Mini Mod #5: Mandarin Collar Showcase

Welcome to my weekly addition of Mini Mod. Share a photo of your cutie on your blog, and share where it’s from or if you made it and link up below. Then visit other mamas showing off their little mini fashion bugs!

Top and Bottom: Gifted from China; Shoes: Cambria Laine

This week I made an appearance with Lil’ J. My friend Heidi recently went on a trip to China and brought back this adorable outfit for Lil’ J. I couldn’t wait to get it on her.

I’ve always been a huge fan of mandarin collars myself. I have a really long neck and I feel like they make my neck not appear as long.

My husband also has a long neck and we thought we’d have a giraffe baby but she came out with a perfect little neck that we could hardly see because of her triple chin. Now we can see it more but it’s still perfect, and not absurdly long like ours.

Anyway, like I said, I love mandarin collars and I didn’t realize how cute they’d look on a child. I want to find more this style for her.

My dress is from eShakti. I’m not sure if they’re still selling it but here’s one that’s similar. The standard dress had a regular collar but you can customize your dress length, sleeve type and collar type so I chose this collar for this dress and I love it. It also started sleeveless and sleeve length but I adjust it to elbow length sleeves and mid-calf length. I LOVE this site and have recently bought 4 dresses from them in the last two months and I genuinely love them all. I plan to keep buying at least two a month until I get sick of them, but I doubt that. Being 5′ 11″ it’s hard to find modest dresses in my size for be height and weight plus having sleeves, yada yada yada. I’m excited to stock my closet full of dresses again.

If you decide to check out the side and order something you can use code “BMM0811” to get $20 off until the end of October I believe. Yes, by you using that code I’ll also get a perk to use towards my next dress, so share away!

And please share your photos again this week. Link up below and I’ll stop by (sometimes it takes me a few days but I will visit) and return the favor to others who link up to blog hop.

I about died looking at all of last weeks links. Your kids are SO CUTE! I just have to show of Peyton from Baby Shopaholic this week though. Showing off her fall fashion wearing Uggs with her jean skirt. Too cute!

Baby Shopaholic

And next week I’m going to do my best to get this post up before midnight and include another Mini Mod Spotlight! Happy Friday!

Mommy's Idea

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Small Style

I must check out that site. I’m 5’10 so I know how hard it is finding clothes being so tall. Your daughter is too cute and I immediately recognized cute little Peyton!

melifaif says:

Oh my goodness…all this baby cuteness may push me over the edge…wow!!! Love the pic of you two.

Thanks for the shout out! P and J need to do a fashion show! I meant to link up this am but has been crazying. Doing it now!

Stacie says:

Glad you came to visit! I added some info about the dress (hand-me-down!) and outfit. And then misspelled “HAND me down” and couldn’t fix it:o) It’s so sad when they outgrow shoes, isn’t it?!

toi says:

Love Lil J’s top!

Baby Shopaholic is sure stylish, look at the way she effortlessly poses :)!

sewshesews says:

LOVE the oufit and she is gorgeous!!!

Faith says:

the picture of the two of you is gorgeous! i just love how happy she looks in your arms!!!

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