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Ok ok, so I know it’s early AND I don’t even know the gender of my baby yet, but it’s not too early to dream and think up ideas right?

I posted awhile back about nursery colors and designs I like and I can’t help but think more about it now. The sad thing is, I have NO decoration sense and trying to find things that match, and coordinate and look cute all at the same time is nearly impossible for me.

I’d love to find a unique style to make the room but it’s not easy with my lack of decoration skills.

My poor husband seems to think we’re going to decorate the room with Jazz jerseys and BYU helmets… Sorry, even if it is a boy that’s not happening. I’ll reserve a Man Cave for hubby at our next place.

I’m not sure if hubby would go for this, but I’ve dabbled with the idea of getting help… Oh yea, I mean professional help. Prices for designers are out of this world though and since I’m not making movie star money, I’m not getting a movie star designer.

I have a few friends who stage and decorate homes so I’m secretly hoping they’ll give me a tip or two and help me out. I also think I’ll flip through magazines and come up with a copy-cat design seeing what colors and shapes I like then try to mimic it in our nursery.

Here’s what I have to start with… A queen bed (we’ll leave in there cause it’s sooooo comfortable) and a crib. Luckily the woods on both match, so I know I want to get a dresser and/or shelf space that has the same espresso-colored wood. I also don’t really want to paint the room because we’ll have to paint it back before we move out of this town home. I’m thinking about some vinyl options or something fun like that. Ideas? This is the crib I got! The won I won was discontinued at Sears so we got to pick another and I chose this one! It’s by Delta and it changes into a toddler bed, day bed, and full size bed!Also, if you’re looking for something that’s in between hiring a designer to come to your home to decorate ant pay thousands of dollars, and just making it up yourself… Check out iBaby Interiors. Look at some of the cute designs she created!iBabyInteriors is a company by Julissa, who you can tell what your budget is, and what style you’re looking for and she’ll take it from there! The complete design services are mailed to your home in an iBaby Planner which contains everything you need to get your room ready for baby (or a playroom or bedroom). She’s having a giveaway for a complete design on her blog right now! It’s a $425 design for free! All you have to do is follow her blog and comment to enter! There’s only been a handful of entries so far! I entered, and you should too!
She’s also offered to give one of my readers an iBaby Color Consultation. So if you follow my blog and her blog, just leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win! I’d prefer if you left a comment with a decoraing tip! I need all of the advice I can get!

Giveaway ends the 20th at 11:59pm CST!

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  1. We didn’t have a place of our own to go all out with when either of my girls were born, so we turned our crib set (quilt & bumpers since you shouldn’t use things that fluffy in the crib anyway) into wall hangings. Absorbed the crying sound (our neighbors to the front of the duplex never heard either girl cry) and was super cute! Also gave purpose to those otherwise almost useless items for a tiny baby.

  2. I don’t know if you’d like this idea, but back when I didn’t know if I was having a girl or boy (I was convinced it was a girl) I was planning to do her room in kind of a Monet theme. It was going to be so pretty! I was going to get some prints and match up the colors (like maybe a vibrant aqua for the walls). Feel free to steal my idea if you want because I have 2 boys and I’m done! 🙂 I’ve never seen a Monet baby’s room before.

  3. i think you should use wall vinyls to put pictures or phrases on the walls. This way no painting required. I’ve found alot of options on Etsy for very reasonable prices.

  4. Author note: left out important part of story: continue: I’m so excited for you that you’re pregnant!!!!! I got freaked out while reading your post about taking a pregnancy test and finding it positive, (excited for you and like 6 of my other friends that are preg.s) and I ran to the store and got a pregnancy test. And I’m on B.C. For a while (like 2 weeks) I thought I might have gotten pregnant. Negative, the B.C. is working, and yes I am an idiot. But yay for babies, and yay for you! It is never too early to look for baby stuff.

  5. I follow both blogs! Um, I lack decorating abilities but from what I’ve observed in my interior decorator sister-in-law’s house, paint makes all the difference in a room. And is also an affordable way to make a statement.

  6. I follow both blogs 🙂
    I just bought some wooden letters at Michael’s to spell baby’s name, cute sheets of scrapbook paper and glue/sealer.. trace the letters on the scrapbook paper and cut them out. Glue and seal the paper on the wooden letters! CUTE!

    and I found some $0.50 little wooden jungle animals (our theme) that can be glued on corners of the letters to make them even cuter 🙂

    Good luck!
    Emily @ Baby Dickey

  7. LOL at the BYU helmets! Sooo many men in my old ward would have wanted that, boy OR girl!

    We own that same crib and love it. It’s a little tricky using the crib bumper in it, but that’s ok.

    We based the theme of our nursery (nursery) off a crib bedding set and then I looked around online for other objects (wall hangings, vinyl stickers, etc.) to complete the look. However, since we moved cross country when our DS was a few weeks old, it’s still a work in progress :-p

  8. I am back in blog world and how plesant it is too see you are expecting! Good for you. I don’t have any babies right now, but I love looking at nurseries. My babies are big boys and yet I still look at nurseries. I guess am just in love with all things cute. I hope you will keep us posted on the nursery progress, with pictures.

  9. I’m a follower of both blogs…I’m having a little boy in January and completely lost about what I’m doing with the nursery and I’m running out of time! lol…When I didn’t know what I was having I meant more with patterns in neutral colors instead of themed rooms like sports or butterflies!

  10. I guess my tip would be to pick a theme that you love and that your child can grow with. If you pick something too “baby” you’re going to have to re paint and decorate when you have a toddler.

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