My Dog SO Knows I’m Pregnant

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There were a few clues that made me think I was pregnant before I knew for sure… My strange cravings for breakfast tacos at 11 o’clock at night several days in a row. My unusual urge to pee in the middle of the night. And my lack of some “time of the month” symptoms. But one little nudge I didn’t expect was the constant cold, wet one between my legs by my dog Snoop.
I swear, you won't believe this but my dog so know I'm pregnant. Hear me out, I had a few clues telling me I was pregnant.Yea, I know dogs sniffing people in the butt or crotch-region isn’t anything unusual for many people who are around dogs a lot, but this generally isn’t like Snoop. I racked my brain to remember where I had been through the day… Around other animals? Good-tasting food? What the heck was he sniffing?

His weird tendencies continued. He got a hold of my underwear.. And would chew out the very-important crotch area… What? Thanks a lot Snoop! I have to drive a hour and a half to get these (I know some of you know what I mean)! Thanks pup, but if I wanted crotchless panties I would have gone to Fredericks of Hollywood!

He literally ruined 5 pairs of underwear, and he’s NEVER done this before… Oh, and he has never chewed up any kind of clothing before. It did made me feel a little better when I found a pair of my husband’s underwear chewed up too earlier this week, but I still don’t get it. Clean, dirty, he didn’t seem to mind. But he’d find the hamper, his victim and chew it up.I swear, you won't believe this but my dog so know I'm pregnant. Hear me out, I had a few clues telling me I was pregnant.Then he started acting weird around me… While calm, he’ll look at me and whine and ALWAYS have to be near me. He follows me around everywhere and sits as close to me as he can. He use to follow either me or my husband around, but now it’s always me. There have been a few times that I’ve been watching TV and he’ll come over, pace back and forth in front of me then actually jump on my lap… And this is a 50 pound dog we’re talking about. He’ll move slightly to my side then put his face on my lap.

At night he usually sat on the foot of the bed, to the side so he wasn’t in either of our way. Now, he tries to lay near my stomach, or on top of my legs. It was cute at first, but now it’s pretty annoying. I yell at him and kick him to move… Mean, I know but you can’t mess with a preggo’s sleep!

I’ve read on a few sites that animals, particularly dogs can sense when their owner is pregnant. They can get more protective, more attached, and just act weird. Sometimes it’s because they notice their owners are are more sleepy, and or sick, they are getting less attention… And later, when you’re bigger, because you’re changing shape and walking weird.

Snoop, being part Shar-pei and I think Shepherd mix, has always been pretty protective, but now when we’re on a walk he’s extra alert of people walking buy us. He always runs to the door side-window when someone walks by or knocks on the door, he’s keeping an eye (and ear) out.

We watched a two-month-old for a few early hours on Black Friday. I slept downstairs with the baby in the bassinet, Snoop stayed with us, and was curious, yet calm and gentle around her.
I swear, you won't believe this but my dog so know I'm pregnant. Hear me out, I had a few clues telling me I was pregnant.I think Snoop will be a great big brother/ pet to little Spawnie. He already seems to be taking an interest.

Did your pets know you were pregnant? Or is Snoop just as weird as I am?

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  1. Ours so knew I was pregnant, he became very gentle around me and instead of jumoing on me to get up on the bed, he would go round the other side. I also have lots of pics of him layoing with his head on my belly and with his paw on it too. Too cute. I read that dogs can smell illnesses like cancer i people. If they can do that they can def’ smell a baby. Hope all si well with you xx

  2. My cat knew I was pregnant before I did. He got really clingy and needy and then that escalated to him attacking me if I didn’t react to him quickly enough. I have scars on my arms and legs from his claws. The veterinarian didn’t put two and two together until I was about 8 months pregnant.

    Luckily, Oliver (my cat) chilled out a lot more once my son was a couple of months old, and he’s NEVER hurt the baby. He was extremely protective of my son, making sure to always be in the same room as him, laying next to me holding him, etc. It was adorable! Now my son is 10 months old and prone to pulling hair and Oliver tolerates him very well. I do my best to keep the baby from pulling or hitting, but anyone else with a baby and a pet knows you can’t do this 100% of the time.

    I’m sure Snoop will be great with Spawnie 🙂

  3. My dogs definitely knew. They were extra protective of me — they’d bark at other people and dogs when we’d go on walks. They also always stayed by my side. Generally, they’ll either follow my husband or I around — but when I was pregnant, it was ALWAYS me they’d follow!

  4. My cousin’s dog knew when they were pregnant with their first too. I think it’s a pet thing…I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately…I miss you and chatting with you! *hugs*

  5. I think my mom’s dog knows I’m pregnant. She always comes to sit by me when I come over and lets me hold her now (she’s a teensy lap dog). Never used to do that, even when I lived there.

  6. Hi! I’ve been a long time reader but never commented before – I’ve been married about year and a half and we’re thinking about TTC in a few years. I LOVE your blog…I can definitely relate to your earlier feelings about whether it was the right time to start having children or not and now I’m so happy that you are expecting! I just wanted to give you a quick tip…you can totally order the “underwear” online at LDS distribution services. My mom only lives about 45 minutes from a distribution center and she still uses the website. We just recently moved out of Utah (2 hrs from the nearest temple/dist. center) so I haven’t tried it out yet but I hear it’s really convenient as long as you have your membership record #, etc. Hope this helps!

  7. My cat TOTALLY knew I was pregnant!!! She started sleeping in our bed, curling up next to my belly. Then it got really freaky because she wanted to sleep ON my belly!

    Picture a 3 month pregnant woman in deep sleep and then she feels this pressure on her belly. She wakes up in a panic to discover a 8lbs cat sleeping on her belly!

    Needless to say, we had to start closing our door!

    ps. are these special underwear? I am feeling especially left out!

  8. One of my friends had a sharpei when pregnant and with young kids. He was fiercely protective of her and them. From the moment she gave birth, he went where the babies went. I bet yours will too.

  9. You know what? I’ve never actually thought about my dog knowing, but now that I look back over the last few months… she totally has known! She has been extra protective of me, always wanting to sleep curled up right beside me. Weird. I’ve never made the connection till you suggested it.

  10. My mom’s dog knew when I was pregnant. She was just really young when I was pregnant with my first and the most hyper dog you ever met, but she was unusually calm around me and followed me around everywhere when I was over there.

    So interesting.

    Funny about your underwear, but not really. I’m laughing though. Good thing he’s such a cute dog, eh?

  11. Haha wow, how weird!

    I’ve no experience with dogs, but I used to study primates, and everyone said they could tell when women were ovulating (especially the males). That was a little creepy!

  12. My dog, a 2 year old jack russell, was very protective of my daughter when she was pregnant. My daughter has a home of her own, but whenever she visited, Maisey, the dog, would lay at her feet and be more alert when somone walked by on the sidewalk, etc. Now that we have my grand daughter, we have nicknamed our dog Nana (like in Peter Pan) because she is always watching over the baby. If we don’t respond immediately when baby is cryng, Maisey makes sure we know by pacing back and forth. I think animals are definitely clued in.

  13. My cat knew I was pregnant. It was RIDICULOUS. He would NOT leave me alone. All he wanted to do was lay on my stomach and KNEAD it like a little kitten would do! And he would DROOL! AGH! So I know what you mean. He totally changed the way he acted around me and I could not get him OFF. I never wanted to sit down if he was in the room because as soon as I did, he was on top of me! Gah! 🙂

  14. I didn’t have a dog clear back then. but I know some dogs are just like that My oldest daughter has an illness that causes her to be sick a lot and our dog is so protective of her!..

    My cousins dogs did the same thing Snoop is doing when she was PG., and now are super good with the baby (Labs i think.)

    on the G’s.
    You know you don’t have to drive the 1 1/2 hour. you can do mail order.. besides your going to be needing some pregnancy undies..
    love your blog i lurk a lot…

  15. Wow! Sounds like he definitely knows something is up. And sounds like some other people told you how to avoid the long drive… I think shipping may eve be free.. or at least ridiculously cheap.

  16. omg, it all makes sense now… I had two cats… and if I didn’t put the laundry away fast enough I would easily lose a pair of underwear…. AND while about 6 months pregnant I got attacked by a cat…. weirdddd….

  17. My dog knew…. he started acting fearful and going into corners and joke. SO weird. He went into the corners when I went upstairs (through our baby gate) and he could not get through to follow me. He also seemed very sad. The same look as he gave me for a month after our first son was born. He eventually got over the symptoms after baby number one, but now we are back to the same thing. I, presonally, think they can smell pregnancy fluid discharge from the developing placental sac. Their smellers are like 1000 times better than ours. It may smell very similar to when their bitches are preggo. I know our dog has been around plenty of preggo dogs because he was part of a breeder with champion pure breeds of his breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. So weird that the first “symptom” that I knew I was preggo, was my dogs actions. Funny and scary all at the same time!

  18. This has nothing to do with your pregnancy sorry. I do care but I have nothing to comment about since I am 14 and am not pregnant, but my dog looks exactly like your dog. I am not kidding, EXACTLY. And my dog is pregnant, which is a little ironic. But I think your dog is a Boxer and Shar pei mix cause that is what mine is. Ill try to email you a picture if I can find your email.

  19. im 24weeks and i just got a dog a month ago and shes a puppy so was pretty excitable. until a week ago she was just a normal puppy but then she seemed to get more protective and her fur went up at the sight of another dog pr person, she only did this when i took her out but not when my fiance did. and starting yesterday she sticks her face between my legs every chance she gets. well atleast im not alone with this situation:)

  20. This is quite helpful! I don’t know such information like this! I have friends who are pregnant and with pets. I must share this with them. Thanks!

  21. So my husband and I are in the two week wait currently. All day yesterday and today Ginger has been on my heels, clingy and whiny, over protective, and after my underwear. All very unusual behavior for her. Crossing my fingers!!

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