My little guy is on the move (video!)

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I’ve been in denial about my son walking for the last four months. I didn’t want to admit that my son was growing up, that he’s no longer a baby but entering into the “toddler” realm. But now that many of my days are spent chasing him to get inside the house, or keeping him from breaking things in stores, I’ve finally come to realize that toddlerhood is here. And so far, it hasn’t been pretty.

Ok, it hasn’t been so bad. He’s happiest when music is playing and he can dance, stomping his foot to the best (to the best of his ability). And he loves spinning in circles and running from us. That’s the bad part… The running, which seemed to have started the moment he realized he could walk.

Playful-kids_0019-copy Toddler-dancing-copy From dashes down the driveway, to a broken salsa jar at the grocery store (sorry about that!) letting him down to run gives me anxiety.

When my daughter was his age she loved spending a lot of time in the baby carrier, on my back, just enjoying tagging along for the ride. Big T on the other hand likes to get down and up in everyone’s business. He likes to explore. I carry him on my back when I don’t have the energy or patience to chase him around a store, or place of business.

All of that said, he’s still adorable to watch, and you can tell he’s so happy to be alive. I was lucky enough to capture his first moment crawling on camera, and I was able to do the same with him walking. I’ve continued to record moments of him walking here and there, and made a tiny little montage of my little mover. Look at him go!:




How do you feel when your babies turn to toddlers? Love it, or does it exhaust you as much as it does me? Do you have a picture or video of your little mover? Share it! If you Share your Moving Moment (I uploaded one of Big T) you can get a coupon to use for diapers.


If you’re looking for moves to do with your little one, check out these from celebrity fitness instructor Nikki Glor.

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  1. lol at him dancing. My son is 14 months old and he cries to get out of his stroller to walk. He loves chasing birds. I do miss snuggling him for hours but I squeeze them in when he’s sleepy or reading him books.

  2. my 8months is crawling and standing up. he takes steps when he stands next to a chair and pushes it. It’s bittersweet seeing them go from not moving to crawling to walking. Too bittersweet!

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