New Year New House New Routine

Easy healthy lunch snacks for kids

To mom’s still trying to get a grasp on this new year: You are not alone.

We are in our new house. And it feels so good to be in and almost entirely unpacked. Our furniture finally arrived, the nook area upgrade is in progress, and a backyard makeover is underway.

Though a lot of progress is being made I still feel like I’m having a hard time catching my breath and feeling on top of things.

One thing that stayed the same though, for now is the kids’ school. We live in different boundaries now but we didn’t want to switch the kids mid-year (and I’m not ready to jump back into homeschooling just yet) so we drive past two elementary schools on the way to their own.

They are sad they don’t get to ride the bus anymore, but I’m happy that we get to sleep in an extra half hour because the bus time was that early.

Mornings feel a little less rushed but it takes a lot more coordinating. I have to put Snoop in his kennel before we go (we don’t trust him alone in our new home just yet). Wake up the baby and get her ready. And get everyone strapped in car seats.

Sometimes this means I’m tossing them their breakfast to finish in the car on our drive into town. Sometimes they’re eating a hot toaster waffle, and other times it’s cold yogurt. We all love the Stonyfield snack packs, and their new flavors are so yummy.

We already loved the original flavors but now they’ve added a couple new ones we like even more. The new vanilla yogurt and chocolate chip cookies is our personal favorite and Lil’ J likes to eat them before and/or after school (I like to eat them during as well). It’s may or may not be the only time I’ve let them have cookies for breakfast. When they’re dipped in yogurt that’s ok right? And no spoon needed.

You can find these delicious snacks at your local Target, Walmart and other retailers. Here’s a busy mom tip: Grocery pickup and/or deliver is a lifesaver! Figure out which stores closest you offer that feature then use this tool to find out which one carries the snack!

I need all the breaks I can get in making things easier right now. I can’t believe how quickly January has flown by. I am trying to give myself a bit of grace as we settle into our new routine. There’s still time to make new goals for the new year. And time to find our new groove.

I don’t foresee things slowing down for us though. Three kids, a slew of activities and a never-ending list of things to do. It’s going to be a busy and beautiful year, and it’s great to have great snacks on hand to help make the craziness of life a little easier.

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  1. Congrats on your new house! We just recently moved to another house too late last year! And I can totally relate about the routines and all. It was hard at first, but we’re getting used to it now.

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