Multitasking with a pillow: Who knew?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a secret when it comes to trying to balance this mom of two thing, and it’s having my hands free. I wear my little guy in a wrap (I love mine by Sugar Sweet Baby) about 50% of the time at home and 99% of the time when we’re out.

I haven’t mastered nursing him in the wrap just yet… We still need to work on that, but I recently discovered another awesome way to have my hands free while feeding him at home.

Mombo-pillow-1 I was trying to do my daughter’s hair before bed, which can be a process at times. Big T was getting fussy and tired, but I needed to finish with Lil’ J before she went to bed with crazy wet hair. Her patience doesn’t always last long when I’m doing her curls so I didn’t want to take a break to feed him before finishing. Just then I noticed my nursing pillow… BINGO!

I plopped him on there, got him latched on, and had my hands free to finish my daughter’s hair. I felt like a supermom.

So here’s the thing. The funny thing about babies and baby gear is there are so many places you can set a baby. They sell swings; fancy Mamaroos, bouncy seats, moses baskets, Bumbo chairs… And the list goes on.

We sold off and gave away all of our baby stuff after Lil’ J was older, it just took up too much space. I was hesitant to get anything this time around for fear of the same thing—Having so much stuff I’ll rarely use. So when I was contacted to review the Mombo nursing pillow, I was hesitant to accept because it’s one more thing I may or may not need.

I have a Boppy but I didn’t have a real nursing pillow, so I thought “what the heck” I’d give it a try. I was also intrigued by the little vibration panel it has inside.

When it arrived I was a little disappointed batteries weren’t included, but lucky me, I had an extra C battery in my office drawer. I set it up and propped my little guy in it. There’s a soft side for lounging and if you flip it over, the other side is firm.

Monbo-pillow-2 I posted a photo on Instagram and people have been asking me how it compares to the popular Boppy pillow. I promised to share my honest opinion so here we go…

He doesn’t seem to really care for the vibration feature. I thought he’d love it since he has it on his bouncy chair and seems to like that, but I noticed when I laid my head on it, it was a bit strong. I could see myself getting a headache from that, so maybe that’s how he felt. It’s also pretty sensitive to turn on and off. It accidently gets pushed easily.

Like I mentioned, I didn’t have a nursing pillow and I didn’t really use anything to prop him on while feeding him, but when I realized I could use it and have my hands free when I was in a pinch, I fell in love.

It is a bit of a tight squeeze opening it up around my waist. I think the firm side makes it not as easy and I’m not sure how easy it would be for a heavier sized person to use it, but that’s something to note.

Mombo-pillow-3 Other than that, it’s beautiful, and a nice quality build. I love the alternating firmness on each side. When I nurse him on it he almost always falls asleep. And if I need to pee, I can set him in there for a minute while my daughter adores him, and not have to worry about him falling out.

Speaking of my daughter again, she of course always wants to hold him, and the pillow works perfectly for wrapping around her, and letting him sit propped up in her arms.

I captured this video, which pretty much sells it for me, and for her… And for her hair.

You can find the Mombo pillow at Babies ‘R Us for $24.99. Then there are several of cute covers you could choose for it, some with taggies. For more information about the Monbo pillow you can follow Comfort & Harmony on Twitter or like Comfort & Harmony on Facebook.

I hope you enjoyed my honest review. I was sent the pillow to review and sponsored for my time in testing, photographing and writing about it. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh my gosh your kids are so beautiful! Your daughters hair is awesome! Thank you for the honest review.. It can be hard to find unbiased opinions on baby products and I really enjoy how open and honest you are.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about having too much baby stuff. My husband’s family and my family both were very generous with our first child but it was too much. You can’t really tell them you don’t want the gifts because it makes them feel good to give them but my attic right now is a walmart-babies r us super yard sale waiting to happen. Also, I respect the straight up honest comments on the pillow. Your readers are sure to appreciate that. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell it like it is but in the long run people can rely on what you say as your true feelings. Regretfully, I see less and less of that the older I get.

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