We need a swingset!: He says/ She says

I can’t remember the last time we went to the park all together as a family. We has a mellow family outing last weekend, and I was glad that for once I wouldn’t have to chase our daughter around the playground with our son on my hip. I could have a little help.

Swinging Baby

We’ve been trying to convince my husband for weeks that we need to get a swingset. (We, meaning my daughter and I) but he’s totally against it for a number of silly reasons.

“We can just go to the park!” He argues. Our neighborhood park doesn’t have swings, so this requires us to cruise to the city park.

“But we have to get in the car, strap both kids in their car seats, and drive all the way there,” I huffed. “I could just open the back door and let them play outside while I’m working or making lunch or dinner. It would be great!”

“They’ll grow out of it real fast,” he said.

“Whatever! We played on ours forever growing up!”

“Our yard is too sloped!” He countered.

“No, there’s a perfectly flat section right there!” I pointed out.

“They’re just a pain to put together…”

“HELLO… That’s why we hire someone!”

He’s still not convinced. I keep telling Lil’ J to keep asking him. Eventually he’ll give in. Yes, I’m terrible.

Anyhoo, we drove to the park so our kids could do their favorite thing… Swing.

Little girl on swings

So after waiting for all the other kids who were hogging them forever, Lil’ J finally got a turn herself, and she hogged it til sunset.

I really am ok driving to the park if we have to, but there’s something nice about just strolling down to the swings, or opening your back door and knowing your kids are safe in the fenced-yard while you finish up something else. Maybe I’m just spoiled, and it’s one more thing I don’t need (of course I don’t NEED it, I just want it real bad), or maybe I just need to make friends with a neighbor who has a fancy swingset.

Do you have a playscape? What say you?

In case you missed it, here’s my first video love-letter of Lil’ J swinging by herself for the first time. Funny enough, my husband pushed her the whole time at the park. Regardless, this was still cute.

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  1. I feel like you. It was be so much simpler if I had a set in the backyard! It’s safe. It’s fenced in and I dibt have to get dressed and get in the car to get him there! I’m working on the hubby to get one by Spring! Good luck!

  2. Our swingset has been a lifesaver. We have a fenced backyard and Bella can run in and out when it’s warm. Friends with children come over and their children come over. We love it.

  3. I’ve been trying to talk my other half into a swing set but it’s not working and we’ve been in our house for 6 months now. He does kind of have a point though because we have a neighborhood park and they have swings… But the backyard is so much safer, LOL!

  4. I say you get the swing set. Not only is it a time saver – but its a great investment that they will be able to play on for awhile. PLUS no worrying about other kids with germs sneezing and coughing all over the place..just sayin.

  5. My girls used our play set for years- we got the wooden type with a built in playhouse- best gift from grand parents ever! Now that we are the grand parents I plan to pay it forward 🙂

  6. I think the swing set would be wonderful not only for your kids to enjoy but their friends during play dates and parties. *fingers crossed for you*

  7. WE don’t, but we live right by my in-laws, who do. So I had the best of both worlds for my kids – a swingset/fort within view of my kitchen window, but no poles to mow around or swings to mow under, no upkeep of any sort. I’m all for a good play area *right there*. If we didn’t live where we do or my in-laws didn’t have one, we would have built one. (My father-in-law built his from the ground up and it beats any system out there, all the neighborhood kids played there until they grew up and moved on.)

    1. That would be the best of both worlds! I’m telling you I hope my neighbors get one and then I can just send my kids over there all the time 😉 We’ll see how long that lasts.

      Also jealous of your father-in-law’s carpentry skills! That’s amazing.

  8. Impossible here in NYC (plus the parks are AWESOME anyway), but grew up with one in Ohio and LOVED it! I have so many amazing memories on my swing set. Our yard was fenced in and my dad built me a 2-story clubhouse so between that and the swing set I remember being out there alllll day just coming in to pee and get food! If we move out of the city we’ll get one for sure. I’d want my kids to have that experience. Good luck with your campaign!

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