New Car: He Says/ She Says

 She says: “We should get a Hybrid Highlander. They have seven seats and get good gas mileage.
He says: “We don’t need seven seats. We’re just having one more kid.”
She says: “Well, what about soccer games, when they want to bring their friends and all their stuff?”
He says: “Soccer games? She just turned one! And she’s not going to play soccer.”
I’m just thinking ahead people! What say you?

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  1. I would have never have thought I would have 3 kids plus one more on the way, but I do, so I totally agree with the Highlander. 🙂 I personally have a caravan, which I love, but
    SUV’s are starting to win the race on gas mileage when it comes to large passenger cars.

  2. LOL! Yes, I’m with you. I used to be completely obsessed with the Highlander until a couple I know who had one had 2 kids, and I saw how tight it was inside. Now I want a Volvo SUV for “safety” as I keep telling DH, but he says NO WAY! We rode in our friends’ new Honda Pilot and that’s more his speed. Kinda like that one too now. Anyway, keep pressing and maybe get a test drive in.

  3. Before our first was born, our car died and we were VERY forward thinking, and got a seats-6 Ford Freestyle. I’ve already made plans where the next car seat will go in the car, and our little guy is only 8 months! Sometimes it feels silly driving around a big, empty almost-minivan, but I’m glad to know we won’t have to go car shopping again for a LONG time- we won’ outgrow this.

  4. I agree, 7 seater is the way to go! Kids have so much stuff!! Where will you put the stroller, grocerys, sports bags, purse, diaper bag… trunks aren’t very big! We only have one child (She’s 10)and I want a 7 seater, some days its just the 2 of us and its not needed, but alot of the time, that’s not the case. She is in Soccer and Volleyball, her school is 20 minutes to the west of us, and her sports are 20 miles to the north of us. So, when we make “trips to town” we do as much as we can while we are there. And when you have 2 and they both want a friend over, your going to be stuck at home with them because everybody can’t fit in the car!

  5. Well, not to burst your bubble, but have you seen the 3rd row of seats in the Highlander?

    My husband and I looked at one last week. There is about 3 inches of legroom for that 3rd row seat.

    We tried to fit our covertible carseat in the 2nd row seat (the backseat) and it didn’t fit there without moving up the front seat.

    As little room as the Highlander has, you might as well buy the RAV4 with the similarly tiny 3rd row seat and save yourselves $20k.

    We totally were going to just check out the 3rd row seat on the RAV4 so we could buy it when we realized that it doesn’t have any extra room than our current Mazda3. The convertible carseat didn’t fit in the back seat unless we moved the front seat up to the point that nobody could sit there. We were really dejected about that.

  6. we are planning on having a 3rd so when I got my new car back in january (when my lil guy was nearly 7 months old) we got a Lincoln Navigator with 3 rows of seats just for that purpose…and for friends that may come along with us! It’s a woman thing…

  7. I got a van after one kid. My stroller didn’t fit in the trunk of my old car and it was super old anyway. Have you gone on a road trip with her yet? Do you know how much STUFF you have to bring? We only plan on 1 or 2 more, and number three won’t be for a while, but its awesome to have so much SPACE.

  8. Ugh!! Now y’all have me worried about the highlander!! I want to be able to buy one more car and drive it into the ground. The only other 7-seated I’m liking at the moment is a Lexus which is bookoo more and only gets like 18mpg!! Maybe by the time our kids are playing SOCCER someone will have invented an affordable electric SUV that gets awesome mileage. And flies.

  9. Even two kids make so much stuff! So a big vehicle is the way to go. But take the time and check out ALL your options so you have no regrets. If you find one you think you love, pack your car with everything you THINK you may want to take, and see how it works out in the potential vehicle.
    And remind the husband that bigger vehicles come in handy with out of town guests 🙂

  10. I say hold out for the flying car. Lol.
    The only thing that really matters when purchasing a car is finances. My financial advisor recommends buying a late model used (New cars lose 60% of their value in 4 years, an investment most people can’t afford to make). Get only what you can pay cash for, and make sure the value of all your vehicles and any other “toys” combined is less than half your annual salary as they are all “bad” investments. Just think if later down the road a large car payment keeps you from being a SAHM when possibly otherwise you could. Also consider that the price of a hybrid may not be better than than buying a less expensive gas only car that has great mileage. Sometimes the increased buying price of a hybrid does not offset the gas savings enough for it to be a better choice.
    But I do like the plan to drive the next car into the ground. That’s what I plan on with my SUV.

  11. I do have a Lexus SUV and I think it’s pretty roomy. No third row. I don’t think only being able to bring along one or two friends in addition to kids is a big issue. I bought mine used and it’s now 11 years old but I still love it. The new 330 hybrid is tempting, but no way on earth I can afford it!!!
    I got an SUV as a single lady just cause I liked it. I got it on payments which was a big mistake. But now that it’s paid off I am glad I’ll be able to keep the same car once kiddos start coming.

  12. Great advice Sarah! I’ll never aspire to get a brand new car. I’m too cheap for that. I’d love to pay cash for our next car It just depends how long our A/Cless ’96 Corolla holds out as our back up car. We may have to settle for an in-between for now. Boo. Hubby may win this one.

  13. I have a 2010 Highlander, and I bought it for the same exact reasons you want one…DON’T GET IT!

    If you are utilizing the third row, you have NO trunk space. NONE. I could put maybe a few grocery bags, that’s it. Certainly no room for a stroller.

    Also, the manual says the third row is not equipped for car seats. So, unless you wait until you have one kid in a booster, it’s going to be useless.

    If you only have two kids, it’s a great car. I do love mine. But, I would keep looking if you want something with 7 seats.

  14. We bought a 7 seat Honda Pilot earlier this summer and I’m SO GLAD we went wtih that rather than the CRV. We have already packed it to the HILT on 3 road trips, and all we have is a 10 month old (plus two small dogs). I don’t know what we’re going to do when we have more!! I was anti-SUV before kids, but now I don’t know what we’d do without our big car.

  15. We never buy new, but have always been able to get lease-trade-ins or a car that is a year old.

    That being said, when my DD was 2 months old I traded in my beloved MBZ E Class for a Tahoe. It is purely bliss. In my MBZ we had 0 trunk space after putting the stroller in, etc. We always use the extra room and the 3rd row is a full seat, but really eats up the trunk space when in use, but car seats fit perfectly back there too! 🙂

    I am not fond of the gas mileage, but it could be a lot worse. And I still have plenty of room for more babies! 🙂

  16. Idk. I’m torn on this one. I understand where he’s coming from. Seven seats is a lot for a family of four. But then when you think about the fact that as you get better with your photography you’ll probably get more stuff and need some good trunk space to carry it all around when you do shoots. Not to mention, what happens when you all will want to take Snoop with you on trips. Those seats in the back will come in handy then. I say as long as it’s in your budget get it.

  17. I had to comment… I LOVE my Highlander Hybrid! I bought it a year and a half ago even though we’re not wanting kids for another 1-2 years. I bought it because I knew I’d want an SUV when kids came into the picture and I didn’t want to buy a car and then turn around and trade it in.

  18. I avoid minivans like the plague, but don’t want a Tahoe either, ummm gas costs a ton hello! I love my 1998 Volvo station wagon with the optional rear facing third row that folds down in the trunk! I searched and tested out tons of vehicles and price wise came back to this one over and over again. Three across the back seat with PLENTY of leg room for full grown adults with no seat adjustments. The rear seats are for non car seat use but by the time you have a FOURTH, one of them should be old enough to ride back there right?! Oh, and prior to the ability financially to make the Volvo purchase we had to choose between buying new car seats or a new car ( a newer car wasn’t an option at the time. Solution that has been awesome even in the Volvo? Radian 65 car seats. Seriously, you can fit three across the back seat of a tiny sedan, and they are just as safe as those bulky britax, with better features! They go rear facing from birth, turn forward facing, and literally hold a child up to 65 lbs. They will outweigh the car seat before they outgrow it. Hands down best purchase for multiple kids! Reg car seats can’t sit next to each other, and no one can sit between them with the space that’s left!

  19. We have a highlander with just one munchkin 7 I LOVE it – so spacy & I agree…what about friends when they get a little older? I plan to have my truck for at least five more years (I’ve had it two already).

  20. We have a highlander with the 3rd row pop up seat. We love it. We have two kids ages 11 and 3. It fits my big ol’ Britax Marathon carseat AND my 5’3 size 9 womens shoe growing 11 year old. We have loads of trunk space with the 3 row is hidden. When my daughter wants to bring 3 friends, they fit. Not to comfortable for long trips but we’ve done it with all seven in the car. All the way from L.A. to Seattle and back.
    With my usual family of four, it fits all of us and my Costco runs etc. Or all of us and all our coolers and easy up and gear for the week at the lake. The gas milegae is fantastic. BUT just to be clear, for a family of 5 I personally don’t think it will work. The kids grow big and fast and so does all their stuff and friends. But for the occasional toting of preteens and friends it’s a fine car. We love it.

  21. Hubby and i are considering the highlander (non hybrid) and some of your comments have me worried lol. Thoughts on the Audi Q7? We are planning to have kids soon and right now are deciding btwn that and the highlander.

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