My princess on her throne: My favorite Halloween moment captured

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Halloween was an adventure yesterday. I realized after my mom’s ward’s Trunk-or-Treat, and her school Halloween party which also included trick-or-treating, she might be pooped with all the candy-gathering and costume-wearing.

It did take some bribery on my part (Skittles) to get her in her Tiana dress one more time, but I added some extra sparkle to it this time which got her more excited: A tutu underneath to add extra poof, mommy’s necklace, and some glow stick bracelets.

Once she was in, she was ready to go out and show off to the neighbors. I got some ADORABLE pictures through the evening, but since I had to be back at work before 4am, I delayed uploading them right away.

So I don’t have my best photos to share, but I do have my favorite.

When we got home, my little princess reached in her bucket and asked me to open another pack of Skittles (apparently her favorite candy) and told me she had to go potty. Like any princess, she didn’t want to take off her dress right away (in fact, I only got her out of it by putting her in another princess [pajama] dress). So I rushed her to the potty, hiked up her dress (still lined with tutu) and let her do her business while snacking on her skittles.

The sight was too hilarious to miss. I would have grabbed my camera but I was afraid she’d get down before I got back, so I snapped this on my phone.

My little princess on her throne.

I know she’ll probably hate me for sharing this later, but I also know this is DEFINITELY going in her wedding slideshow.

I hope you had a fabulous Halloween too! Feel free to share links of your photos. I’m dying over the costumes in my Instagram feed!

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  1. Adorable costume!

    My girl isn’t on the throne yet but it amazes me the things she does while I am. Eat. Give kisses and hugs. Ask for ice cream. Try to get a peek in the bowl while I’m on it….

  2. First I want to say- Tutu under costume is GENIUS!!! Second- this is hilarious and if it makes it into the wedding slideshow you are one amazing mom to slide that bad her cause you know she is going to object with every fiber of her being!

  3. She is definitely not going to be a happy camper if this makes into her wedding slideshow. LOL. Too cute though! Moo was Snow White and I had to wait until she fell asleep to take off her costume.

  4. YOU ARE SO MEAN! Ha ha ha. But I can’t say anything, because I’ve got *way* too many embarrassing pics of Kal. The kids growing up in this age of instant-digital-picture-taking-and-sharing…. oh, man. Nothing is sacred! Lol.

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