Operation Nursery Makeover Part 2

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So you saw before pictures of my nursery which was pretty manly (my husband’s wanna be man cave) and very non-kiddish.

Not much as changed except I took down the photos of Tiger Woods (that jerk), and we have LOTS of kids stuff in the room that people have given us. It’s actually so messy that I decline to take a picture at the moment.
I AM ready to put the crib up though. I’ve downloaded some new tunes. I’m gonna pop on my Lullabelly and get to assembling.
Oh… Why am I doing it alone? Well see… I’ve sorta always been the handy woman, and to be honest my husband is far from a handy man. After being married a few years and we started to acquire nicer furniture I took it upon myself to assemble our etra-tall table and six chairs, as well as our dresser, bed, and book shelves. I learned quick enough that it was better I do it.
Don’t tell him I told you, but after we bought our new HDTV a couple of weeks ago he panicked because “the sound didn’t work.” Two seconds after arriving on the scene I switched the cords from “audio out” to “audio in.” Problem solved. So for the bed our dear daughter will be sleeping in I figure it’s better we don’t take any chances and just allow me to do the job right.
There’s still no mattress to go in it and no bedding yet, but I think putting it up will make me take a small sigh of relief.
I know I still have 15 weeks left but that doesn’t feel like much time. I would love to have everything ready at least a month before in case she decides to come early. I have a feeling she will… I know everyone must say that, but I really do!
There’s a few things I need your help with in deciding though. First off… Remember the bedding I was debating on before? Well Artistic Sensations is partnering with me and The Real Mom TV to get me some bedding. They have BEAUTIFUL designs but remember how frilly I wanted mine before? Something like this…

Yea, well that’s a little extra. But it’s OKAY with me because like I said before… When it comes to a girl I can’t settle on bedding. I’ve gotta get what I like. Kim, owner of Artistic Sensations said they’d take one of three color patterns and make it in the style I like

Tickled Pink
Strawberry Cordial
and Miss Priss

So, I don’t really need your help DECIDING per-say, but I need your help voting… These are the different color schemes they’ve picked out for me, but going with the mobile I’ve already made and the colors and paisley scheme I like, I love TICKLED PINK best. Like I mentioned, I’ll have it made with the satin ruffles and more pink. What do you think? Like it too? If so… PRETTY PLEASE vote for the Tickled Pink Bedding design here.
Now, something else I’d love your advice on… I won a $100 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids and I can’t decide what to spend it on. Everything there seems so expensive to me… Even their books, and it’s hard for me to bring myself to spend $20 on a book I can get for $2.50 at Half Priced Books.
So I’ve narrowed it down to a few things I like there and I’d love your help choosing.
Anywhere chair $60
Good side: It’s cute, and I think she’d like sitting in it once she’s big enough.
Bad side: As my husband pointed out… What baby will stay seated in a chair? I’m also worried about the size of it and a good spot for it in the room. We already have a queen bed, crib and dresser to start off with. I don’t want it to be too crammed. They are also out of the hot pink polkadot color I love, so I’d have to settle for light pink.
Rose lamp and shade: $150
Good side: We don’t have a lamp in the room and I think they can really make a room. It would be nice to have one next to the glider chair so I can read while feeding her.
Bad side: It’s so expensive for a freaking lamp!
Hooded towels with name inscription: $20
Good side: I LOVE hooded towels. Love them even more when they’re personalized. Can you have enough towels?
Bad side: I may want to wait and see what I get at my shower?
Window Panel $80 for 2
Good side: These are blackout panels, and since a lot of light comes into the nursery it could be great to have. I don’t have any window treatment and I think they can really jazz up a room… Especially when we’re not painting the walls.
Bad side: At $40 a panel I could quickly use up my card and then some. I think I’d need about 3 to cover all of the windows. I’m not sure how much they are at other places.
Crib Mattress $150
Good side: We don’t have one, and from what I’ve seen at Babies R Us they can get expensive. I’m not sure what you really need in a mattress, I just know we need one.
Bad side: We’ll be paying $50 over our gift card for the normal mattress, not their “deluxe” one. From what i hear you don’t have to spend a fortune on a mattress, and I’ve seen them for less at Walmart/ Target. I’m not sure if we should save this gift card and maybe use others we may get down the road to cover the entire cost of a mattress.
Diaper Bag $80
Good side: Cute, classy, fun.
Bad side: I have one already, but the one I have is designer… I’m not sure I should have two expensive diaper bags. Maybe I should buy a REALLY cheap backup someplace else.
And there you have it! See how picky I am? Which do you think is the best deal or should invest in? Other things you love at Pottery Barn Kids? I’m obviously not big on toys. A friend gave me a box of toys and I think that’ll keep up entertained for awhile… Or so I hope.

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  1. I like the Anywhere Chair in green polka dot because it will match PERFECTLY with the Tickled Pink bedding that I’m voting for.

    Yup, I LOVE the Tickled Pink bedding. Definitely go with that one!

  2. I’m on baby #3 and my ideas about baby gear have certainly changed as I’ve progressed through motherhood! I like all the bedding so you’re on your own for that one! I think the lamp is so cute, but I bet she’ll pull the flowers off one by one once she starts to get around on her own. I speak from experience!!! We invested in a very nice mattress for our first girl; one side is meant for infants, the other for toddlers. Two of mine have used it and slept great. For our third, we had to get another so I went with a middle of the road, but plenty firm site-to-store shipping deal on Walmart. We’ll have to see if that will prove to be ok for us or a big mistake. Some kids tend to rise with the sun so you’ll really want to keep the nursery dark if she turns out to be one of those! (My second was and until we sufficiently blocked the skylight, it was 45 minute naps for us – aaahhh!) You’ll probably get lots of cute hoodie towels at your shower, but if you want to splurge on a nice one go for it! Lands End makes a really nice one. Diaper bags. How does one choose something so personal? Oh, you want one that expresses your style so everyone can instantly know that even though you are now a mommy you are still hip as ever, but they gotta function. It’s a dilemma. Just know that every bag, either the free ones you get from the hospital or the high end ones will both carry smashed fruit snacks, smeared diaper rash cream, spit up, and crushed biter biscuits equally. But hey, why not look good while you’re covered in crumbs?!?

    Remember, the best part in all of this is that you’ll see what really matters and what doesn’t and you can always change your mind! Have fun.

  3. Re: the lampshade

    You can make a similar lampshade cheaply! Just make sure that the glue/ adhesive is heat-safe. Pick up some ribbon rosettes, a plain lamp and get to gluing!

    I really don’t think that the rose detail on the lamp is even noticeable enough to be missed.

  4. tickled pink was my fave too! I would go with either the chair or the lamp … but that’s just me because you probably will get many hooded towels at your showers, I can make curtains that are cuter for much less, and you can get a perfectly nice crib mattress for a lot cheaper. The diaper bag is cute but $80??? Wow! I know the chair and lamp are pricey, but the lamp is GORGEOUS!! The chair is super cute too and you’d be surprised at how much a toddler loves their own special seat in the living room to watch cartoons are look a books. Those are just my thoughts though – you get what YOU love! 🙂

  5. My oldest son had a chair that we kept in the living room. He used to sit in it and drink his juice and have snacks while watching his shows. He really liked having his own place to sit, especially when he was to little to get on he couch on his own. We don’t have any now just because our house is too small. We just don’t have enough space. We got our crib mattress at Target for $90. You could probably find cheap curtains at Target too. I’d say go for the decorative stuff at Pottery Barn. You could get everything else on the cheap somewhere else. I also came across a tutorial on how to make your own flower lamp the other day. I’ll have to find it.

  6. I’m a fan of tickled pink! Also, I vote on the chair. You may not use to it too much early on but as she gets older she’ll love it. My daughter is 18 months old and we bought her an Elmo chair – she LOVES it. Elmo, however, it not stylish. 🙂 Pottery Barn chairs = stylish.

  7. I would totally use the gift card to buy the chair!!! You can’t find a chair that cute anywhere else! (And it will be worth it when your little girlie is bigger! I wish I had a cute -and “manly”- chair for my little guy!)

  8. You could totally MAKE that lampshade, girl. Don’t spend $150 on it!

    Now, as for the crib mattress, when you go to Babies R Us, ask an associate what the recommended coil count is for baby mattresses. They will tell you. Get that and don’t bother to get anything higher. You want the mattress to be firm enough that they don’t sink in and smother. That is the most important thing.

    Definitely buy new, though. Don’t get a second-hand one. I put the mattress right up there with the car seat; safety is key with those items.

  9. You can go with either Tickled Pink or Miss Priss for your bedding…both of them will match with the mobile you made for your baby girl….About the gift card I think you should wait until you have your shower so you can use the card to get things that you havent or something you may need more of:-)

  10. I love the tickled pink bedding and am about to vote for after commenting. I like the lamp and curtains but like others commented you could find them for much cheaper somewhere else or even make your own. The chair would be fun for when she gets older, it would be her own personal no share chair.

  11. I personally LOVE a pink and brown color scheme, but you’re right…Tickled Pink does match your mobile much better so my vote was for that one 🙂

    As for your gift card…hmmm….I’d go with either the curtains (helps keep the room nice and dark for a sleeping mini-me) or the hooded towel…sure you’ll get plenty of towels at the shower, but with babies can you ever have too much of the little things?? They pee, poop and spit up on everything so having some extras (that you can even leave and grandma’s for visits) is never a bad thing!

  12. I voted for tickle me pink! It’s just the most vibrant and best color combo in my opinion! As for what you should buy from pottery barn, I would NEVER spend $150 on a lamp for any room… not unless that lamp had magical powers and was hand crafted. That lamp is easily reproduced with a trip to hobby lobby and some glue gun action. I agree that the chair may be more cosmetic than useful… and the diaper bag should be something you LOVE not just something you found and happened to have a gift card for. If I were you, I’d either buy the crib mattress or keep the card and wait and see what you need once your little princess arrives! I’m so excited for you!

  13. Do I have to believe you assembled all the furnitures in your house, wow girl you rock ;)!

    I love the lamps but they are too expensive, you could buy the PINK everywhere chair, and that could become a family heirloom or a foot stool :). Also you could buy two pieces of the hooded towels. Having your own is fun before the baby shower. What do you think about that?

  14. Love the “tickled pink” bedding, it’s super cute! I agree, the headed towel is so adorable but you will probably get a few for your shower. I chair is SO cute but I would wait until she is a little older (maybe as a x-mas gift). I say, get the diaper bag you really want – you take that thing EVERYWHERE! However you set up her room, I’m sure it will be cute and she will love it!

  15. Having used my GC for the anywhere chair, that’s my vote 🙂 But we have ours sitting in the family room.. so when we’re all in there hanging out and Ryan starts crawling, he’ll have his own spot too. Figured if it was kept in the nursery it’d rarely get used.

    Hooded towels- we have 3, I think. But I’d say most of the time we end up using a regular towel. Besides, you use the towel for all of 2 minutes because you want to get the clothes back on so they don’t get too cold!

    Crib mattress- good idea because you definitely need one, lol. We got a $90 one at Babies R Us.

    Diaper Bag- I actually don’t use mine that often. I want/need my purse and hate carrying 2 bags. Plus, if we’re just running errands I don’t need the whole huge thing. So I actually have 2 different mini bags and use those a LOT more. They fit a few diapers, a travel wipes case and maybe another outfit. The big bag is nice to have if we’re gone all day or something, but then you can just buy a cheaper one (or use your Parazul bag ;))

    Ok, done. Let us know what you pick!!! 🙂
    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  16. I would say save the gift card, if you can, to use on something AFTER she is born…you’ll have a better idea of your needs after your shower, and a little bit of adjustment time once she is here! THEN, you can see what you are lacking, as well as what you’ll have space for!

    Good Luck!

  17. I love Pottery Barn. I went there every week when I was preggers. LOL. I’m voting that you get the hooded towels. You can get a good inexpensive mattress from Wally World or Target & diaper bag. You could make the lamp and curtains as well. Well, maybe the curtains are too much to make, but you can get some from Walmart for almost half the price.

  18. I don’t think you can go wrong with ANY of those bedding options. Seriously and ridiculously cute.

    But yes for the chair- it’ll be special once she’s a toddler- and that’ll be here before you know it. 😉

    I spent ALL of last summer posting on the makeover of my daughter’s nursery…we bought a foreclosure and my unborn kiddo’s room was a lovely combo of maroon and teal walls, a ceiling fan hanging by one blade and holes the size of Guam by the baseboards.

    It is now my favorite room in the house.

    Best wishes for your babe- it’s the best thing ever!!

  19. I love the tickled pink bedding!! I know you LOVE to pick something frilly, but I promise you’ll get tired of it and want to re-do her room all over again when she gets older!! lol, having a little girl is EXPENSIVE!! (mine will be 2 in July and I’ve spent more money on bows than I care to add up, and she doesn’t even wear them 99.9% of the time)

    There have REALLY nice organizing things at Pottery Barn, for example the bookshelf organizer, and things like that. You can NEVER have too many places to put things. You can make the lamp, as another person posted.

    The anywhere chair is ADORABLE!! and would be well worth it 🙂 My Daughter has a little rocking chair she LOVES and has since she learned to sit in it. Especially because it’s a nice place for HER, like her space.

    Good luck with all your decisions!! :o)

  20. I like the lamp. So much so, it might make an appearance in our nursery! And sure it’s expensive, but you’ve got that gift card. Splurge!

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