Newborn Photography Video: What I’m Makin’ Monday

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’m tackling a new business venture and starting a side photography and videography business. I don’t think everyone quite understood what I meant when I said I wanted to do video and how it can be even more powerful than photos.

Sure, it’s fun to hang your photo on the wall, but it’s even cooler to have a special DVD that shows the entire story behind the photo.

You can see the photos from this session on my photography website but I wanted to share this video today.

I just got word from a homebirthing mama I’ve been meeting with, that she just had her baby so I’m going to be heading over to shoot their first moments together as a family today.

I learned a lot from this first shoot with Tara, who is actually my personal photographer. So it was fun to return the favor for her and her son. I consider this more of a “mommy and me” shoot than a newborn shoot since daddy wasn’t there but my hope is to do all sorts of variety of these with families of all ages and sizes! And of course, I hope to make the next even better. Let me know what you think!(edited to add: The song is Hourglass by Mindy Gledhill. My plans for the next one are to add that to the credits and their names at the beginning of the video as well)
Little Liam and Tara from Jennifer Borget on Vimeo.

I love it! I enjoy putting together home movies of Princess. It’s so much fun seeing her growth. It’s great that you’re proving these families with priceless memories.

This is so beautiful! I wish I had heard of doing this back when I first had my little guy.

Jesllee says:

I think it’s a good video when I was tearing up right when the music started. I love the song, it fit perfectly and the whole thing was beautiful.

I was thinking it could have been more special to have scenes with the baby and husband, but obviously I don’t know the background. I loved that you used shots of the nursery and all the details – fingers, hair, etc. Great job!

Neatha says:

Love the video you should do one of Lil’ J and your hubby. I was also wondering what breed is your dog?

Jesllee says:

You didn’t mention the name of the song though, so I wanted to ask. I thought it was so beautiful!

That was beautiful!

I love the video. You chose the perfect song. The tone of it evokes sweet emotions.

Amanda says:

Love this! It’s beautiful!!

YUMMommy says:

I like this! It’s a great way to remember those first couple of days because after that they really start to change.

Amy says:

This is my new fave thing! Thanks!

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