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I LOVE documenting things. I’ve especially loved documenting my pregnancy with weekly photos and journals.Another fun way to document things that I’ve recently discovered is the Mommy Measure. Have you seen this? It’s an adorable little measuring tape that has space for your little journal markings. It’s great for women who maybe don’t like to write-journal a lot, but prefer to jot down little notes from time to time. Or in my case… For people who like to document in as MANY ways as possible!
Here’s how I use it:

When something special comes up, like my baby shower, or the first time I feel Spawnie’s hiccups (still waiting to notice that one) I measure my belly and mark that date with a heart sticker, and write how far along I am, and the occasion below it.
My handwriting’s not the best, but I guess that’s something I’ll be able to prove to my little girl too when I show her this. I try to measure my stomach every-other week if I remember, or mark down “special days.”

You can also use it after birth to measure your baby’s growth his/her first year!

I got my Mommy Measure right as I found out Spawnie was a girl and looking back I wish I had marked that day down. At the time I was concerned about “messing it up” but now I think the more stickers the better!I’m going to keep using it though my last 8.5 weeks and mark the day I finally catch her kicking on video, the day I feel her first hiccups, and maybe I’ll record a funny dream I have or something, as well as when contractions start. So lots to look forward to!

Then, on her delivery day, I’ll write all of her stats on it, and it’ll be a great keepsake for a scrapbook (if I get the courage to make one!).Here’s a little more information about Mommy Measure:

“If you are looking for the perfect pregnancy gift, the Mommy Measure is it! Our unique patent pending pregnancy growth chart & journal make it easy to record your belly growth (Fundal height / belly circumference) and pregnancy milestones.

The Mommy Measure creates a unique timeline of your pregnancy journey and allows you to compare measurements and experiences of previous or future pregnancies.

The Mommy Measure can also be used to track your baby’s first year of growth. Simply lay the Mommy Measureβ„’ alongside your baby on a flat surface and mark their length and write special milestones.

With the Mommy Measure you will never forget the moments where it all started.”

***Buy One!***

Another great thing about this is it’s only $15. And it comes in gender neutral colors, like mine, as well as pink and blue! It’s a great gift for expecting mama’s!

You can find out more about them, deals and contests by Following @MommyMeasure on Twitter or by “Liking” Mommy Measure on Facebook.

***Win One!***

What do you think of Mommy Measure? Leave a comment letting me know to enter to win one! it comes with a permanent thin-point sharpie, the measuring tape, directions, and 24 heart-shaped stickers!

*For Extra Entries*

-Be(come) a follower of my blog
-Follow @MommyMeasure on Twitter and tweet about this contest including them in the tweet.
-“Like” Mommy Measure on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall telling them you came from here!

Contest Ends Tuesday May 4th at 11:59pm will choose my winner. Good Luck!

**Thanks to Mommy Measure for sending me the item to try for this review and one for the giveaway. I was not paid for this review and opinions are my own!**

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  1. I think it’s a cute idea and I would LOVE to write one, esp. b/c I only just finished my pregnancy journal for my son when he was 12 months old! Maybe with this I’ll be better at documenting this time around!

  2. That is a super cute idea! Wish I had that for my son, let alone documented more while I was pregnant with him, especially now because we have been trying for 2 years to get pregnant again and still no luck. I’m hoping this is our year and I would love to be better about documenting my next little one! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  3. This is an amazing little keepsake! I scrapbook, however am so far behind, I worry I will not have time to document once I become pregnant! This would be PERFECT to help keep track of those little things, and small enough to fit in my purse! You never know when memories will be made!

  4. Hey girl! I’ve been reading for awhile- and haven’t commented! So sorry, my shy-ness I suppose! But I love love love your blog—and your story. I’m an LDS convert, too! Congratulations on your little girl-you’re so blessed! I can’t wait for my day to come πŸ˜‰
    This little idea is AMAZING! If I don’t win, I will for sure invest when we do get prego one day.. Stop by and visit sometime! (Abundantly Blessed)

  5. Oh my gosh I have never seen thsi before. I would so love to win one. I can only follow and leave a comment since I am no longer on FB or twitter, but that is so neat!
    Hiccups are cute and weird at the same time. lol. I’ve felt them twice so far.

  6. I am a follower on your blog :).
    This is such a cute idea! The things people think of for us preggers. I do have a journal, but sometimes I just want to jot down a little info (like last week when the baby kicked and I could see my stomach bulge out for the 1st time!)and something like this would be prefect :).

  7. What a cute idea! I have never heard of something like this before. I wish I had it with both of my girls because I’m all about documenting. Fun!

  8. this idea is way fun, and seems like i might actually be able to keep up with it. we will start trying in just 1 month!!!!!! i’m so excited about being a mama.

  9. I have never heard of this before! LOVE IT! What an exciting way to document your pregnancy! This would be great for the next go round!

  10. What a fantasic idea. I journal and scrapbook but with life so busy this is great. Working on baby #1 so would be great to have when we finally find out!

  11. That is absolutely adorable! Me and my hubby are in the process of TTC and would love something like this to document when it does happen!

    vschilke at gmail dot com

  12. I think the Mommy Measure Measuring Tape is just adorable! What a great way to keep trap of baby growing inside your belly. I would love to own this when DH and I REALLY begin to try…only 4 more months until I am finished with school. YAY! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  13. I wish this was around when I was pregnant with my daughter – I took measurements of my belly but never put them in a journal and I might have lost them.

    at gmail: a midg rn

  14. I wish this was around when I was pregnant with my daughter – I took measurements of my belly but never put them in a journal and I might have lost them.

    at gmail: a midg rn

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