One Reason to Want One More: Tips for Photographing Your Newborn

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Today’s story is sponsored by Sam’s Club. All of the opinions are my own.

If I’m telling the truth, it’s the first time in two and a half years I’m fighting off a teeny tiny slight case of baby fever. Some days I feel like I want one more. One more tiny little baby and newborn to love on, snuggle with and capture in photographs. But then reality sets in that I’d have that third kid forever, not just for the sleepy sweet, cuddly newborn phase. And the fever starts to fade.


Nevertheless, those moments as a new mom are so special. If I could go back in time, I’d relive the last five years over and over again and soak in every little bit. Is that weird?

Professional newborn photos are awesome, but it’s also nice to be able to photograph your newborn on your own. Here is a mommy survival guide to help you capture some of those precious newborn moments to cherish forever.

How to photograph your newborn

1. Be ready with a camera and lots of memory

Buckle up mama, you’re going to be taking a LOT of photos. Consider adding a digital camera or even a DSLR to your registry. Then have some backup memory cards to switch out when one gets full before you have a chance to load it on your computer. Sam’s Club has great deals on getting these in bulk.

2. Take your time

How to photograph your newborn

Be patient. Though it feels like your newborn is growing overnight, you have time to photograph your newborns. Don’t feel the need to rush it. You just had a baby. Get some rest. Once you’ve had some time to recover and just soak in that goodness, then you can start taking photographs. Unlike with a newborn photographer, time is on your side, you don’t have to take all of the photos in two hours.

3. It’s all about the lighting

How to photograph your newborn

You don’t need fancy props and studio lights, turn off the flash on your camera and position your baby near a natural source of sunlight. Pay attention to when the light shines through the windows in different parts of your home. The window will filter it nicely so you can position your baby nearby. Put your back to the window so the light will catch your baby at the right angle.

4. Keep baby comfortable


A warm room, full belly, clean diaper, and soft blanket can do wonders for keeping your newborn sound asleep long enough to get some sweet pictures. I love these white throw blankets. You can find them at Sam’s Club for a great price. They’re simple, cozy, and great for bouncing light too.

How to photograph your newborn

5. Try different perspectives

Tips for photographing newborns

Don’t just stand over your baby for every single photograph. Try different perspectives, angles, and locations. Take photos through the crib slats, or over daddy’s shoulder.

6. Get your other kids in the picture

Tips for photographing newborns

Brand new sibling love is my favorite newborn moment to capture. Lil’ J would always snuggle with her little brother, cuddle him, and rub his ear lobes. Photographing the her with her new baby brother was such a treasure. Try to make sure they’re in a safe and comfortable place and snap away.

How to photograph your newborn

7. Get yourself in the picture

Mother of two self portrait

Photographing your newborn should include you too! Hand over your camera and get some shots with the two of you together. Or if you’re like me, you might be better off setting up a tripod and using a remote. Whatever it takes, get in the shot with your newborn. You’ll thank me later.

8. Get the detail shots

Tiny fingers, tiny toes, little ears and a tiny nose. Get close and capture those little details. A macro lens is a great tool to accomplish this. It’s best to try to get these shots when they’re sleeping.

Tips for photographing newborns

How to photograph your newborn

9. Keep it safe

How to photograph your newborn

Don’t try to duplicate the posed newborn photos you see on Pinterest. You know the photos with babies hanging in a blanket from a tree branch, or propped up on their arms. Those photographs are taken with multiple photos edited together with other people helping hold the baby. Safety first! Keep it simple and capture some of those real moments safely.

10. Print your photos!

How to photograph your newborn

All of those precious pictures deserved to be enjoyed and shared with friends and family you see. Don’t keep them all cooped up on your computer. These days you can order prints online to be mailed to your home, or even pick them up at your local Sam’s Club.



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*This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club, however, the text and opinions are all my own.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I’ve missed you on Periscope 🙁
    Love all these great tips for Newborn pics. I wish I would have taken more of my kids although I already have 100s. Gotta check out those cameras as Sam’s Club! I need to invest in a “real” camera. lol! Take care and can’t wait to see you and the kiddos soon 😉

  2. I feel the same way about a third. I see a newborn and crave the snuggles and the smiles and the excitement of meeting a new little person. But then I snap back to reality and think about all of the reasons a third kid would be crazy, from upgrading our car (and house?) to daycare costs to simply finding the energy! I just…can’t. It makes me a little sad, but hopefully in 20 years or so I’ll have grandkids, right?

  3. these are all great tips for photographing your newborn. I’m with you, I so want another baby to cuddle and smell. I adore the first year so much with a new baby. All my kiddos are a bit older now so i am really missing all those baby stages!!

  4. I love other people babies; my baby is 15 so I live vicariously through other people. These are great tips for photographing everyone and I am going to give them a go.

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