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bam-bam-baby-costume There’s something about my son’s shaggy fro that always brings a smile to my face. Several months ago it struck me that he reminds me of a tiny cave man. His grunts, destructive nature, and, you guessed it… His wild head of curls all reminded me of Bam Bam from the Flintstones. Sure, the little cartoon character had bleach blond hair, but it didn’t stop me from somehow seeing a resemblance.

After deciding that would be his Halloween costume I realized it would be fun for all of us to be characters from the show and I set out to do some Flintstones DIY costumes. My daughter would be Pebbles, my husband Fred, and I Wilma. If I can find a purple dog shirt I’d love to paint dots on it so Snoop can be Dino.

flinstones-family-costumes-sewing I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on costumes, and I’m happy to say I spent a total of less than $30 on all of these costumes. I bought a thrifted orange t-shirt for my husband, small pieces of fleece for my son’s costume, a quarter yard of cotton fabric for my daughter’s pillowcase top (luckily the ragged tattered look is in for cavegirls cause I didn’t hem it or anything), and some thrifted blue shorts.

wilma-and-bam-bam-costumes wilma-and-pebbles-costumes

I pulled together my costume from a skirt and swimsuit cover-up I had in my closet, and made my necklace using thread and some styrofoam balls.

The “big spending” came from ordering a felt club for Big T and a plastic bone headband for Lil’ J off Etsy.

loving-girls Aside from costumes I haven’t done much else in regards to Halloween prep. I took my sister and Lil’ J to a neighborhood pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins to decorate… Right, decorate, not carve, cause frankly I just didn’t have the energy for that this year. Lil’ J painted one at preschool, and the rest we did up with this Hallmark Jack-o-lantern sticker set.Halloween-Pumpkins_0010-copy

Halloween-Pumpkins_0001-copy Fun and easy ways to have a festive halloween My son even got in on the action, but I’ll admit, I helped him with his Halloween sticker jack-o-lantern because Lil’ J wouldn’t let me help her with hers, which turned out like this:

Halloween-Pumpkins-Hallmark You have no idea how much willpower it took not to get in there and put the eyeball stickers where they belong, and take off a few of the extra mouth and mustache stickers she stuck on there.

“Don’t you think one beard is enough?” I asked her.

“NO! I like all the beards!”

… And eye-patches and other accessories, all in one clump.

Despite my frustration with her lack of anatomically-correct pumpkin faces, it was still 100% fun and 0% messy.

Halloween pumpkin decoration. I’m planning to paint our last pumpkin teal this year and give out glow sticks and bubbles in lieu of candy. It’s keeping kids with food allergies in mind. Hopefully the neighborhood kids won’t TP my house later. I mean really, who needs one more piece of candy at the end of all this?

We’ve also done just a little bit of yard decorating. I bought this cool Halloween sign from a neighbor who hand made it for $10!

Halloween-Pumpkins_0012-copy Halloween-Pumpkins_0009-copy My family got all dressed up for Trunk or Treat at our church and surprisingly we won the costume contest (we didn’t even know we were entered!). It was a pleasant surprise. My husband is actually off for Halloween this year so I’m excited to go through the neighborhood all dressed up in my handy creations.

flinstones-family-costumesAfter Christmas, Halloween is probably my next favorite holiday. It’s the beginning of the end of the year, and I get to dress up my kids like adorable little characters (for a limited time).

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? What are your costumes?

PS: I let my daughter pick out another costume because she wanted one to go with her Aunt’s and we have enough Halloween events to dress up for that I’m ok with her having two costumes. Bonus points to anyone who can name who she is:

Sailor Scout Costumes Sailor chibi moon costume


I didn’t even get around to sharing all my other fun Halloween stuff, like our trick-or-treat greeter, drop and greet spider (which we actually had to put away because it gives me nightmares) and check out my Instagram for a video of Big T dancing with our dancing treat bag. If you’re still setting up for the holiday, or getting ready for the next, pop in your local Hallmark to get inspired for other ways you can get festive.

I’m passionate about making and saving memories, I’m partnering with Hallmark to share some of my life’s special moments and occasions including getting ready for Halloween! All opinions (and typos) are my own.

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  1. You did a great job with your family Flintstone costume creation. I wished I was that creative. This year only my daughters dress up. My 2 year old picked her own costume this time too. She is going to be Cinderella. Your daughters second costume is a Sailer Moon character, right? Happy Halloween.

  2. LOVE that she is Sailor Chibi Moon! That is awesome! I want to dress my daughter up like that one year if she will let me! Maybe she and her brother can be Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask (but that’s a whole lot of convincing for him to agree).
    Love the Flintstones costumes too. My kids are Batman and Supergirl, though my 2 year old insists she is Superman.

    1. Yes!! haha. So I started making a little Tuxedo Mask costume for Big T but I didn’t have the energy to finish it. I found a $1 top hat at Target today though and now I kinda wish I had!

  3. Jenn, I LOVE your new site. I know I’m a slacker and that you re-did it a while ago, but I am almost always reading your blog on my cell phone. I happened to be on the computer today with a little downtime so I hopped on over and it looks GREAT!!! And your costumes were amazing at the Trunk or Treat – y’all definitely deserved to win. :o) We should all Trick or Treat together this year! D would love that.

    1. Thanks Leah, that means a lot! D was such a cute ninja! I’d love to see ya’ll out trick or treating. It’ll be our first year in our ‘hood (as ya’ll and yours I’m guessing). We can’t wait!

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