Mixed Hair Care: Biracial hair care washing tutorial for kids

*Updated 2020

The most common question I’m asked isn’t about breaking into my broadcast career, how I met my hot husband, or even “how are you today?” it’s “how do you do your daughter’s hair?”.

Ok, one of those questions may be a little more popular, but not when it comes to my blog. Biracial hair care, mixed hair care or natural hair care especially has become a hot topic. I can’t believe I haven’t updated my process since Lil’ J was a toddler. I’ve been meaning to do it but really wanted pictures of the process to make it all flow. I finally took some yesterday (Sunday is typically our hair-washing day). It’s going to be picture-heavy so get ready!

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It’s been a learning process for me as I only recently began to wear my hair in its naturally curly state all the time. Before that I kept it flat ironed with salon visits. I’m embracing my natural hair in all of its curly beauty now that I have a little girl who has gorgeous curls of her own. It can be hard to think curls are pretty when we’re bombarded with society’s standard of beauty that often overlooks us.

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

I’m going to be filing this under my new “making strong roots” section because this topic fits in more way than one.

So, first off, FYI, I try not to let her hair get this crazy but let’s face it—Life gets busy. I avoid letting her out of the house like this though.

Typically I’ll wash Lil’ J’s hair when Big T is napping, or already in bed. He loves splashing in water and if he knows his sister is having all the fun, it becomes a challenge trying to entertain him too.

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

I clear off the kitchen counters give the sink a little extra scrubbing—Yes, you read right, the sink. I could do her hair in the tub but dumping water on her head over and over with a cup just isn’t cutting it. I’ll probably eventually invest in one of those bathtub sprayer adapters but I feel like I’m conserving more water in the sink, and it works for us. It’s also how my mom did our hair at home, and I have fond memories of those nights so let’s just say we’re carrying on the tradition.

I get her set up with an iPad or phone, and let her watch a show while I do her hair, but usually we end up “talking to the knots,” which I’ll explain later.

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

I have a bathroom caddy that I lug all of our hair supplies in. Between three different curly hair types, we have a variety of products. These are typically the ones I use most often, but not all at once. I didn’t use all of these when doing Lil’ J’s hair this time. But here are my go-tos:

Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner: I use this to get her hair detangled because I need to use a TON of conditioner and would use my nicer and pricier conditioner right up if I used the same amount. I love this because it has a lot of slip.

Curly Q’s Coconut Dream Conditioner: LOVE the smell and it hydrates her hair so well, and leaves it silky smooth. I use this EVERY time.

Shea Moisture Cleansing Conditioner: I use this instead of a Shampoo.

Curly Q’s Custard: I love this after washing when I’m styling or twisting it up for the night. I’ve tried various similar products but keep coming back to this.

Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Style Milk: Similar to the custard above, I also buy this a lot.

It’s important to remember that it’s about the process not the products. So what works for my daughter’s hair may be totally different for your child’s hair. For my natural curls I use the Shea Moisture products most often and I’ve recently started using them on my kids. I haven’t noticed a huge different from product to product, but I do see a big difference if I change up the process.

Alright, enough yapping, here we go…

Step 1 Shampoo (optional):

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

Rarely do I use shampoo. I usually go straight to conditioner. Today I used a cowash by Shea Moisture to cleanse her hair before going on to condition some more. I get her hair soaking wet, wash, massage, then rinse. Simple enough.

Step 2: Condition

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

I load her hair up with conditioner. I currently have been using the Hello Hydration by Herbal Essence. It’s inexpensive and exactly what I need to get her hair slick and easy to detangle. I use a TON of this stuff, I just keep caking it in, and let her hair soak it up. Since I use so much of it, I don’t use a pricey conditioner for this part.

Step 3: Separate

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

I part her hair into a few sections and tie them apart. Sometimes I’ll use clamps. It just depends what I have on hand.

Step 4: Detangle
Dang, I forgot a photo! But I needed all hands on deck for this. I go to work section-by-section and detangle using possibly the most important item of this whole process: A good wide-tooth comb. I start from the bottom and work my way up until the entire section is detangled. This process can be a breeze if you stay on top of it, and use A LOT of conditioner while detangling. Be extremely generous with a good conditioner and it helps the tangles slip right out. If it starts to hurt, Lil’ J will tell her knots they’ve gotta pack up and move out of her head, and I’ll talk her through what they’re saying as they leave. It keeps her smiling through the process and she actually looks forward to detangling because of this strange tradition we have. But lately, when I wash her hair in this order detangling is a breeze.

Step 5: Deep Condition

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

As I complete each section I rinse out the conditioner then add a nice deep conditioner. Right now I really like the Curls Coconut Dream Conditioner for kids. I used to only use this for detangling and conditioning but I was going through it so fast, and believe it or not, it’s not the best for detangling and doesn’t have as much “slip.” But it smells great and is an awesome moisturizer. I add this conditioner to the section I’ve just detangled before moving on to the next section of hair and then put it in a loose braid.

Step 6: Repeat and Rinse

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

I repeat steps four and five until her whole head is detangled and up in lose braids. Then I rinse her head with cold water to close the pores. I don’t take the braids down just yet, because it’s ok if some conditioner is left in. It’ll help keep in extra moisture.

Step 7: Moisturize and Style

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

Are you getting the idea yet? The key is hydration and moisture retention. For this step I take down her braids and add some moisturizer cream section by section using my hands. I usually use the Curls Curly Q Custard Curl Styling Cream, but I’ve also started using my Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture and it seems to be doing a good job too.

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

If it’s the middle of the day I’ll leave her hair down, let it air dry and she can run around and let her curls dry in a couple of hours. If it starts to frizz and I want to freshen it up a bit I’ll spray some Shea Moisture Kids Extra-Moisturizing Detangler and run my fingers through to freshen them up.

If it’s right before bed I’ll use the styling cream while I twist it up either into bantu knots, or braids (tighter than the ones from before when we were detangling).

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

The final key is having her sleep on a satin pillowcase. It keeps her hair from all the friction and frizzes caused by regular cotton pillowcases.

To keep it fresh the following days I use a water bottle to spray her hair and get it damp section by section, then use the moisturizer to re-style before bed. Take it down in the morning and BOOM! Gorgeous curls day after day.

Big T’s routine is similar but much faster because he HATES getting his hair detangled and it’s a struggle. Luckily his curls seem to be staying so cute and hold their natural ringlets for awhile. Hopefully he’ll get used to our routine in a couple more years because I’d like to keep it about this length (and get trims back to about this length in the future). Excuse this blurry picture of my little tornado. I may post a guide for how I do his hair soon if there’s interest, though it doesn’t seem like there are as many boys rockin’ their fros lately.

Mixed Hair Care: Tips for biracial hair care, biracial hair washing, and a step-by-step guide to getting beautiful moisturized curls. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair. Natural hair care for kids. #naturalhairkids

For my babies, when they were babies, I used Curl’s baby line. You can find that tutorial here.

Have any questions or comments about biracial hair care? Shoot! I’ll be happy to reply below.

Oh, and because I know someone will ask… No, I didn’t make this dress. I bought it from Adelaide’s Boutique.

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  1. I would love to know about your sons hair care. I have twin curly headed boys (also biracial) and getting their hair done is time consuming like mine. Especially at age 2! Any tips you’re willing to share, when you have time of course, would be awesome!

    1. Ok Carla I’ll put it on the list! I don’t know how I’ll photograph it cause it would not be nearly this cute (he cries the whole time), and we do it in the tub. But I’ll figure something out, he looks adorable when it’s all done!

      1. I would also love to see what you do with your boys hair. I have a 1.5 year old mixed boy who has a ton of curly curly hair. We manage for now but I am sure you have some great tips. I am always open for tips.

      2. My 3 year old biracial son starts screaming, crying, and begging us to stop at the first moment I put the conditioner in. I never use shampoo and try to be super gentle. But it’s so difficult that sometimes we put it off and that makes it worse. The sides and back get all knotted and basically dreaded. I’m gonna try again to do the come through but we’ve been thinking of getting his fro cut ?

  2. I loved this tutorial! I love the Shea Moisture line for my kids. I have never seen that they have a kids detangler so I am going to have to search for it. We have a very limited selection of AA hair products where I live (Utah County) and so I am so happy to have found this line!

    1. I found it at Sally’s! I normally only get the Shea products at Wallgreens cause they have awesome sales, but that one I scooped up at Sally’s and I love it! Shut out to Utah County! 🙂 Fun place.

  3. They have beautiful hair! My hair loves the Shea Moisture line as well. I’m trying to embrace my curls more. Like you said, it is a challenge! I don’t think that I leave enough moisture in at all. Work in progress! I’d like to read more about relationships/dating here. But your kids are so adorable and I enjoy posts about them too!

    1. Work in progress for sure! And it’s SO MUCH more work than just keeping it straight and styling it every now and then 😉
      Thanks for the topic ideas! I haven’t dated anyone other than my husband in the last 10 years but I suppose I could write about our outings more now and then, hehe!

  4. Their hair looks great! I am also a fan of detangling while the hair is drenched in a slippery conditioner. One thing I have had trouble with is that I am trying to move towards using all natural products on myself and my family. Do you know of any tricks for doing this same process with 100% natural products like butter and oils? Most hair products on the market now (even for children) have tons of chemicals and I hope to move away from them if possible!

    1. Thanks Marie! I’ve found the Shea Moisture products to be full of natural ingredients. I’d have look again to see if there is anything way down on the list that isn’t an oil, but the main, top ingredients are all plant oils (and water). Here’s some more info: http://www.sheamoisture.com/Ingredients_c_16.html I try to stick to natural products as much as possible for our hair, but that first round of conditioner I haven’t switched over yet. I may have to start making my own 🙂

      1. Yes, It’s super difficult because when you have to use so much you don’t want to be literally washing money down the drain lol Natural stuff gets expensive! If you try making your own, let me know!! I love DIY homemade body care!

  5. Such a great post. As a biracial woman, I have struggled my entire life with my hair, well almost. My mom always moisturized and conditioned my hair up till I was 16. My hair was so long, thick and curly, I honestly couldn’t manage it on my own. As an adult, I just did a basic wash and then pull it back in a ponytail or bun. I’m going to try this method out and see how it goes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Tanisha, I also have struggled most of my life with my hair. It wasn’t until recently that I finally embraced my curls in all of their glory and have learned how to manage it. I’m 28! Better late than never though, hopefully it’ll be easier for my daughter.

  6. This is so helpful! Thank you so much for posting this. I have a couple of questions.
    1. When did your daughter start letting you do her hair without being fussy? Mine is 2 and its been a struggle since she was about 15 months. To make matters worse, she has thick hair (similar to your daughter’s but not yet as long). I have tried the iPAD but it only works every now and then. Trying to figure out if this is something she’ll grow out of or if I need to start considering sending her to a hair salon (I would rather not).
    2. Do you ever trim your daugher’s hair? I got so frustrated a few weeks ago and cut out some of the knots in my daughter’s hair cause she wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to take it out (even with A TON of conditioner in her hair). I think its made her hair a little uneven but I don’t know how to trim hair. Any advise on that?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi J! So I was really good about doing my daughter’s hair frequently since she was small. I’ve distracted her with her favorite snacks, a late bedtime, and made-up stories. It’s gotten easier as she’s gotten older, but she’s always been pretty cooperative. My son on the other hand… He HATES water on his head at all, so I have to quickly do it in the bathtub. I’m hoping he grows out of it quickly so we don’t have to shave it all off!

      I haven’t had her hair trimmed yet (I don’t trust myself) but we may go to a salon together to get a trim soon 🙂

  7. Lil J is such a great model. Love it!

    I let my biracial son rock a curly fro for a while! His curls are much looser than T’s though therefore it’s harder to keep “styled”. Plus my husband wanted him to have a haircut so I caved.

    1. My husband has stopped nagging me about getting Big T a haircut for now, but we’ll see how long that lasts. He’ll at least need a trim soon. Hopefully it won’t be too painful for us. 😀

  8. My children aren’t biracial, but this still seems to totally apply to my youngest daughter. She has curly hair, like my mom’s, and it is getting thicker and thicker. People have asked me since my daughter was about 14 months if I permed her hair. Every beauty trick I’ve read is pretty useless on her hair. Then, I read an article on how girls with extremely curly hair should use the hair products directly marketed towards biracial children. It’s made a HUGE difference! Going from crazy, always frizzy, just nasty looking hair after it dried, to now, curls, ringlets, and just downright cute hair is amazing. Even my husband noticed when I switched products. I’m also blessed to have an amazing hair salon in our area and the women that deals with my daughter’s hair is SO awesome! My daughter’s hair looks so much better after getting it trimmed correctly, something I could never do on my own.
    Odd note, I remember going to a science center where they claimed that curly hair gets less snarls then straight hair. Now that I have girls with both types (and I also have bone straight hair, wouldn’t hold a curl no matter what I try) I realize that study was a load of crap! Seriously, the curls get SO much more snarly.
    Random question: how does your mil/extended family deal with this, or do they just not care? I also don’t use shampoo every time she washes (It’s almost a sin to do that! It’s like begging for their hair to be dried, brittle, and breaking), it’s made a problem between my MIL and I because she “knows best” even though she has NO experience in having extra curly hair, or dealing with it! And she gets mad at me because I won’t use the Avon kid’s 2-in-1 hair care stuff she won’t stop buying for my daughter. That junk makes my daughter look like a poodle with a bad hair cut, and my other daughter is allergic to it. She also nags me every time we see her about how my child’s hair should just be up in a pony every day because it’s “less crazy that way.” (And she uses a special voice when she says “crazy” that makes me want to spit fire!) I want my daughter to love her hair, not feel bad about it! If she wants a pony in her hair, she’s more then welcome to have one, but she gets choices and it’s not always in an updo. My mom always talks about how her mother constantly put her hair in a pony or pigtails so she could avoid it, my mom had no idea how to style her hair, now, even in her late 50’s, still hates her hair and has a really hard time styling it. I don’t want my daughter to have to feel that way. I don’t want her to think that unless her hair is silky smooth and bone straight she has to hide it. That’s what would truly by “crazy”.
    I’m going to have to get her a satin pillowcase, she always looks like gene wilder in young Frankenstein when she gets up. Thanks for the product tips, I’ll have to try some of them, winter is coming up and so it’s time to change up the styling process/products again.
    Lastly, curly hair is adorable. Lots more work, but super cute!

    1. Thank you Beth! I’m so sorry your family isn’t supportive. Some of our family members aren’t too keen on Big T’s long hair, but they don’t nag me about it. Everyone else seems to love their curls.

      You’re right, it’s a lot of work, but so worth it! I’m so glad you’ve found what works for your girl’s hair! It makes a huge difference.

  9. Our adopted daughter is biracial she has very very thick corse hair 3 years ago she asked for it straightened we did and she has been having it done untill May if this year when after it was done it started coming out in clumps her thick hair us now very very thin we have not straightend since so she has two inches of new curly growth which makes the six inches of straight look silly then she cut her bangs and it hasn’t grown since she cut it her hair is so dry started using the Shea shampoo and conditioner I wish my daughters hair looked like your daughters it’s so beautiful looks like ringlets my daughter has the very tight corkscrew curls I don’t think it will ever look like your daughters plus it seems to never grow I’m gonna try your system see if it helps thanks for sharing

  10. Please do a tutorial on your son’s hair!!! I’d like to keep my son’s hair this length, but I can’t figure out how to keep in from looking like a mess. Big T’s is awesome. Also, where do you get his hair cut? Home? Barber? Beautician?

    1. It’s funny because his curls are such a pain to style but so cute for a long time, and less to manage in between. I’ll do a tutorial soon, but I’ll need backup for the photos cause I’ve gotta be fast with him. He has no patience. haha

      We haven’t gotten his hair cut yet. I’m still trying to figure out where to go actually. My mom and I are going to interview some barbers I saw nearby a couple weeks ago though. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  11. My daughter ( not biracial) has long, thick, frizzy hair that despite my best effort will not curl. Over the years I have added a texturizer to her hair a few times just to get the upper hand. Last night was the first time in 3-4 yrs. To my surprise she (age 8) is concerned that her hair too straight. This afternoon she said ” I hope this isnt a perm I love my curls” (twist out curls). I assured her that her hair will rebound in a few days. I’m so happy to hear that at her age she loves her hair the way it grows out of her head.
    I ‘went natural’ 4 yrs ago and now live in a wash n go. My hair has well defined corkscrew curls almost like big T (I’m not biracial either). My daily routine consists of a wet head, Garnier fructis intensely smooth leave in, and 5 mins of finger combing. Love that its super cheap $2.98!! It has been my go to for 2yrs.

    1. Your daughter is awesome! Good for her for embracing that! So awesome! I hope my daughter continues to do the same.

      I’m so jealous of your wash and go styles. I usually try to maintain a twistout (that after a few days starts to look like my version of a wash n go). I’d love to see pics of your hair!

  12. Jennifer you don’t know howmuch I was waiting for this post. My daughter has indian curly hair .it is very soft and very curly ringlets. When she was a baby I didn’t know how to care for hair until I saw your post how you maintain lil j’s hair. It helped me a lot and made my life easy. Everyone used to ask me if I used a curler on her hair. Grrrr. Seriously myself being an indian curly head all I remember in my childhood was my mom washing my head and drying it with constantly rubbing with a cotton towel and then combing it hard to stretch it and finally braiding it. No wonder I always had a halo of frizz around my hair like a cotton candy. And I hate my hair even now I don’t know how to care for it. I didn’t want my daughter I am going to follow your routine for her hair. I want her to love her cutesy curly hair .and never hate herself for having curly hair. And please please post your hair routine . There r still people like me who don’t know what to do and how to style their hair . Thanq Thanq for this routine . Lil j is soo cute

  13. Hi Jennifer, this was really helpful, I would have never thought to just let my daughter lay on the counter, that has revolutionized my world. Secondly in the article you have highlighted its about the products, not the process, and did you mean it the other way around?

  14. Hi dear
    Thank you so much for your helping.
    My dauughter hair is veryyyyy fizzy.
    Main problem is that it doesn’t seem grow downwards.(just stick on her head)
    .and l dont know how to style her hair the days between washing days.it becomes much more frizzy.plz help me.

  15. Hi dear
    Thank you so much for your helping.
    My dauughter hair is veryyyyy fizzy.
    Main problem is that it doesn’t seem grow downwards.(just stick on her head)
    .and l dont know how to style her hair the days between washing days.it becomes much more frizzy.plz help me.thank you

  16. Hi, I’m not a parent!!! But, I am a mixed girl (Can I get a whoot whoot for caramel power!?) with a few questions on this hair care routine:

    1. So, you JUST rinse the scalp and not the braids?

    2. Wouldn’t leaving some conditioner in over process the hair?

    3. Because I’m in high school, would you happen to have any tips or tricks that will allow my hair to not frizz up and/or stay looking great all day?

    Thank you, Mrs. Jennifer. (I would use your last name but, I don’t know it. ‘^ ^)

    -Kat C.

  17. Great tips! My stepdaughter is African American/Mexican and has the same curl/coil texture as your daughter. We’ve tried countless products and even use some you mentioned. I recently started adding a few drops of Simplicity Hair Oil to whatever leave in conditioner I’m feeling for the day with great results. Her hair tends to stay moisturized longer, less frizzy than before. For us, it’s a marriage of great technique and good products to achieve her long lasting, non-frizzy doo. Have you tried the new Dove products for curly hair yet?

  18. I have two girls and their hair always get tangle up and notted it up and I try every product for their hair but it seems not to work

    What product can I use for their hair to keep it from getting notted up and tangle

    1. Hi Latasha, I use A LOT of conditioner. I have been using herbal essence hello hydration and liking it. I like squeeze a TON on and the hair gets slippery and easy to detangle. As far as keeping it from tangling… Try sleeping using a satin pillowcase and/or twisting the hair up at night. Good luck!

  19. Hi there, thank you for the tutorial, it is greatly appreciated but could you give another tutorial for your sons hair? I want that style for my 4 year old boy and his hair currently looks soooo frizzy and messy! Looking forward to getting your advice!

  20. I would love to see your little guy’s hair routine being that I also have a curly biracial with extremely dry hair! The fuzz is a beast!

  21. I also find using a sealant/oil is essential for natural hair.

    My favorites are :
    Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine
    Ouidad’s Mongongo Oil

  22. I am a white girl with curly hair. Very white, very curly. I do a similar process. Not on the sink though, no ipad… it’s a shame. 🙂

  23. I have a 7 year old biracial like cuttie and I am a girl who litteraly brushes my hair and I’m out the door. I do not do fancy things with my hair at all but for my girls’ sake I try to take care of her hair better than my own. My daughter’s hair resembles your daughters ‘before’ picture. If you leave her hair down for one whole week after doing this process, do you think in your own experience , that it would have more knots than if you would ‘comb’ through it lets say every other day? I ask because I try hard (not my hardest because I can’t find time to do much nowdays) to keep the knots out of her hair. I think I am obsessed with it. Whenever I hear someone tell me to ‘leave her hair down’ I cringe and freak out even thinking about it haha. I am going to try this out today and see if I get the same results. Or close enough to it ha Thank you for this post!!!

  24. What a bunch of cutie patooties!

    I have spent my entire life running through the “What works and what doesn’t” column of hair care products as a biracial girl with tons of curls.

    Two cheaper options I would love to recommend – Aussie’s Moist 3 Minute Miracle (Or just the regular 3 Minute miracle) deep conditioner. It really is a miracle and smells delicious! And the Aussie Moist line of Shampoo and Conditioner. I don’t wash very often, but the moisturizers in the whole line have been doing the trick for me for years and they don’t break my skin out like some of the other options.

    My hair likes to fight back, so after 33 years I think maybe I have it nailed down, but we will never really know for sure!

    Good luck! Sounds like you’ve got a great process. Wish my Momma knew half of this when we were growing up in the south with naturally curly hair and everyone assuming that mixed hair, is the same as any other curly hairs!

  25. I love all the information. I would love to know what you do to maintain their hair during the days before washing? I struggle with the daily maintenance and would love help!

  26. Please….what do you do for non washing days…during school time..in the mornings…in winter that she might catch cold …I really want to know

  27. I would also love more info on your little boy. Mine is 11 months old and just now getting enough curl for me to do something with. Thanks!

  28. I LOVE the information in this blog!

    We are adopting our second biracial child and this one is a girl ! After 4 boys I’m #1 lost with knowing how to mother a girl and #2 lost when it comes to keeping the gorgeous curly hair after day one of shampooing. Looks like washing it every other day is a big no no! I’ll definitely try these techniques!
    We are getting a shorter style for summer b ut I can’t wait to see what it will look like with this process.


  29. My daughter is biracial and her hair is a little bit more like me than her dad. I am black. I am struggling to find the right kind of product for her hair. Right now we are using shea moisture products, Carol’s Daughter products and suave almond and shea shampoo and conditioner and I love it. I am looking for the perfect(if there is any such thing) deep and moisture conditioner.

    Can you recommend a really good leave in conditioner with moisture?


    BTW your family is beautiful

  30. Hello 🙂
    I am not biracial, but I do have really curly hair. I am 19, and my hair has been falling off so much since I was 13. When I was about 12 my hair was so beautiful and long and super thick. My hair is not even half of half the hair your daughter has. It has fallen of so much and I want it to grow back. It was starting to grow and now it got really tangly from the tips and it’s dry. I don’t know what to do with it anymore. It’s about shoulder length but kind of afro looking. What do you recommend I should do?

    1. Hi Tatiana! Do you keep it hydrated? I’d say that could be HUGE reason for breakage since you say it’s dry. Use water and a moisturizer daily, and a sealant like an oil to keep the hydration in.

  31. Hi I’m about to leave to go to college and I am looking for healthy natural ways to do my hair that don’t involve heat. I too am biracial and have similar hair to your daughter unfortunately I have spent years fighting my curls and they are beyond dry and dead which makes them super frizzy. Do you have any advice on what products I can use to revive my hair while reducing shrinkage on a college budget? I’ll be moving to Virginia and I’ve heard its super muggy, how can I fight the frizz? Thank you!

  32. My gorgeous blended 6 year old granddaughter is on a year round swim team- now imagine what that does to her very curly, thick, beautiful hair! I rinse her hair immediately after swimming and layer in the new (pink jar) Shea repair cream. Once a week, or after an all day swim meet, I wash her hair with Crack (light blue label) and conditioner. You can get this at Ulta or on Amazon. Getting a good wet brush in addition to a good wide tooth comb, it takes no time at all to comb her out and re twist (days not swimming) or braid into 6 sections. I twist or braid with a lot of Shea and her hair is almost waist long and in great condition. We trim the ends three times a year, good cut after summer swim team. Everyone, black and white, comment on how gorgeous her hair is. I absolutely love doing her hair and tell her how much I do. I’m an old, blond grandma who always wanted curls! She is the love of my life and I am so thrilled to help raise her as a proud, natural girl!

  33. I’m so glad I came across this pin on Pinterest and read this blog. I have three biracial children, two boys and one little girl. She is about to turn seven! I read so many blogs and nothing I read seem like it fit. Either the products were too expensive or there wasn’t enough information. This is very detailed and easy to follow. and anyone knows with THREE children, 11, 8, 7 is a job in it self lol. But I can handle this routine. I really like this one!! finally lol! I am now ready to tackle her hair with this routine and I know it will work. I need a satin pillow case now and get these hair care products. I’m excited!
    Thank you so much!!!

  34. Wow! So wish I had this advice 7 yrs ago!! My daughter who is also biracial has hair almost exactly like your daughters and I have probably bought every hair product under the sun since she was about 3!! I have tried to keep moisture in her hair but especially in the summer when she is swimming and playing outside it gets so hard!! Thank you so much for your tutorial!!! I wanted to ask what your advice is on hair cuts! Since she was about 5 she has insisted on wearing her hair in a ponytail ALL the time because her hair gets “too big” I have spent a lot of time trying to get her to love her curls but she is so active it just gets in the way. I am trying to decide if cutting her hair a little shorter like just below her shoulders would be too short when it does frizz as unfortunately in the south the humidity is horrid!! She will be 10 this fall and is starting to want to be able to fix her own hair which is next to impossible, but I am wondering if a shorter hair cut might make that easier? Any thoughts? Thanks so much and your babies are beautiful!!

  35. How often do you do this for your daughter. And how often do you use shampoo, if ever? My mixed granddaughter has hair that looks like your daughters and her mom and dad shampoo it every bath. Thanks

  36. My daughter has in between hair. I feel like live tried everything. Do you think it could be that I have her wash her hair too much that her hair is so dry? I need help

  37. After you add the moisture and put it in braids for bed time, was there still lots of cream on the hair. My daughter’s hair was gushing out moisture and left over conditioner . Is that normal? Or did I use way too much? I’m really big on moisture myself and I typically do most of the steps you do already. I’ve just never braided while she sleeps. Did I add too much

  38. Hello! I have a beautiful 1 year old son rockin a blonde fro. His dad is ready to cut but I’d really like to see what’s in store for his head as he gets older. It’s difficult to get all the tangles out of his hair, would you recommend the same detangling products you used on your daughter?

  39. Hi, my son is biracial and almost two. We often use the Shea Moisture products because of the natural ingredients as well. I LOVE how your son’s hair managed to have ringlets. His grandma on his dad’s side isn’t fond of my son’s longer hair, but I want to keep the curls as long as we can. I do a similar routine on his hair, especially drench it with conditioner to detangle. It seems the problem we face is we can only get one really great day of curls–usually right after product goes in. Once he sleeps on it, trying to keep it detangled and moisturized (even with spray bottle of water) on following days just doesn’t keep the curls as cute. Any suggestions?

  40. First of all, I LOVE your daughter’s curls! Secondly, my foster daughter and I are battling her biracial hair and I’m in desperate need of advice! The information DCF provides is so general it does nothing for hair that needs a lot of extra TLC. She has a combination straight and curly type hair and always seems to want it straightened because that’s all her biological mother did with it, but every time I’ve allowed it to be done, it seems like her natural hair comes back more damaged every time. We’re trying to find ways to bring out her curls and combat the frizz around the roots right now. I keep telling her whatever you do as an adult will be up to you, but you’re going to know how to take care of it first. My husband jokes with her she doesn’t need a pillow if she leaves her hair down, that’s how BIG it gets. Right now we wash with shampoo once a week, twice if she’s been rolling around outside on the ground. We use Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion. After baths we use (not all at once) Just for Me Hair Milk curl smoother, L’Oreal EverCurl Silk & Gloss Dual Oil Care spray, CurlyKids mixed hair haircare super detangling spray, Suave Biotin infusion anti-breakage serum oil, Shea Moisture kids curling butter cream, argan oil deep penetrating oil treatment, and CurlyKids mixed hair haircare curly deep conditioner. It helps but nothing seems to last more than two or three hours to fight the root frizz. What am I doing wrong? Lol I have thin, fine, straight hair and if I even thought of using any of this stuff my hair would be greasy for days but it doesn’t seem to be enough for her hair. It always feels so dry at the roots you wouldn’t know I put anything in it. Sorry, I feel like I’m blowing your comments up with this but her and I joke that her hair needed an instruction manual. Lol Any suggestions you can offer would be so appreciated! Thanks in advance!

  41. So I have two biracial boys and one little girl on the way! My oldest is 3 and we have never cut his hair! Needless to say, it’s waist length while wet, but when it dries it’s not yet to his shoulders! I’m in love with Shea Mosture products and it’s the only thing we use! But my question is, how do we know where to take him for a haircut? We live in a smaller town and I’m nervous to do it myself! Lol. With summer coming I feel bad for all the hair he has!!!

  42. Im going to visit my mother in May 2016, and she want me to trim my 2 biracial nieces, I do know how to trim hair, but never trimmed curly hair only straight hair (im not a beautician ).
    Do I blow dry it straight? There hair is down there back. One of them, hair has the curl pattern as ur daughter, the other one, curl pattern is alot looser .
    My mother is 77 and I need to simplify the hair regiment and still have it healthy.

  43. Hello. I have a newborn boy that’s 3months however he’s not biracial but has extremly curly hair just like my 11yr old boy and myself. How do you recommend caring for his hair as a newborn?

  44. Love this! We adopted our beautiful daughter and I had no clue what to do with her hair. I have finally felt I am doing OK with it but still confused on some things. Mainly hair shrinking as it dries. Her hair is thick and really long when wet. No matter what products I use it won’t stay long and pretty. Any suggestions for that or am I not moisturizing enough?

  45. I would love to know about your sons hair care process and how often you get it trimmed! My son is 2 and a half and his hair is very similar. We are trying to find the right products and work out a routine. It is kind of difficult when he hates getting his head wet 😉

    Thanks a lot!

  46. Well, you got some really in-depth marks here. Thanks for sharing great tips. Honestly, sometimes, it is difficult for me to take care of my hair because I am too busy. These guides may help me.

  47. I have a 5 year old daughter who is bi racial and her hair is curly but really thick and if we dont get it braided down then it just sticks up and is nappy and seems really dry no matter how much oil moisturizer conditioner or anything i put in it it soaks it up like nothing happened and i cant run my fingers through it nor can i get her curls i guess u could say to “drop” and its frustrating bc i cant do nothing with it unless i braid it put a weave in it or what not.. And her hair is shoulder length but u would never be able to tell how it just bunches up on her head can u please help me email me or something? I would like her to be able to have her natural hair down she loves hair and being able to “swish” it back to back lol

    1. I totally understand wanting to be able to swish it around 🙂 Are you using a moisturizer after you wash and detangle? Which one? Sometimes what I like to do is braid it up until it dries then take it down. That’s what I do to my hair too. It sorta makes it’s own style but I like it for those days that my hair just wants to stick up. It helps a lot with shrinkage.

  48. I have tried everything with my daughters hair. It has terrible breakage. A big part of the hair problem is it is incredibly thick. And I find when I try to use multiple products such as the ones you discusses, it make a flaky caked up mess. She is 10 and we are both at our wits end. Can you please send?

  49. Can you post a picture of the comb you use to detangled? Please and thank you. The brush i currently use to detangled her hair makes it frizzzy from the ends.

  50. My 1 and a half year old has hair similar to that of your sons just a tad thicker. He hates having me touch his hair unless hes taking a bath. What process and products do you use on your son. My Mom is hounding me to cut my sons hair but if I had the right products and system I’d love him to keep his curls

  51. I have a 15 month old daughter who is biracial with extremely curly hair and her dad (is black) keeps telling me to get her hair in braids as he says it will help her hair grow and get stronger however I’m scared it will damage her hair? I took her to an African hair salon when she was 10months old and they taught me how to care for her hair but never mentioned braids?

  52. First, your kids have gorgeous hair! This article was really helpful. My daughter is 14 months old. People are starting to tell me I need to get her hair trimmed. I would love for her to have long beautiful curls like your daughter. How often does she get her hair trimmed and when did you start? Thanks!

  53. Thank you so much for posting this!!!! My daughter has been wanting me to leave her hair down and I have drove myself crazy trying to figure out exactly how to without the frizz!!! Guess I wasnt using enough moisturizer in it!!! I use the whole line of Cantu for mixed hair!

  54. First, your kids are absolutely gorgeous! My husband is biracial and one of our 4 kids came out with the most beautiful curls which I absolutely have no clue how to take care of. She is 6 and I have been trying to figure it out for a long time. Thank you so much for writing down the actual process. It doesn’t matter what the product is if the process isn’t followed. I am looking forward to trying out a few of these products and starting a better routine with my daughter. Hopefully she will learn to love her curls as soon as I learn to nourish them properly. Thank you again, from a clueless but hopeful, mom!!

  55. Thanks for an amazing post! I’m biracial so will be trying this routine on my own hair. I was wondering what do you think about detangling with fingers instead of a wide tooth comb…which do you think is better in terms of doing less damage to the hair?

  56. Hey! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Terrific blog and outstanding design and style.

  57. Thank you! I’m hoping this will help reduce the tears of my bf’s two little girls during the morning hair detangling ritual! They have absolutely gorgeous curls so I’m trying to help figure out how to have less tears so that they can learn to love their amazing hair!

  58. Good Day!

    Hope all is well!

    My daughter’s hair looks very much like your daughter’s. Only difference, my daughter’s hair length is pass her butt. She’s not a fan of detangling and it takes a very long time. I’m using Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner on her hair. I love your results! You have beautiful children. I would like to know what products I should at least have. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a variety of products if it’s not necessary but I would love to get the same results.

    What are the best products to use on her hair type? Also, what would you recommend me to use for styling her hair?

  59. Thanks for sharing! My question is do you only comb through her hair when you wash it? My daughter is only 20 months old and I have to wet and comb through her hair every morning. And then once she takes a nap, it gets matted up again. I have some great products I’m using, I just think maybe my process is off. Lol Thanks!

    1. Usually just when I wash it, yes. Sometimes I do what you say and spray it down and comb through in the morning. If I twist it at night and let it down in the morning it tends to do really well. Just spray, comb and twist at night, then let it down in the morning. You sound like you’re on the right track!

  60. Hi! My question is, what style would you do to keep knots out in a 20 month old short curly afro? My daughters hair is not long yet but getting there and is super thick and gorgeous but not long enough for braids. Whenever she goes to sleep on it, it tangles up again because her curls are so tight. Thank u so much

  61. Such a great post.! My curl pattern is much closer to your son’s than your daughter’s. My question is how do you keep it moisturized? I am 22 and have always worn a curly fro. I’ve never put a relaxer in my hair although I have highlighted it a few times. I am letting it grow out. It’s been around 1 year now and I’m at 7 inches. But the middle never wants to curl like the outside and no matter what I do it seems to stay frizzy. I haven’t used actual shampoo for about 3 years but still the middle stays frizzy. Any tips?

  62. Heyyy, I have a almost 2 year old son who’s curls I would love to keep and learn how to take care of. Any tips and advice would be so nice!!! Thank you.

  63. Wow! I love your small girl’s hair. I have a baby girl 3 years old she has same texture of hair but her hair is not as perfect as the girl shown in the pictures. I truly love her hair. Will try your tips hope my daughter will also have the same perfect curls. Thumbs up for your work!

  64. My baby is 2 she has very very dry hair I’ve tryed most products, but her hair is so short ! Breakage is more common I’ve tryed to let her hair breathe by not putting it up I was OK once every week . I will try the Shea line as shown but do you have any other tips for short kinky dry hair and getting on the right track

  65. I have a three month old biracial daughter (her father is Ghanaian and I am white). I am using johnsons detangling shampoo on her hair twice a week and using johnsons detangling conditioner three times a week and using the johnsons detangling spray leave in conditioner every night in her hair. her hair is left soft but I find that no matter what I do the hair in the sides of her head stick straight out at the side and the hair on top will comb downwards until I get to the side and then it just sticks straight out. I don’t want her hair to be flat or straight as she has beautiful little waves that r becoming curls but I would like to know if its possible to have the hair go more down towards her shoulders and not straight out or do I just have to have patience and wait for the hair to get longer.

  66. So I have a ton of questions! First off I’m a stylist and have been for 20 years however I’ve never worked with ethnic hair. Unfortunately my son passed away and I am raising his daughter who is five and absolutely gorgeous! My first question is could you list everything that you use on your daughters hair? And my second question as shampoo once a week do you leave her curls down for the entire week or do you braided up every day? I know that you stated at bedtime every night you re-moisturize but I wasn’t really sure as to what you did after that. I usually only shampoo her hair once a week however it sounds like I’m killing her when I go to do the comb out and I feel terrible about that! I have got to figure out how to do this if it kills me! Which leads me to my final question is there any chance you would move next-door to me?

  67. You have a gorgeous family! My son is almost 2 and he has hair almost the same length as your son’s. It’s a daily fight between my husband and I about cutting it. Mainly because it looks out of control most of the time. I think I wash it too often which is probably part of the problem. But what products do you use for his hair so the curls form like they do? When I use something on his hair it gets frizzy once it’s dry. Thank you for any help you can give! I don’t really want to cut all his hair off! 🙁

  68. Is there any difference between “regular” and “deep” conditioner??
    Like, are there certain ones you must wash out, then others that are fine to leave in, therefore use during the “deep condition” part of the process?
    And if so, what words should I look out for in the product description to tell me the difference between if it Must be washed out, or can stay in..?

  69. I would also love to know more about boys hair care. I have 2 young boys, and the 4 year old wants to keep his hair long like his papa (who has locs).

  70. Hi! Im fourteen and biracial and I was wondering how often I should wash my hair? And how do I keep the curls from getting frizzy throughout the day??

  71. First off, how dang cute are your kids!!
    Thank you for this step by step. I have been doing a ton of research on how to care for my daughters hair. I love anything shea moisture. I am white, blonde, straight hair so I have a lot to learn haha. Have you cut your kids hair yet? I haven’t and won’t need to for a while but am petrified to do so!! Thanks for the great post.

    1. I’m glad you found this helpful Merchon. So my daughter has had a trim, my son has had a few haircuts. I don’t do it myself! That would end in disaster. haha!

  72. I can get my 2 year old sons hair to do perfect ringlets the first day and sometimes the second if I rewet and use redkin Shea butter cream but by day 3 it starts getting sticky. Any tips? Or do I need to switch products?

  73. I am keeping my 4 year old biracial daughters hair conditioned enough (i think), but its not growing in length? What can I do? Its the length of your sons in this picture.

  74. I have s biracial son who is 1. His hair is short with loose curls, waves, and tight curls(a majority) he has sensitive skin so I can’t use anything with frangrance or essential oils. Are any of the products frangrance free

    1. I don’t have any fragrance-free products at the moment… Well, kinky curly may be, but I’m not sure. I’d consider looking in to them though.

  75. I have three biracial sons. Do you have any suggestions for short hair that is tightly curled? Is on length better than another?

  76. Question…. have you ever had to “thin out” your daughters hair? I have tried so many things/products on my daughters thick tight curled hair. It gets ‘nappy’ in the middle/back the reason why we get thinned out. We only wash her hair once a week to prevent drying but heard today and now your post to wait even longer like 10 days to wash. I’m definitely going to give this a trY as something HAS TO WORK! PLUS school starts next week!

  77. I found this to be VERY helpful! I am excited to put this new knowledge to use asap and get into a great hair routine for my biracial curly haired littles. I’ve been struggling up until now and my oldest will be 3 in December of this year (2017)! Better late than never right ??

  78. Hello.
    I would love to know how you do your sons hair. My son is biracial but his hair is no where near that long but is VERY dry.

  79. Hello,

    My daughter is 11 and I have been told she has “good hair”. The problem is even though I use a leave in conditioner it is so dry. She has her dads side with the coarseness. Where should I start? She has curls but her hair sits more like your sons. Please help, as I don’t have a clue on where to start or what to start with. Thank you for your time..

  80. At what age do you think she’d be able to take care of her own hair?
    Also, these pics made me smile. My 5 yr old boy has the same type of hair. My 8 yr old daughters is similar to yours, but her curls are a bit looser and never like to stay in styles.

  81. This helped me soooo much! I’m a black woman with a 18 month of daughter who has hair just like your little girl’s (except hers is shorter, only shoulder length right now). The products that I use on my hair are too heavy for her but I didn’t know what to use. I wanted smooth, moist looking girly look…not a freezy one (which is what I was getting using my own method). Thanks for the great info : )

  82. Thank you for the wonderful article. I do have one question though. You mention using the styling cream before bed and then putting up in braids or bantu knots. What do you do in the morning? Do you just take down the braids and her hair is ready to go or do you wet and add more styling cream? Thanks.

  83. How do you grow bi racial hair? Your daughters hair is so long and beautiful. My daughter is almost 4 and all I’ve ever used is shea moisture’s I only shampoo her hair 1 time a week but her hair gets super dry and it’s not even touching her shoulders?

  84. Thank you for this useful information ❤my daughter’s hair care has been a learning process for me. I agree moisturizing is key!

  85. I have 3 biracial children..2 girls and 1 boy…my oldest daughter is 5 and loves to wear her hair down but mommy is really bad at doing it…Im trying to figure it all out for her sake and the baby’s sake! When you run your fingers through it in the morning what exactly are you doing? When I try, it ends up looking frizzy and I seem to make the pretty ringlets go away…also how exactly do you twist her hair before bed? I am definitely going to try your process!

  86. Thanks for the helpful information, I have been raising my granddaughter and doing her hair has been a learning experience. She has by racial hair also. When I was younger, LOL I quit using Combs and brushes completely, I am a caucasian woman and my haired had grown to be down past my knees and it was absolutely beautiful and naturally curly. I would was it every day and run my fingers through it a couple times a day. I have my granddaughter wash her hair every other day with that we use a lot of moisturizing products and conditioning products. We never use Combs or brushes but use my fingers to get all of the knots and tangles out. The other side of the family want to take and get her straighten or use a flat iron on her hair but I tell them absolutely not. These are things they want and not what my granddaughter wants. They don’t seem to understand that these things would only cause damage to her hair, one time they had caused a knot in her hair and instead of taking there time they just cut Thalys piece of hair out, to this day that piece is 6″ shorter then the rest of her hair.

  87. Hi does anyone have any tips on how to help their hair grow? My little girl is 6 also biracial, her hair just doesn’t seem to grow though, it’s still currently on her shoulders? Thanks

  88. Hi! I just came across your page and I too have a biracial son, but unlike most biracial kids, he does not have very curly hair. I’m hoping when he gets older, his curls start to come in but as of right now, only a few curls in the back and he hair is very fine. Not long enough to braid. Any suggestions of types of products I should use on his hair? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!! 🙂

  89. My daughter hair is exactly like ur daughters hair to the “T”. Except I have a problem… her hair seems to be breaking off in the front or at least I think it’s breakage or it could be new growth but what can I do to moisturize it so it doesn’t stick straight up n be frizzy by the end of the day (in a pony tail) but will also promote her hair from breaking more or if it’s growth to promote healthy moisturized hair?! Please help me!!!

  90. I just discovered this tutorial and I’m SO thankful you took the time to create it! I’m a Caucasian (plain Jane flat hair) mama with THREE beautiful half-Ghanaian princesses. I didnt k know anything about biracial hair but am learning. My oldest two girls (they’re 5 and 3 1/2) have extremely different hair textures so I’m having to figure out what works for each of them! Thanks again for this great tutorial!

  91. I also would love to know how to do your little boy’s hair! My godson is biracial and we are all a little lost as to how to fix his hair! Thank you!

  92. Yes I would love to know more about your sons hair! We haven’t cut our 3 year olds hair yet! And its such a hassle to do each day!!! When I fix his hair even right before bed, when he wakes up it looks he has dreds in the back if his head!!! So I’m going to try this procces but woulf love to know more about making it easier on a day to day basis

  93. My daughter is mixed. Dad is black and I’m white. She has ringlet curls. Her hair texture is not course, it is the texture of a white persons hair but super curly! It’s such a hassle doing her hair. No matter if I wash her hair and brush out the knots. By the next morning it’s a wild mess! I use shea moisture shampoo and conditioner and the cream for her hair to style it but the knots are out of control! I think maybe I am just used to my straight hair and not having a process to do it. Hopefully someday something better works for my daughter. Also her when her hair is wet it goes to the middle of her back but when it starts to dry it shrinks up and is at her neck. When will it begin to maybe relax if ever and grow longer. She’s 2 years old. Any suggestions??

  94. My 2 yr old (girl) HATES having her hair washed, combed, styled. There is always a fight to detangle, any tips?

  95. I have two mixed boys and would love to hear more of what you do as well for your son. I’m going to follow what you do with your daughters hair. I loooove that you use the kitchen sink. I pray that will help with the screaming hahah

    Beautiful children ?

  96. I have a 4 month old daughter. She’s mixed with black and white. Is it too early to start using products on her hair? Can you recommend any hair care products or routines to care for her hair, please?

  97. My daughter is 10 and no matter how much conditioner I put in her hair or how long I let it set or detangler the knots come back worse. She hates when I do her hair but always wants it down. I messed up and put a straightening relaxer in her hair when she was younger and I want her beautiful curls back. People have told me to put a curly perm in her hair to get them back and let it grow from there. It’s been over a year since I put anything like that in her hair. What should I do??!!??

  98. I love this, I sure have struggled to find something for my daughter! I do have a question tho, how often is this routine done?? Thanks

  99. Your daughter’s hair is so beautiful! I can definitely see that it’s a ton of work to keep it looking that good, but it looks like it’s worth it 🙂

  100. My daughter had beautiful curls when little now she is 4 and her hair is so long , thick and heavy her curls are not as defined as they used to be. I got it trimmed with long layers. Any idea of what I could do for her curls?

  101. Thanks for sharing! I know we can’t figure out if it’s the Nourishing Naturals shampoo or the Sprout dangler that smells so good! I think it’s the combination.
    recently posted babycareaccessories

  102. How often do you wash your kids hair? My husband and I are going to have a baby and I am trying to get my research in before hand to have an idea of what to do with our kids hair.

  103. I gave up for awhile on my 2 yo sons hair due to all the screaming. I continued to use leave in conditioner like Cantu or kinky curly. He’s 3 now & it’s long enough for a man bun. I can use a wet detangle brush to pull it back. However, there are some matted pieces from that time I gave up. Do I just cut them out? Or is there hope for detangleing them. We are getting better with new growth. But those dreads are in the way.

  104. Hi! I have a two year old girl and she has a great mixture of hair! Her father is black and I am hispanic. Top of her and back she has very wide loose, very soft curls, but around her forehead she has the tightest most freezy hairs. I assume they are baby hairs growing but they arw usually the driest! Any suggestions on that area??? I basically use Cantu for kids conditioner which works great for detangling but their deep conditioner shrinks her hair up.

  105. Hi your kids hair looks great. My 7 tear old son has mixed curly hair. Once I wash it it’s so dry and brittle. It days of applying products before its soft again, Now by this time im ready to wash it again. What can I do to make it soft after wash.

  106. Hello, I am struggling a great deal with my 7 year old twins hair. They’re black and white, everything I put in there hair seems to be to heavy on the curls, or to greasy. As the front is curlier and the back isn’t. Their hair is really frizzy. And nappy. I’m just lost as what to do. I recently bought all of the Shea moisture, spray, shampoo, conditioner and the smoothie. But it really only seems to do any good when they get out of the bath.

  107. Yes please on the tutorial for boys!!! My son HATES detangling and we’re really considering cutting it off. But if I could try a new process that may help I’d love to keep his curls. My problem is the frizz in between each wash and I might be washing it too often.

  108. Love this Momma! I have 3 biracial girls with 3 different curl hair types. I myself have curly hair and understand that hydration is very important. Usually we have to change our products every couple of months because their hair ends up eating the product and eventually doesn’t work anymore. Your babies are beautiful!

  109. Love this post! PLEASE post what you do with your son’s hair! My bi-racial son’s hair looks a lot like your son’s, but it only looks cute for about a day after washing – and not nearly as cute as your kids’. I’d love to know how you do this routine with shorter (not conducive to braids) hair.

  110. I have two angel babies who have super curly hair. My oldest is 5.5 and his hair is very long and curly. If I let it air dry after I wash it, it will be the biggest fro in the wild world! My youngest is 3.5 and his hair is long but he has super tight curls. Trying to figure out what to use on their hair. I’ve tried DevaCurl, Aunt Jackie’s, Shea Moisture, Cake Beauty and Renewing Argan oil for conditioner. Lord help me! My sons hair can feel so wet and rubbery?!

  111. I’m curious now that she’s older if you follow the same routine. This used to work for my daughter but now she’s 10 and barely fits on the kitchen counter! She’s also not as keen at letting Mom help her anymore but her hair is in bad shape. We detangle, moisturize, leave the house, and she comes home with HUGE knots. I feel awful.

    1. Our girls are the same age! I still do her hair on the sink but we have a bigger island now. Ha. She likes to do her hair by herself way more now and it’s helpful that she keeps it moisturized on her own but she’s not as great at dentangling it so we really have to go through it every couple of weeks. I don’t let her fully wash it on her own either because if it gets wet but not detangled it’s a mess!

  112. My baby girl is 6 months old. She has 3 type of hair texture. She has 3a, in the back, 3b in the middle, and 3c on the sides. I have 3c hair type and my husband has 3b. I’m so confuse on how to treat her hair. I need help lol. If you have any advice I’ll love to hear it.

    Thank you,

    Lost and confused

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