My vision for This Year: A 2023 Bucket List

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Oh hello dear blog reader who is still around in 2023. My writing fell off a bit and was limited to blog posts about movie reviews and things I’m trying to get to rank for Google. Let’s see how it goes just blogging some other random things here and there again. After all not everything can fit in an Instagram caption.

Some of my friends have switched to Substack for their more personal blog posts. I do love seeing those come to my inbox. Even though I just zero’d out my 3000+ emails in my inbox, I saved those substacks to read. But let’s be real. My life isn’t *quite* interesting enough for me to charge ya’ll a monthly fee that’s about the same as a Disney+ subscription. And with my Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and our Movie Night Journal website, managing marketing and social media there… I just kinda don’t want to add another newsletter to the mix. It’s just not my journey. You can keep reading my antics here, or not. But I plan to hang out around here a little more like the good old days.

I’m thinking there will be longer written tutorials of things I’m sharing on my Instagram page like Jayda’s cloud ceiling or a roundup of Animal books and shows Ty loves to watch. And then we’ll keep doing our movie reviews but perhaps add in our Movie in a Minute videos from IG and Tiktok to the post.

That’s my vision for my blog. As for my life. Well… Sit down friends. Ok, well, you don’t have to it’s really not that intense. Like at all. I don’t even have goals this year it’s more of a bucket list. Which I think means I’m feeling optimistic about hitting all of these things. Wanna see? Of course you do, you’re still here. Ok here’s what I’ve got so far:

My 2023 Bucket List

1. Cozyfy my house: At the end of last year we closed off an open arch in a formal dining area and made turned it into built-in bookshelves. I’ve added a large circle chair that’s turned into my cozy spot and now I’m on a mission to make my house as cozy and inviting as possible with rugs, chairs, books art and more. Up next is the back porch, fixing up the garage with out home gym and sauna, and hopefully the theater room. It’s a lot, but also the first time that we’ve been able to do upgrades like this in our marriage, so I’m really excited.

2. Have fun doing things we’re bad at: In other words, try new things. Step out of our comfort zone and not be afraid to fail. Try new clubs, hang out with old and new friends. Today I ran on a trail for the first time and it was the first time running actually felt fun for me. I’m running my first 10k in February at Walt Disney World. Training for it is definitely doing something I’m not good at.

3. Go on a Disney Cruise: Last year I went to Disney 5 times. Only one of those trips was with Jayda and the rest were for work. Lee Lee is at the perfect age for soaking in Disney Magic and the new Disney Wish is on my bucket list.

4. Visit New York City: Our best friends moved to New York a year ago and I would LOVE to take a family trip to visit them. At the very least take Jayda and Ty to see our friends. Jayda and I can go see a broadway show, we can visit natural history museums, and just hang with our besties.

5. Practice Piano: My in-laws gifted us a beautiful baby grand piano and we all need to learn how to play it! This goes a little with number 2. No pressure to get great, just practice a little every day and have fun with it. This will mean piano apps and hopefully a piano teacher to help us along.

My 2023 Mom Goals

1. Sign Lee Lee up for dance class: Check! Oh my gosh she’s so cute. I didn’t want to deal with the time and expense of a recital this time but I *almost* regret that decision cause she be a cute hot mess up on stage!

2. Watch Jayda perform: She did her first theatre performance in December in The Lightening Thief musical. This month she’s auditioning for The Addams Family musical. I’m excited to cheer her on again, and also do some digging into ways to get her more involved in acting.

3. Cheery Ty on at football and new friendships: He’s going to be playing spring flag football and he loves it so much. I am excited to watch him again, and see him nurture some new friendships. I think we’ll have a birthday party for him this year, which we haven’t done since 2019.

For the first time in a while I don’t have grand work goals. I’d like to find a mentor and earn a grant to help me fund some marketing help for the Movie Night Journal. And like I mentioned earlier, writing here more again. But other than that I’m kinda winging it for now. Maybe it’ll come to me next month.

What are some of your bucket list items for this year? DM me and let me know. Or drop a comment if you’re feelin old school!

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