New Camera Lens: He Says She Says

happy baby
Carter’s Flower Bubble Sunsuit c/o Grandma- Thank you! 😀 Curly Hair Clippies from Walmart
He says: “Why do you need a camera lens that costs more than our TV?”
She says: “Why do you need fancy golf clubs that cost more than my lens?”
Plus, golf clubs can’t capture moments like these!
What say ye?

Mama Bennie says:

golf is boring, pictures are fun. A golf game is not as important as the special memories of that little face.

Jamie says:

You’ve already captured the moment wonderfully, you don’t need another lens.

Elaine A. says:

I say I like your response, that’s what I say!! HA!

I just got a new lens too! Worth every penny…

She’s gorgeous!! 😀

Iiona says:

HAHA! I would have said the same thing 🙂

That’s a hard one, because I want to get a new lens but I still have to “talk” my hubby into it as well. So let me know how that goes, I’ve considered saying if you get that lens then you won’t have to get me a Birthday and Christmas gift…

Hehe, good luck @liona, I actually won this one. This photo was taken with my new lens 😀

Thanks Elaine! What did you get?

Thanks Jamie, I think this is my last one! 😉

Mama Bennie, I totally agree! Thanks!

Rania says:

I don’t know, Jennifer. Sorry, I have to agree with Jamie’s response – you’re already capturing her PERFECTLY (your photos are beautiful as is the subject) who needs another lens? Put the money toward a trip where you can use the lenses you already have capturing Lil’ J in even more wonderful Firsts. 🙂

Sorry, just my thoughts. But then again, I think with your little one, you could get by with just a disposable camera and it would STILL be perfect. 😉

Your pics look great! I agree, a camera is def. worth spending money on. Those pics last forever.

I’m with you! The cost of one sitting with a photographer costs more then a new lens and you will be able to take family photos for years to come so in the long run you are saving money so that he can get that golf club…lol

toi says:

You win this one ;)!

MamaKambo says:

I was determined to chronicle my children’s lives. When I was a senior in high school, we had to write our memory books. I had no pictures to use for it: I had to use clip art. I love my camera (I think I have the same one you have) and I’m saving my family money by not having to go to a studio. And my kids will have tons of memories to look back on. My husband is starting to see the payoff, our house is now covered with beautiful pictures of our girls. I say, get the lens.

Sell your TV!! Get the lens and he can still golf. Win win! 😉 Buy a smaller TV??
Great picture!

LOL. Nice come back. My husband has some nice clubs too, so I may use that line one day..never thought of it! Thanks. lol
By the way, your baby girl has the biggest smiles ever. Love it!

keep this photo and the conversation and remind him of it 10 and even 20 years from now and he will fully understand why! 🙂

~ Cara

melifaif says:

I say you had the best response EVER!!!! Plus, this is something you are abviously enjoying…good for you!

melifaif says:

Oh, and how could I forget?! That photo is so presh. Her smile is infectious…love her.

Ridiculously cute! Looking at her makes me smile too 🙂

Jennifer says:

The lens is technically for the whole family because you will be using it to capture family memories. His golf clubs are not.

Anonymous says:

you go girl!

Anonymous says:

What lens did you get?

It’s a Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8. So good for portraits and wide angles. I think I’m good for awhile now 🙂

Jennifer says:

I don’t understand golf or the “thrill” of playing it. The lens saves money and could potentially make you money. I want a new lens.

Grammy T. says:

I say with pictures like that your lens is priceless and I know he’ll get another set of golf clubs pretty soon. They always do. And Shoes, have you seen how many golf shoes they have!!
What kind of camera and lens to you use??

Kelli @ RTSM says:

I need to have that exact same conversation with my hubby:)

Kristin says:

Beautiful Pictures and beautiful blog! I love your new design! Are you self taught photographer? You pictures are amazing.

hotpants™ says:

Great response, Mom!

Sarah says:

that lens has great reviews- but not cheap! lucky you. but remember to let the hubby have his toys too 🙂 if you are both getting a fair amount then battle it out. but if mom and baby are always getting things and daddy is not, can make him cranky!

btw- imho this pic is just the same as all the others you have taken- gorgeous! you did inspire me to get a 50mm portrait lens next.

Kristin I am self taught. Thanks everyone!

Sarah, thanks! The photo may not look super different but the picture-taking process is much easier with a zoom lens! I’m done though… For now. 😉

Kimberly says:

I’m voting for the lens. You do amazing work with the camera! 🙂

Very beautiful child and awesome photgraphy =)

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