My little China doll: Mini Mod #16

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If you’ve ever lived in Texas you know the back and forth weather changes can give you whiplash. I think the saying is “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

It got a bit chilly for a few days but thankfully it’s warm again. I can deal with 70s and 80s in the winter time. Yes, this is why I left Utah!

I love spring and spring clothes! I put her in this little number this week. It’s one of my favorite outfits of hers because I’ve always loved Chinese print and the red/black/white color pallet. One of my best friends knows Chinese and she says the shirt says “happy” or “peace”. I can’t remember which she told me but it was something positive.

Apparently she loves it too. She rocked the bell bottoms like no other.

Me So Zen Halter Top and Ruffle Pants: Dizzie Lizzie Boutique
(use code JL2012 to get 10% off your order).
Red Pearl Flower Bow: Belle Dezigns.
Mary Jane Shoes: Walmart

Have ya posted pics of you cutie wearing something fab lately? Add your link to the list below so we can see!

Mini Mod

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