Or not… Update!!

Not this month.

My dates musta been WAY off cause I didn’t get a chance to test.

No worries though. I’ll just hafta jump my husband every-other-day this month.

And now I know Lil’ J thinks I’m fat and sleep deprivation can make me act like a crazy preggo. This was a good learning experience.

Hildie says:

Lil J doesn’t think you’re fat; she just knows what’s coming up pretty soon!

Awww, Im sorry. Went through this with you last time and I pray it goes easier and faster this time. 🙂 Hugs

I’m still waiting for mine to come! I don’t like testing until I’m way past due because those negative tests piss me off! Guess our husbands are on the same page of when they want to start trying! Good luck next month!!! Here’s hoping it happens soon for both of us! Will keep you in our prayers!

I agree with Hildie.
At least y’all can have more fun practicing! Who knows, your body may be getting ready for twins!

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