New Vacation Destination: He Says/ She Says

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She says: We should go on a European trip someday.
He says: I’d rather go back to the Caribbean.
She says: But we’ve already been there, let’s try someplace new.
He says: Nope.
What say you? Same old fun or try something new?

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  1. Go somewhere new!! Europe is AMAZING! Plus, it’s so easy to travel over there using trains. If you really planned you could see a lot of different countries and cool places.

  2. It depends. New experiences are fun, but there’s something wonderful about hitting spots you’ve been and loved and reawakening the old memories plus making new ones.

    So… both? 😉

  3. I was love to visit certain places of Europe without the children..they are not old enough to appreciate it and its too expensive and too long for them to travel on a plan. I would continue with the Caribbean until my boys are 10 and 13.

  4. I agree that you should try some place new (I just came back from Barcelona, Nice, Cannes, Florence, Pisa, Rome and Croatia two weeks ago…AMAZING!!), however, Lil J is still well…little. And the costs associated with going to Europe adds up quick…only for her not to remember and want to go back in high school or college.

    My parents gave me the travel bug early, but we started with the Caribbean…try going to all the islands, not just the basic ones like D.R. and Mexico. Try Belize, St. Croix, Curacao…explore. The islands are places that you can get to ANYTIME and on the cheap, when you go to Europe as a family, you want her to remember the trip (I went to live in London at 11…still remember it clearly) and the new experiences.

  5. I’ve never been to either destination, but I can tell you that, given the choice, I would choose Europe. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe, especially Paris. Paris is number on on my places to go list. Someday I’ll get there.

  6. Thanks!! I love this photo too, probably one of my favorites of her I’ve taken!

    Haha @Sistas in Zion! We totally should take seperate vacations.

    I totally think everyone differs but love hearing what YOU like to do. I’d love to go back to the Caribbean but a trip to Paris sounds so delightful too!

    But I agree with Anonymous, there are so many different Caribbean islands, we should explore them all!

  7. BOTH! For sure! 🙂
    But I understand how the Caribbean is cheaper and easier and also beautiful. But who doesn’t want to see Europe? Umm, Greece- coastline just as gorgeous as the Caribbean!

  8. Try something new! Break out of the boring! Make new memories! This world is far too big and beautiful to do the same ol same ol!

  9. Ha! We have the exact argument, only he says Cabo AGAIN and I say Ireland. Not that I don’t love me some Cabo… but a little change of pace now and then is good, too.

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