Mommy Moments of September!

Below is a list of Mommy Moments for September. As you write a post about your family (or future family) post the link here so we all can read it! Remember, you don’t have to be a mom to have a “Mommy Moment” in my book!

Write a post about a crazy moment, a precious moment, or anything that reminds you or represents motherhood to you. It can be a story, a photo, a movie, poem, or anything your heart desires!

Kayce from Kayce’s Doula Journey is this month’s lovely judge. She had a great blog with a plethora of information and advice about pregnancy, labor and beyond! I just love chatting with her about all of my pregnancy questions!

At the end of a month she will choose a winner who will get a BEAUTIFUL $100 tote/ diaper bag of choice from Couturière (depending on your motherhood status would deem how you’d use it). Every lady wants to be stylish!

“Couturière is a premier line of baby accessories specializing in handmade diaper bags that make a statement.
We are based in the Metro Atlanta area. Our mission is to create a unique, eye-catching product that appeals to the style-savvy mom, while catering to the baby’s needs.”

More info about the bag: The Kaasy Bag is the first creation in Tamara’s premier line of Couturière baby products. Its dimensions are approximately 15” x 17” x 5”. Each bag comes with a matching changing Pad, and 3 clear vinyl inside pockets (2 elastic and 1 larger pocket). All diaper bags are lined with oil cloth to protect the bag’s exterior.

The winner will also get a feature on Baby Makin(g) Machine! Somewhere in your post just please leave a link to this post. No biggie, anything small will work. Good luck, and have fun with it! Please link DIRECTLY to the post you want to be judged.

If you’d rather you can email your entry to babymakingmachine{at} At the end of the month I’ll feature all of the entries in another post with the first few sentences of your post like I did here. Thank you so much for sharing your Mommy Moment with everyone! I can’t wait to read them all!

This contest has ended but you can link up to the October list HERE.

Beth says:

Thanks for the chance to enter. I entered my personal blog which is just about my kids. I keep it seperate from my “other” blog.

MomToAandI says:

Thank you for the chance to enter your great giveaway. I hope that your little bun starts cooking in your oven soon!!!

Thanks for the possibility of winning that lovely bag..hubby and I are on the journey in hopes of another baby! I wish you the best in your journey!

Have a Happy SITS Day!

Dagmar says:

I entered my latest musing on co-sleeping with my little boy. Thanks for the chance to win the bag. I wish you all the best for your journey.

I love your blog, do you want to exchange links? I can’t believe I don’t have you on my blogroll already…

Dagmar’s momsense

cdziuba says: I posted about my children and motherhood experience on my blog. I spoke of losing one of our children and the effect it had on my being a mom.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Amy Croley says:

I blogged about the name inspiration of my blog Those Funny Little Girls. It is inspired by the Abba song Slipping Through My Fingers. It represents motherhood to me because it makes you think about how fast your children grow up. Like the saying goes “A mother holds her children’s hand for a while, their hearts forever”. So we really should slow down and enjoy all the “mommy moments” (the good, the bad & the ugly)because when they are over, we will miss those moments.

My favorite mommy moments were pregnancy moments, when I would sing to my daughter and feel her move around in my belly. I loved being pregnant and can’t wait to be again one day

sibabe64 says:

I think one funniest mom moments was when my son was little and I walked in the room and he had my maxi pads unpeeled and stuck all over the walls. At that moment I felt I had all the protection I needed.

I am a mother to a wonderful seveteen month old little boy, he is so amazing. Every day he does new things to make me laugh. His newest saying is to say “Thank you” for everything you give him. Which of course we are so proud of and totally find it way cute. But, when you do not give him what he wants, he scream, lol…

naynays1 says:

My little one is crawling now and it is funny to see him doing the army scoot. Makes my day. Thanks for the chance.

Rajee says:

It is quiet watch the kids playing in the park

I’ve got my sweet little one month baby girl in my arms and we’re both crossing our fingers on this one!!! Come on cute bag!

But check out the other posts, too (with picture) to see my new one.

Megan says:

Hey so I am #20 and I messed up when I put in my URL, it should be
Thanks! Hope I win!

karmapearl says:

I added my post. It’s a document of a mundane day that turned into a personal reflection for me regarding my baby-body, pregnancy in general and my life…. And how excited I am to become a mommy!

Karla says:

I’m so glad that you found me on Twitter! I’m pretty new to blogging, but have kept a journal for ages. This,too, is one of my first blogs, but one that I’ve been meaning to type for a while. This was also my first attempt at entering this contest, and making a link, too! Hopefully I succeeded! These bags are so beautiful that I just HAD to abandon my state of ‘lurking-ness’. Let me know if the link doesn’t work.

Jessi says:

Hey was just curious if there was a winner yet, sometimes i miss these things?

Jess~ca says:

I am having so much fun reading all the other “Mommy Moments” listed!! I hope you enjoy my mommy moment!

-Jessica F.

Jess~ca says:

oops I just realized the contest is already over!
oh well! I hope ppl like my mommy moment anyway 🙂

SuperMOM says:

oops I added mine to late….but it is really funny so i hope others enjoy it!!

My favorite mommy moments were pregnancy moments, when I would sing to my daughter and feel her move around in my belly. I loved being pregnant and can’t wait to be again one day

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