Ok, now I’m a dream board believer

I’ve always thought it was a good idea to write down my goals, and constantly remind myself what they were. Several years ago I heard of the concept of a dream board, and thought I should make one. Let me clarify that this doesn’t replace prayer. It just helps to keep a visual on some of my goals.

My husband and I made it together but these days it’s mostly a collage of my worldly wants like an iPad, new camera lenses, vacation spots, stuff like that. But in the beginning, also put things on there like a college diploma, paying off debt, and having babies.

Specifically, I have a photo of a twin stroller, half blue and half pink… The fraternal twins I hoped I’d have. Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but that’s ok.

I was cleaning up our room and I pulled out our dream board and noticed we have achieved a lot of our goals. But the thing that stood out the most to me was the picture of the little girl I stuck on the board. I looked at the photo, at my daughter, and back at the photo and I can totally see the resemblance they look like they could be sisters. Perhaps in another year or so they could look almost identical.

Who knew by sending images of the little girl I wanted some day she’d come out just the way I had pictured it?

By that same token, I guess my son, who was also glued on the board a few inches over, right above my sleep number bed, will look something like this:

monkey-toes says:

That is crazy! It looks just like Little J, in a few years (at least that’s what I imagine). We’ve got a goal board too, I desperately need to clean it up and hang it out where we can all see it.

Heather says:

Whoa, that resemblance is crazy! That little boy is pretty cute, too. It will be so much fun for you to look back in a few years and see if that comes out as accurate, as well!

Love the dream board idea. 🙂

Kristen says:

Whoa. . . .totally Little J, crazy.

Fair warning, have you ever slept in a sleep number bed? They are horrible, like sleeping on an air mattress. Just my opinion though 🙂

Tori says:

That’s just downright spooky! I mean, in a good way, but WOW! Okay, now you have to get on making that little boy so we can see if your dream board is magic 😉

Isn’t it wonderful when God gives us what we want? Or imagine? Or exceeds our wildest dreams? I love when it happens 🙂

Little J is so cute. I want to gobble her up, one piece pjs and all. What a love!

Oh my, that totally could be Lil J!
I love her pj’s…my little ones have those too!

You envisioned and received!

That is SOOOOOOO cool!! A tad creepy but really cool! The timing of that board might be foreshadow of your son to come!

This inspires me to start my own vision board!

Angie says:

Wow..that is pretty similar. Lil J is such a doll. I loved the Elmo post too. Jay was scared of his cookie monster doll that did some of those things, and now he loves it. It seems like our “dream boards” now are all on pintrest:)

toi says:

The girl sure looks very much like Lil J

My little girl and Lil J looks similar too, every time I look at my baby she reminds me of lil J. and even hubby says so 🙂

Cynthia says:

You two make such beautiful babies that I hope you have a few. Oh- and boy/girl twins is awesome but having to go through everything we did to have them was not.

YUMMommy says:

What a coincident! I like making dream/vision boards too. I agree that it makes it easier to stay focused and keep the faith of what you’re asking God to do in your life.

OMG!!! I did the same thing. My vision board I made years ago I pulled put and the child at the time a girl looks like my son. Its like I knew that I was going to have a biracial child before “I knew It”! LOL
Crazy how the universe plays a major part in life. I love ur blogs and you have inspired me more than I can express.

KIKA says:

Crazy! I love the idea of a dream board! I need to try it 😀 and I have always wanted twins too!!!

melifaif says:

NO kidding! Your “dream baby” really does look like a grown Lil J. Funny….I could have NEVER dreamed up Layla. 🙂

melifaif says:

NO kidding! Your “dream baby” really does look like a grown Lil J. Funny….I could have NEVER dreamed up Layla. 🙂

Amy says:

Wow the resemblance is so strong! It would be so awesome for you to have a little boy that looks just like the one in the photo. Then you may have a future in fortune telling 🙂

Mrs JK says:

OMW…that little bot looks so much like big t and the lil girl like lil j!!!!!!

AprilD says:

Not sure if you’ve revisited this post since your son was born but I see the resemblance with the picture & your son as well 🙂

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