My husband doesn’t know I’m writing this. He’s actually tells me not to tell anyone about the stuff he tells me about at work. Not that it’s top secret, or confidential things he’s not supposed to say. But because he doesn’t want the attention.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my husband he should start an Instagram account to document his interactions with people at work. There are all sorts of police officer accounts popping up who do this, shining a different light on officers versus the negativity we tend to hear and see on the news and social media. And from a first hand perspective I can tell you what’s viral, versus what’s actually going on day to day can paint a completely different picture.

I pinned the badge on his uniform seven years ago after he graduated the academy. It hasn’t been an easy ride. And it definitely hasn’t been glamorous. But I’m proud of him and the good that he does.

Many people don’t know the story behind some of his interactions with people experiencing homelessness. They don’t know that the Colts hat a blind man named Morris is wearing is one my husband bought for him because he knew it was the man’s favorite sports team.

My husband would die if he knew I was telling you that’s he’s special ordered specific shirts for some of the guys he sees on a regular basis because he knew it would make them smile. That he searched and found the national anthem of a country called Burundi to play for an immigrant from there.

I know their names and I’ve seen their pictures. I feel like I’ve met these guys myself through the stories he’s told me. But he wouldn’t want me to tell you.

However, I’m breaking that promise today because I’m hoping it inspires some of you to look beyond first impressions and find ways to help others in your own community.  

I am trying to teach my kids the importance of giving back starting at a young age. Whether that’s by donating monetarily, giving time, or sharing our talents. Sometimes we can even help others by supporting brands and causes we believe in.

Whole Foods is based here in our city of Austin and they often run different initiatives to help our communities. On any given day more than half a million Americans experiencing homelessness don’t have regular access to a shower. Whole Foods is supporting a way to help. The Right to Shower is a range of shower products and in 2019, 100% of the proceeds go to building mobile shower units. They provide individual, safe, and clean fully equipped bathrooms with showers, toilets, and sinks, and bring them to the streets where people need them most.

The products are made to be fair, wholesome and good for all. They’re gentle on skin, vegan, organic and made with 100% recyclable packaging.

I went to Whole Foods to pick up some of the products and I can attest that they look and smell great! We are also paying it forward and passing these along to a local nonprofit working to help house the chronically homeless and build a sustainable community.

You can help people in your community even if it isn’t a part of your job description. Whether you’re volunteering as a family, or picking up some soap by a company that aims to give back. We can all do a little something every day.

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