My Big Belly and Self Esteem

When I first found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to get a big, cute, preggo belly. I wanted to flaunt it and look cute like all of the other pregnant women I saw. i was frustrated at the rate which my stomach was growing… It just wasn’t fast enough. But now that I find myself bumping my belly into spaces I use to be able to squeeze through, and not fitting into shirts I waged would be long enough to last me through pregnancy, things are starting to change.

A pregnant friend and relative of mine recently asked me what I thought about wearing bikinis while pregnant. She LOVES being pregnant, showing off her stomach, and she’s glowing beautifully. She was wondering if I (and you… some of my readers) thought it was appropriate to wear a bikini while pregnant.

My initial instinct when I picture myself with my outstretching belly in a bikini is “eeeew.” I wore bikinis day and night at the beach, and on trips before I was pregnant, I loved my abs and wasn’t afraid to show them off. Now, well, now I guess I don’t feel as comfortable in my skin.
There are plenty of people who wear bikinis and speedos, who maybe, for the sake of people eating on the beach or cruise ship, shouldn’t, but I kind of take the stance of “if you feel comfortable, more power to ya.”
Looking at photos of pregnant women sporting bikinis is beautiful to me. I LOVE pregnant women, I think they are so cute… I just don’t think I’m that cute. Or maybe I just don’t like everyone staring at me and thinking about my knocked-up state, I’m not sure.
When I compare these two maternity styles, I’d LOVE to have the confidance to wear the one on the left, but I know I’d much prefer to wear something like the one on the right.

Regardless, I’m not much of a swimmer anyway (I know it’s great exercise for pregnant women but I have this thing with getting my hair wet) and most likely you won’t catch me in a bathing suit the last nine, very hot weeks of my pregnancy.

Another thing I think is so interesting is the plethora of maternity lingerie! Who knew there was such a market for it? I’ve been one to scurry into my flannel pants and t-shirt as quickly as possible, but having this blog has given me the chance to experiment with a few maternity night-wear items.

Sweet Dreams Maternity sent me this little white number, which I like so much I wear it to lounge around in. It’s nice being able to feel cute but also not uncomfortably exposed.

I think part of the reason I have some sort of unexplained prudeness lately is maybe cause I feel more “motherly” or something… Does that even make sense? I don’t get it! I mean, I never dressed skanky before but now I almost want to dress like a nun.

So anyway, whether you’re feeling like a sexy mama, or nunish Sweet Dreams Maternity has some cute stuff to choose from.
Sandra also has an adorable kids accessories line and she sent Spawnie an adorable B Baby Bling bib. Can my baby please be as cute as this one?

Now if you’re pregnant and feeling REALLY confidant, be sure to stop by my blog for a giveaway Sunday… No wait, maybe Saturday, it doesn’t seem fitting for a Sunday. I have yet to try on the little number I’m reviewing (I was waiting until I got big enough, but since I have, I haven’t been brave enough to wear it) and NO there will be no photos of me in it but *ahem* some of you ladies may really like this line.

I wrote a post today on my Project Pregnancy Blog about a woman who was totally rude to me this week and made fun of my adorable shirt (and the size of Spawnie). Here’s an excerpt of “Did I Ask for Your Opinion? … I Didn’t Think So”:

“Since day 1 I’ve been calling my growing baby ‘Spawnie’, so I was sold when I saw this ‘Alien on Board’ tee-shirt from Spegg Wear. I got one and started wearing it the moment my bump started to show.

Now every time I go out with it on I get compliments. I’ve worn it to my OB appointments and to the mall. People always say they love it, and compliment me on how original and funny it is… Which explains why I mistook the woman taking my order behind the burger counter as saying my shirt was “adorable” instead of what was actually calling ‘horrible.’

With a big smile on my face I said ‘Thank you!’ And patted my belly.

‘Thank you?’ She questioned my reaction, obviously annoyed that I didn’t get her insult….”

You can read the rest here.

You are such a cute preggers girl that I think you could totally rock a bikini. If I still had cute little arms and legs I think I’d wear a bikini 🙂

Marjorie says:

I certainly look NOTHING like the preggo models in your post, but I am rocking a 2-piece bathing suit this summer (I’m hesitant to call it a bikini because it’s actually a skirted bottom). I figure I’m better off covering up my problem areas and letting my beautiful, round belly show. I say, if you feel good in a bikini, go for it. After all, you aren’t fat, you’re PREGNANT!

I’m a curvy girl but you better believe I’m gonna flaunt it this summer. I will be 6 months in july/august and I can totally see me wearing a bikini top and skirt to the park. Any other time? I show almost no skin!

Busted Kate says:

The belly is looking super adorable (I said ADORABLE cuz that’s what you are), and you’re beautiful… just as you are! Bikini, alien shirts, it all works 🙂

Mommy Bee says:

I love the shape-hugging shirts, but I get so many stretch marks that I’m not very comfortable with a bare belly…
Of course, I never showed my belly/wore a bikini before I was pregnant either *shrug*

I think you could totally pull of a bikini! But I agree with you, it’s all about what makes YOU feel comfortable.

I’m lucky because I’ll be in my 2nd trimester all summer … big enough to obviously be pregnant, but not huge yet. I would imagine I’ll still be in my bikini, but I don’t know yet how I’ll feel. We spend every weekend at the lake cabin, so I live in my swim suit and cover up. That probably won’t change this year. But I may invest in a tankini top to go with my bottoms – assuming they still fit!

Tractor Mom says:

I say…wear what you’re comfortable in! Shoot, I hated the idea of being “fashionable” when I was pregnant. I went for comfortable and still do!

Have fun being pregnant and the heck with what people say! As long as you aren’t embarassing your hubby, you’re ok! But it’s an unwritten law that you MUST embarass your kids!

Just have fun!!

Emmy says:

I can’t believe she said all that! And she is just jealous that you still look awesome and amazing while being 7 months pregnant. With your first you just don’t get as big as with the others. I remember being about how far along you were and people seemed to finally be noticing I was pregnant and I felt huge! So that girl just needs to keep her mouth shut.

Angie says:

That picture of you is beautiful! (love the shirt btw) I say wear whatever you are comfortable in! if it makes you feel beautiful go for it 🙂

Melinda says:

I was SOOOOOOO much bigger than you especially with my last pregnancy and I wore a tankini. At times I realized maybe some people wouldn’t like it but at the end of the day I didn’t care what anyone thought. Don’t regret NOT doing something that you’ve been wanting to do all along.

Wow . . . first of all, she’s lucky that you entertained her conversation and didn’t just ask for her manager. I don’t know why people expect folks to be pregnant everywhere (face, neck, arms, EVERYWHERE). You baby will be gaining a lot of size/weight in the home strech so no need to worry about how small you are carrying right now. I hope to have the gumption to rock a bikini when my time comes. You look great, enjoy the balance of your pregnancy.

MsBabyPlan says:

You look gorgeous and the t-shirt is very original. You look very well!

I’ve been thinking about if I would ever show my belly this summer if I’m preggo, if I don’t have stretchmarks I might but I cannot until then.

Girl you could so rock a 2 piece.
I am almost 22 weeks and I notice that I have been checking out my belly in the mirror more often these days. I never thought I would ever think about wearing one while I was pregnant, but who knows, maybe one with a little skirt :).


ummmm….look how freaking cute you are!!! You wear pregnancy amazingly! you should totally feel ok to rock the bikini hehe

By the way, that lady from the restaurant, who the heck is she to be looking you up and down. You look awesome! You were nice, I would have seriously told her some crap that came to my mind (after she gave me my food of course).

Last week this lady at church (who is waaay overweight by the way) told me that I now looked like her!! I was so shocked I couldn’t wait to get home and cry. After that I thought of some words I should have said. lol.

Mrs. Dew says:

OMG my dream was to wear a bikini while pregnant! I said I’d NEVER wear a maternity bathing suit, EVER! Now at 25 weeks I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in one now, let alone in another month when it’s bathing suit weather. I LOVE a hot pregnant belly in a bikini though, sadly I’m not one of them.

Debbi says:

I wore a bikini while pregnant and felt wonderful. I got alot of odd looks, but I just brushed them off. You could pull it off, but if you aren’t comfortable don’t do it. Wear what makes you happy!

Chantel says:

I read your Project Pregnancy blog. I don’t think I would have been as nice as you about it. Awful.

I never wore a bikini while pregnant. I never will again. My kids have ruined my body. Although, I was super tiny with my daughter. I’m convinced that had she been first, I would have gotten to enjoy my physique a little longer, but nope, I got my son, who stretched my tummy beyond recognition, and my 5 month old stretched it out even more, just in case I didn’t remember what it looked like the first time around. I steer clear of swim wear and anything that isn’t a wading pool full of children that I can dip my feet into and call it “swimming”.

heather says:

I seriously just have one thing to say…you look so great! You have that pregnancy glow and your belly is so cute and it looks tiny to me.
I never wore a two piece because I couldn’t pull it off, but if I could have, I totally would have. At least that is what I tell myself.

YUMMama says:

I think that it is perfectly ok for pregnant women to wear bikinis. I think it’s cute and kinda empowering in an I’m embracing my motherhood and new figure kind of way. However, not all of us are comfortable putting our bumps on display anymore than they already are. And I wasn’t shocked to learn about the mountain of maternity lingerie out there.

I read that a lot of women feel their most sexual when they’re preggers. Not to mention that just because you have this tiny human invading your personal space doesn’t mean that you have to being sexy. And let’s not forget your spouse. You’d be surprise to learn how they truly feel about your new figure. LOL. I will say there are certainly positive perks to pregnancy.

I so with I could wear the whole nighty and two piece swim suit but I’m just not comfortable in it. However, I think that pregnant woman are beautiful and if they are comfortable in a two piece then more power to them.
As for the mean comment on your shirt, I love it!

You look adorable. Enjoy your state of bliss.

Tori says:

Reality is ACTUALLY created by consciousness. Truly and really. So, change your mind and your change your reality. I just posted a link to a great YouTube about that very truth. I hope you may choose to make time to check it out… simply because by changing YOUR consciousness, you effectively change the world. uh-MAZ-ing stuff!

Tori says:

oops… blog is: gollihughfamily(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Charlene says:

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest !!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Hey, I read your post “Did I Ask for Your Opinion? … I Didn’t Think So” on Project Pregnancy Blog and I have to tell you don’t let mean people get you down, don’t ever defend yourself to them, and trust me very soon you’ll realize that complete strangers in stores, mall, restaurants would get the nerve to question your every move and judge it all (how your kids are, how you are…).
I think that shirt is ADORABLE and I love the way you look! You are tall (I’m 5’11” too), and you look great!
Hope you are doing well and can’t wait to see the little one!!!

I wasn’t comfortable with wearing bikinis before I got pregnant and when my Alien on Board made my belly looked possessed I was not even comfortable wearing a parka to the beach. Luckily I don’t live anywhere near it, and I swim like a cat (could save my life, but hate it) so it didn’t come up. I think it’s great for all the ladies who have the confidence to pull it off. And, the lady who had anything rude to say should be donkey kicked. Because that’s what I think should happen to all judgmental, rude old biddies who can’t keep their mouths shut!

Cheryl says:

I also love pg women in bikinis – that is OTHER pg women. I was just not a cute preggo. That’s because I believed in the “total body” pregnancy. Meaning, it wasn’t just my belly that got big!

BTW, I love that shirt! I totally would’ve worn it. I think it’s funny someone would comment on it. You shoulda said “Well, it’s true, I mean, the ship landed, the green men got out, one thing led to another… ” 😉

Todd says:

My favorite photo is of the pregnant girl towards the top of the page.She’s wearing a very sexy bikini and showing off that AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly of hers.She also has a big smile on her face and that makes me wanna say YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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