My favorite part about going to work…

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Is coming home to this…

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  1. CUTEST Thing ever. This is too the only thing I love about going to work. However the other day I come home and Sol walks right past me and says hi Sona… lol! It was hilarious, but also a lil sad for me… She went through a stage where she called my husband by his first name, I just wasn’t prepared for her to call me by my first name.

  2. OM cuteness!!!! Did you have to train your pup to not step on her? MY LO is just starting to get mobile but I am worried my black lab and golden will step on her…even thought I think she will be fine I still worry! 😉

  3. Oh my goooooodneeeessss…… My uterus just skipped a beat. That would definitely be one of the best bits of my day too.

    Super super sweet. Thanks for posting this!!

  4. Oh no Sona!! Haha. I would be sad!! That’s funny she called you by your first name, I wonder if she’ll ever do that. I was just thinking about that yesterday because obviously that’s what we all each other.

    And Gnat, he just knows. It’s funny. But I wonder if they’ll run into eachother more once she starts walking.

  5. AWWWW that is so sweet! The biggest smile ever! Very soons he will be running to yah :).
    Colston does the same thing when my husband comes home. It’s like he can’t get there fast enough.

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. If that is not the most precious thing eveerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Being a mommy is the best! But I love how Snoop preludes her appearance! Don’t worry Snoop, I noticed. Doggies need love too lol =)

  7. Oh that is too cute!!!!!

    Hubby and I just found out we’re expecting. So after over a year of reading your blog…I can’t wait to experience it all myself!!!!

  8. Haha!! Playdate for sure beautylicious!!

    Thanks for noticing Snoop Renee! Haha. I love him too! And CONGRATS CurlyKye!! Wooohooo!!

    Thanks everyone! 🙂 she’s so funny! I love how happy she is to see me. Makes me a little sad I have to leave in the first place though. It’s ok though!!

  9. Adorable! Nia crawls to DH just like that and squeals when he comes home from work. It makes his heart melt! She used to not even look twice when he’d come home but a month ago she started going crazy for him. Nia barely gives him enough time to squirt some hand sanitizer on before she starts screaming for him to pick her up!

  10. That is super cute. My 14-month-old crawls to the gate at the bottom of the stairs, and then cries if his dad takes longer than 30 seconds to pick him up. He’ll lunge out of my arms if I’m holding him, too, so his daddy will hold him.

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