My Birthday Wish!

I’ve had a wonderful birthday so far (hey… I still have 2 hrs left to enjoy!) I spent it at work most of the day, but my husband surprised me with a sweet card and one of the last two Disney movies I need for my collection. We went to dinner and now we’re sitting my the fire.

Throughout my day I’ve been sneaking votes at the Bellybar Philips AVENT Holly Jolly Belly Photo Contest. I’m safely in the top 5 and the judges vote tomorrow, but I’m in 2nd now and I have a feeling being in first place going into judging can only help me!
So if you haven’t voted for me yet today (you could vote once a day this week) please head over and give me a vote! I’ll love you forever and you could help me win a trimester of Bellybars, and a really nice electric breast pump among other things. Oh, and I didn’t mention this before but if I win, one of the things I get is an Mp3 player, but since I have one already I’ll give it away to one of you! So if you weren’t motivated enough before hopefully that’ll help ;0)
Just click the “thumbs up” next to this photo here! Thank you! Voting ends Friday morning. I’ll let you know if I win tomorrow!

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  1. Happy Birthday Future Mama…I think you were 1 of 4 who won the bump contest…if I understood it correctly. I clicked to vote for you but missed by chance as it ended this morning…but looks like you and 4 other gals with cute bumps won! Check it out! Hope you’re doing well…just stoppin by to say hi!

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