Here’s Why I love Karma’s World a New Show on Netflix

You know movies are my thing, so it’s a big deal to be reviewing a TV show today. But I was intrigued by Karma’s World as soon as I saw the “coming soon” poster on Netflix. Diverse representation is a big deal to me. And seeing a little Black girl on the cover with a big beautiful curly fro? Sold! I thought it might be cute and have a slew of diverse characters and spunky music. But what I didn’t expect were the tricky and heavy topics covered such as growing out of things you once loved as a kid, having unique names, and to not reach out and touch a Black girl’s hair. 

Karma's World kids review

Each Karma’s World can stand alone, and brings a different topic to the table. Topics that can work as great conversation starters between you and your kids. They follow Karma through a challenge and explore how to navigate problems to make it through. Later episodes focus more on friendship, honesty, bravery and confidence and more.

I thought this would be a show for my youngest–Lee Lee, who is 3-years-old. You know, like a giant step up from Cocomelon. The 13 minute episode length is perfect for short attention spans. And the bright colors seem to be attractive for little ones. But the topics, and way they address them, plus the fact that Karma herself is in middle school makes the show seem to skew more for kids around 6 to 8.

What Karma's World is About

That said, Lee Lee is still into it. Jayda says she wouldn’t watch it alone, and there wasn’t enough animal content to keep Ty’s attention. The fact that I find it to be a positive show with a good message that highlights some skills for social and emotional learning, it’ll be one I add to our Homeschool Watchlist. Add to that the fact that it boasts a beautiful diverse cast, and some catchy music and I recommend it as a great show to watch together as a family. Whether you’re a little Black girl who’s seeing herself on screen, or someone enjoying seeing another perspective in children’s television, there’s something for everyone to take away and lots of great discussions it can bring about.

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