other remakes. They took the story of Mulan and gave us a backstory and so much more heart. We got new villains and really had a chance to understand Mulan and the reason for her decisions. As my daughter said in her review, we get a chance to see more of her motive and watch her grow on her own, without as much help.

There were more to the villains, more to Mulan’s family, just so much MORE to the story that I really enjoyed getting to know. I guess when you take out music and comedic sidekicks there’s time for more character development. 

Some of the cinematography was a little distorted in a way that was distracting to me, but the action scenes and setting are absolutely beautiful. And with lines like “The girl became a soldier.  The soldier became a leader.  The leader became a legend.” It won me over as a fan.

Bottom line the message of what you’d do for family, interwoven with personal talents and girl power had me tearing up more than once as I watched with my kids.

live action mulan remake scary for kids review

Is the Live Action Mulan Scary for Kids? A 7 and 10-Year-Old Review

For some context, “T” is my 7-year old son. He loves animals and action. Jayda is my 10-year-old daughter who LOVES Disney movies and she’s a true critic.

They both typically really enjoy the new Disney movies but are honest with their opinions about what they like and didn’t like. Towards the end of the review you’ll see comparisons to some of the other movies we’ve seen. At the very end of the post there are links to some of our other reviews if you’d like a comparison to what we initially thought of some of the other Disney new releases.

Black mother reading to her biracial children sharing tips on quality time with kids

5 Fun Ideas for Quality Time During Snack Time

One thing I’ve really come to realize while spending so much time with my kids these last several months, is that quality time and quantity time are not nearly the same. I can spend hours and hours in the same room with my kids and not get five good minutes of quality time because I’m trying to multitask with work, responding to messages, straighten up, or a dozen other things.

This school year I’m committing to a little bit of quality time together each day. I mean, of course hopefully we get more than that, but scheduling a little bit of time where I’m not trying to teach them curriculum, or take a conference call. It’ll be our snack time break time where we can all chill.

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