A New Year We Hope to Make Better Than the Last

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My husband and I agree, 2015 was the best year of our lives.

He moved to a day shift which to me, has been life-changing. Somehow, after 11 years of marriage, we seemed to grow even closer together. And we made so many wonderful memories together as a family.

Though I had many wonderful experiences throughout the year that made it such a great one, there were a lot of personal changes that really made the difference.


For one, I decided spending quality time with my family and doing work I truly love was more important than my bottom line. I didn’t quit my job working every weekend and holiday as a full-time anchor and reporter so I could work weekends and holidays as a blogger.

Funny enough, in 2015 I found when passion became my motivator, money came much easier.

Something happened in the middle of the year. I can’t pinpoint exactly how or when, but there came a point when I really stopped caring what other people thought I should be doing, and started really thinking about what I wanted.

I think part of this hit me at the realization of turning 30. It’s something I’ve been dreading for the last couple of years. The closer this new decade of life crept, the more I’d agonize. But I’ve had a realization that a new decade, like a new year, gives me a chance to reevaluate my life and set new goals.

I’ll go more into my decade goals soon. As for 2016, a lot of the same: Continue to work less, play more, and marry the two whenever possible.


New Years Goals 2016

  • Spend more quality time with each of my kids and husband, together and individually.
  • Find at least one moment to cherish every day.
  • Spend more time with our pup Snoop.
  • Cook or create with Lil’ J at least once a week.
  • Organize and print more photos for my home.
  • Get ready (hair and makeup done) at least 2-3 times a week.
  • Use my talents to give back (I’m brainstorming creative ways to do this).

Lil’ J is setting some goals again as well. She wants to earn money, keep practicing her dance and gymnastics, and become a better reader. She also wants to help me cook.

We used the all-new Sears app and went on a little resolution shopping spree and got some items to help us out. Some ink for our printer to help with printing photos. Mixing bowls and measuring cups and a basting brush. To be honest I’m not even sure what else we need to get going. I will probably get a couple more casserole dishes and go from there once we get to cooking and see where we lack.


To hold myself accountable I’m hoping to share at least one meal a month we make together here on the blog, along with Lil’ J’s review. She’s a picky eater but she will always try the food when she’s involved with making it.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m excited to make some memories together in the kitchen this year. I don’t like cooking, but seeing her light up when she gets involved makes it all worth it.

What are your resolutions this year? Want to get in shape? Sears is the #1 fitness retailer. What tools will help you achieve your goals? Writing down and sharing your goals with others is the first step in achieving them. Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card from Sears. Giveaway Ends January 14th at 11:59pm.

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  1. I definitely want to get into better shape and tone up. I want my 10k time to fall under one hour! I also want to develop more self discipline. Happy New Year!

  2. To finally finish my kids baby albums and start printing out pictures and actually put them up in my house lol I am so bad at this, its been almost 8 years and I barely printed out my weddings pics, so this year I am determined to print out pictures and organize them in a photo album ^_^

  3. My goal is to develop a meditation habit (practice sounds too woo-woo for me) – I read a really interesting book describing its benefits from the point of view of someone who isn’t naturally hippie-ish, and I think a little pause for mindfulness would be a good thing to add into my day.

  4. I also hope to do more cooking in the kitchen. And I want to find time each day to appreciate each member of my family and let them know how much they mean to me.

  5. Pray more. Prepare at night so I can get ready faster in the morning. Start back with date nights with hubby.

    1. Beautiful goals! Love it! And oh my goodness, I’m in such shambles in the morning if I haven’t laid out stuff for the kids the night before. And more date nights are an awesome idea! I may steal that!

  6. I’ve already started my nutrition and fitness goals! I’m trying not to make them “resolutions” because those are easy to break. But I’m getting started now.

  7. I definetly want to eat better and lose some weight. I’ve been looking into my choices and my husband tells me today that weight watchers and jenny Craig are the only programs that have been scientifically proven to help you lose weight. So I’m giving weight watchers a try. Also tonight for the first time I let my 6 yo help me cook. Her and her sister loved it so much, there weren’t even any leftovers.

  8. My goal this year is to not worry so much about the scales but to eat healthier and drink more water and get outside and play more! I also want to spend more time just hanging around with family and friends!

  9. I need to get back into the gym consistently, as my metabolism definitely seems to be slowing down as I age! I also need to get a better handle on cooking dinner. My son has Celiac disease so it’s a lot harder for us to “just go out” when I’m stumped, and lately he’s been pickier about some of our staple meals, so it’s left me feeling helpless at times! I need to get more ideas and get more creative. I also want to work on my spiritual life, and to plan a getaway with my husband for more than just a night. It’s been way too long…and we need it since most of the time we can’t complete a sentence without kids interrupting, let alone a full conversation!

  10. Getting in shape I really let myself go after my second he is 15 mths and I was still making excuses. At nearly 60lb over my young adult weight and 50 over pre baby something must change. I am starting off with the 10 day smoothie detox and hope it leads me to where I want to me.

  11. I kinda don’t like cooking either but i like to eat! Baking is more of my thing. I’m looking forward to your cooking w/ J posts. My son likes to help out in the kitchen but I never know what task to assign him. Hopefully, I’ll get good tips!

  12. I didn’t make any resolutions this year. I do want to go back to work this year though. I haven’t worked in 16 years so it will be a big change for us. Thank you!

  13. My goal is to get more organized. I’m going to start with getting all my photos in photo albums and hope to get this done this winter.

  14. Mine is to loose weight by eating healthier and exercising. The equipment I could use is a exercise bike.

  15. I really need to get off this extra weight that I put on over the holidays. I have an elliptical that I need to actually use.

  16. My NYR is to finally organize and reorganize areas in my home. The clutter is terrible and I have been putting it off forever for not wanting to deal with it. A good clear out and setting up shelving units here and there, will get this house back on track to being organized and I can keep my sanity. Thanks for the chance 🙂
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  17. Goal for myself is to get better at working on my fitness blog and making it more robust, finding more time for me and not letting work get in the way. It’s gonna be a very interesting year, I can already tell. LOL

  18. I’ve had baby weight I’ve been “committing” to lose off and on for the last three years. I suppose it’s time to finally hold myself accountable! I’d love to get some exercise equipment I can use during naptime; no more “bad weather” or “can’t leave the house because baby is asleep” excuses!

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