My baby has a sweet tooth

This post brought to you by Mrs. Smith’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t recall having serious cravings with Spawnie (ok, aside from breakfast tacos) but Leechie DEFINITELY has a sweet tooth. I’m constantly eating frosted sugar cookies, Girl Scout cookies, cake, donuts, and washing it all down with hot chocolate. I know, I’m terrible, and so very lucky I passed my glucose test.

You all know I haven’t done a review in quite some time, but when I heard Mrs. Smiths wanted to work with me to try out their new pies, Leechie couldn’t resist.


Mrs. Smith’s just released four new pies. Their Mrs. Smith’s Signature Deep Dish pies to be exact: An apple pie with carmel sauce, a cherry pie with butter fudge sauce, a peach pie with cream cheese icing and a pumpkin pie with cream cheese icing.

Aside from ther pumpkin pie (I’m not a fan of pumpkins) all of these had my mouth watering at just the mention.

My mom wasn’t a homemade pie maker, and surprise surprise, I’ve never tackled one from scratch either, so I’m very familular with the brand of frozen pies. These are kinda cool cause you can still get a slight homeade feel by adding your own style of drizzle to the pies after they’ve baked, and that my friends, in my book, can be called home-made.


Mrs. Smiths sent me coupons to pick up the pies and try them out to tell you about them but guess what? After going to three stores I’m still left with a longing desire to try these out because I couldn’t find them anywhere! Womp Womp!

I was really dying to try the Deep Dish Dutch Apple Pie with Carmel Sauce but settled for a classic cherry pie, because, well… I wasn’t leaving the store without another pie, even if it wasn’t the one I was origionally planning to tell you about. You can check to see if there are any retailers near you, and if you try it first, tell me about it! 

Did i make you hungry for some pie? Let me know which kind you’d like to try and you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift card to William Sonoma as well as coupons to try the pies yourself. You can also like Mrs. Smiths on Facebook and Pinterest to get extra entries. A winner will be randomly selected next Saturday. Good luck!” rel=”nofollow”>a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. The cherry pie sounds divine..I’ve never actually had cherry pie before, so I definitely will have to buy one.

  2. Now I like to claim that I make the best apple pie ever! (It is really rather easy and you should totally try it and blog about it! I bet you’d be surprised how easy and good it is!) but that mrs smiths apple pie looks mouth watering! I’d like to try it for sure!

  3. The cherry pie with fudge icing sounds fantastic. Then again, so does the pumpkin pie with cream cheese icing!

  4. I’ve always been on again off again about the whole pie thing. Frankly I would rather have an extra steak lon my plate that a piece of pie the end of dinner. For me nothing screams desert like more meat 🙂

    Then again there are times that I get a sweet tooth but it doesn’t usually follow dinner. iIt’s more of a just go eat some sugar to cultivate my food blister.

    Thank you for your post and please have a wonderful day,


  5. I love Dutch Apple Pie! May be a detriment to my post-pregnancy body, but if I won the coupons, I’d share!!

  6. I actually don’t like pie. My husband, however, thinks pie should be its own food group. Pumpkin is his favorite; he can’t say no to Mrs. Smith’s pies, either.

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