One Month in as a Family of Five

I spent nine months of my pregnancy freaking out about all of the changes ahead and how in the world this new little Sneaky would fit into our lives. Turns out little Lee Lee was just what we needed in our lives. I haven’t had baby fever in years. Now I find myself thinking this isn’t so bad, we should have one more to even us out (hypothetically speaking, a vasectomy is in the works).

One month in as a mom of three

One month in as a mom of three

Now I’m not trying to give the rest of you baby fever but if that happens… Well, I can’t blame you. Babies are so much more fun than I remember. And a big part of that could be because I’m more laid back about her than I was with the other two. I’m enjoying the little things like dressing her up in sweet layettes and squishing her cheeks together. All of my anxieties and fears aren’t attached to my infant, they’re evenly spread between each of my children and all the other stuff I have going on.

Basically what I’m saying is even though I’m sleep deprived and leaking all over, I’m not sweating the small stuff.

Lil’ J has been a big help. She is always happy to sit with her little sister while I run to the bathroom, take a phone call, or answer an email. She begs to hold her all the time, dress her, and play with her. I love watching her admiration for our little baby and I’m so excited to watch their relationship grow. She loves to set out outfits for her sister in the morning, and little organic cotton layettes from Apple Park for her at night.

Big T adores her too, though he shows it in a different way. He also begs to hold her, but loves playing with her when she’s in my arms. He doesn’t give kisses to anyone but his baby sister (and occasionally I’m lucky enough to get one out of him). He likes playing peekaboo and trying to make her laugh. I can’t even describe how good it feels to watch him step into this big brother shoes. It’s really something else. He likes to bring her toys and show them to her. Sometimes he’ll bring her one of her little Apple Park organic rattles and try to get her to hold it. But usually he’ll show her his toy dinosaurs. I’m pretty sure she’ll know the names and species of all of them by the time she’s two.

Now that the kids are in school I am getting some one-on-one time with her. It’s kinda weird, and extremely quiet. I can give her a bath without four other helping hands and soak in her sweet baby smell while she’s wrapped up in a soft hooded  towel or blanket.

When Lee Lee naps while the kids are home, I make a point to spend some one-on-one time with each of the big kids. We read, play with dinosaurs, do art, go on a walk or talk about their school day. It feels like just last year I was holding each of them in my arms, or carrying them around in my wrap. Having an infant has put a magnifying glass on how quickly time flies and made me appreciate this current stage so much more. When Lee Lee is Lil’ J’s age, Lil’ J will be 16. 16! If that’s not perspective I don’t know what is.

Though things have been going smoothly so far, I have to credit a big part of that to my husband, who has been off of work six weeks. I’ve heard people say with the third kid it’s like you’re drowning then someone hands you a baby. I’m not feeling that just yet but today is his first day back at work and by the end of the week I may be feeling completely different. Be prepared to throw me a life vest in case I’m going under.

The sweet bodysuits and layettes featured in this post are from Apple Park. I love them because they’re sweet gifts for new parents because they’re safe for children, better for the environment and always beautifully green. Get 20% off your order until September 19th by using code JB20. Check out their site and drop a link letting me know what your favorite item is and you’ll be entered to win a $125 prize pack. I’ll be randomly drawing a winner on September 20th. Good luck!

Giveaway closed! The winner is Destiny! Congratulations!

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  1. That is a new to me site…with Rene’s number two on the way and sex not known, it compounded the issue of a favorite. Today we will go with

    I am like Kim, she is scrumptious. Since we are no longer doing foster care we don’t get our baby fixes!!


  2. What a sweet moments, having a baby is the best gift a woman can have. Enjoy her! She is beautiful.
    I love everything from Apple Park, but I would love this Georgia Giraffe for my daughter Emma ♡♡

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