Need home decorating advice

In all of the places we’ve lived and move over 7 years together, I’ve never been very good at decorating. Go figure.

Currently, I have a total of four deorations hanging in my living room, making it look bare. I really want to start fresh at the new place and maybe do a photo-wall or something. I have tens of thousands of photos of Lil, J but no recent ones printed and none hanging at all.

I know, it’s a disgrace.

This is one I’m thinking of blowing up and making a sequence of three similar black/white photos of her.

I need to get family photos done so I have some of those to choose from, but I’m waiting for my photographer to stop being pregnant.

Then, I need to go through my photos, and print my favorites to hang.

I was thinking of getting a bunch of thrifted frames and spray painting them all a similar color scheme. I don’t have a livingroom color scheme now ap I’m planning to start fresh.

In fact, is it a good idea to donate the few random decorations I have so I 1. Don’t have to move them and 2. Don’t feel obligated to use them in my new place?

I’m not exactly a hoarder but I do get a slight anxiety about getting rid of something. I worry I’ll end up needing it tomorrow. The thing that helps is knowing its going to someone who needs it.

Pinterest is a good resource but I don’t really know where to start.

We are going to get new (to us) couches and I’ll make curtains. Other than that I haven’t a clue how to get the home decorating bug and how to do it right.

Start fresh, or bring what I have to start (which isn’t much).

I’d love to hear your ideas!

Also, I have a cool nook area in the livingroom that I’d love to make pretty. What would you put there?

I hope to document my progress and with your help, pull something off that looks somewhat cute.

**Added** We are renting, so I’d prefer not to paint and have to re-paint back to white.**

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  1. Oh how fun to start over clean. We just purchased a house and there’s so much to do to it just so we can start our own “stuff” in/on it lol
    You can always put shelves in the nook area and make that a little picture area. Or make it a plant section.

  2. I’m not a fabulous decorator either – so I normally try to find a room I love and then try to copy it. Maybe you could do that? Good luck – excited to see what you come up with. 🙂

  3. Try out the chalk board paint in the nook and/or under the bar. You can make quick notes or doodle in the nook and your decor will be ever-changing. Let Lil J have fun under the bar. She will love it! You could also tile the inside of the nook with some colorful glass mosaic or the stick on metal looking stuff. It would bring a fun POP to the room!

  4. The house we are building in Little Elm has a few nooks like that. I was planning on getting some fabric and making a faux window in one. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? nice outdoorsy print the size of the nook and a tiny curtain rod with cute curtains 🙂

    Hobby lobby is actually having a sale of fabric at the moment, so you could go get some little bits of cloth and see what colors/patterns you like in the space if any at all before committing 🙂

  5. We’ve been in our new house since October, and have hung only one painting! We have some items we’re planning to hang, but hubby (artist and former art handler) is particular about the mix and match of it all, so wants us to have everything selected that we PLAN to hang before we start actually mounting art on the walls. Meanwhile, I’ve been bugging him to put a bulletin board over my desk, and there are just a million things that we both have to do every day— decorating is not a top priority. Yet it makes such a difference. Good for you for makin’ some plans!

    The nook could be used for book storage. Or your fabric collection!

    I’m planning to paint/stencil some good quotes (“Imagination is everything” — Albert Einstein) on some large canvases and decorate Kaspar’s room, and our kitchen, with those. Wanna join me on a Michael’s craft trip for supplies and we’ll get our inner artist groove on for one of our creative mom dates?

    Can’t wait to see your new place all done up!! So exciting.


  6. This site has like 20 links to different DIY HOME Decorating blog sites. I think you will find it useful webdesignschoolsguide dot com/library/30-beautiful-blogs-for-budget-interior-design.html

    The Inspired room has alot of info also.

    Budget savvy –

    Another good one –

    renovation blogs -

  7. Donate the decor you don’t like. Keep the stuff that *could* be reused. White walls, for a photo frame wall, I’d spray the frames black (or other color, depending on your furnishings) to really pop. For the nook, I’d get like a really cool vase or statue or something like that, that is kind of tall and pretty. 🙂

  8. Someone above mentioned fabric – IKEA has fabric frames where all you do is cut a piece of fabric and nail it to the frame. This could inject some color and/or a scheme into a room.

    As for that nook: get a colored tall vase – the unbreakable kind at Target – with some plants, flowers or sticks in it.

    Good luck!

  9. You know…that thing with your photographer….well, you could invite me and Layla down for a visit *ahem* and I – yes ME!!! Could do them for you….

    p.s. I am with you….I take one million pics and never frame any. For shame….

    1. Most new homes come equipped with lots of storage. Older homes, on the other hand, tend to lack even some of the basic storage options, such as a coat or linen closet. If you lack the space to expand closets or other storage spaces or build new ones, consider redesigning the spaces you do have.

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