Mini Mod #2: Sippy Cup Love {and My Baby Clothes Boutique Giveaway}

Welcome to my second edition of Mini Mod! I was thrilled to see so many of your little fashionistas and fashionistos last week! I hope you’ll share your links again.

You’ve gotta check out this Pre-K fashion post by Only Pink in a House of Blue. She linked up last week and her little boy is SO adorable!! He really should be a little model. Stop by and shw them some love.

I loved looking at all of your links, so share again ok? And share some comment love with the other linkers. It’s a great way to find new blogs.

Bonnie Jean Aqua Swirl Dress c/o My Baby Clothes Boutique

Lil’ J goes through sippy cups like no other child I know. We always lose them and I can never seem to relocate them. Since she’s so thrilled to be drinking out of a straw I got her one of those cool cups that has the straw the folds down, and it’s spill proof. … Well, her teacher told me she wasn’t drinking much for a few days and when I got home I tried to drink out of her cup and couldn’t get anything out!

I took apart the whole cup and straw but I couldn’t get it to work again. I think it being spill-proof ended up making it too good. So good that you can’t even drink out of it.

Luckily, she had another cup at school so she didn’t die of thirst or anything, but I still felt bad.

Yesterday I got her some more cups with straws. These can and do spill out of the side of the straw, but she doesn’t try to tip it over, and I usually just keep water in her cup anyway. She loves them so much she walked around with it all day yesterday, even taking it outside with us.

It’s so weird seeing her do such “big girl” things. I call her a baby but she’s obviously growing up.

Speaking of growing up. This dress she’s wearing from My Baby Clothes Boutique is one she’s going to have to grow in to. It caught my eye when I saw it in their shop but the smallest size was 2T. I figured she can wear it next summer, and with a little touch of mom’s handy work she could wear it now. I just tied the back with some extra ribbon. It’s still a tad long, but she can walk in it without tripping.

Everyone who leaves a comment on this post will be entered to win a $25 gift card to My Baby Clothes Boutique, which sells all sorta of baby clothes, baby headbands, baby hats, tutus, and more.

If you follow them on facebook, twitter, or subscribe to their news letter you get an extra entry (two for following on twitter) just leave an extra comment for each entry. will choose the winner September 13th or Lil’ J will draw a random number from a hat. I’ll announce the winner on my facebook page.

My grab button malfunctioned last week. So sorry. It should be working this time.

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  1. What a fantastic giveaway! I wish I had a post to link up to your fun new party, but I at least enjoy looking at everyone else’s. Excited to possibly do a little shopping for Emma at My Baby Clothes Boutique! 🙂

  2. Hi Jenny, lil J is so cute in all her dresses and growing so fast. We found out we are expecting a girl just before christmas. So excited hope she is as cute as lil J, we are a mixed race couple too 🙂 Nice weekend

  3. We have this kid of straw cup:

    You can flip it closed so it doesn’t leak and the straw has to be squeezed a little to allow the water to flow. We did have one that didn’t let out much water, so I just stuck the tine of a fork in the opening to loosen it and it was OK after that.

    We purchased one at first and it worked so well we got more.

    Love this linkup! Thanks for organizing!

  4. My son uses the spill-proof straw cups, and yes, they are really tough to use at first. I actually use them first (just one cup of water works for me) to break them in, it is a little silly, but I promise it works : )
    I would love to win the gift card to buy some cute stuff for my baby girl! TheKileys at gmail dot com

  5. I love that dress. And my LO has always drank only out of straw sippys. I love the playtex little grippers. They are mostly spill proof, but easy to drink from.

  6. I love their website for they have so many different type of items to choose between. I would love to win this for we are expecting our little boy in less than two weeks so I would love to treat him to a new little outfit from there. Thanks for the chance 🙂


  7. Thank you for mentioning me! You are too sweet 🙂
    Love that dress on Lil’ J… can’t believe she is standing in pictures now, not too long ago she was just learning to crawl!
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  8. Somehow the linky had accidently submit too soon and I wasn’t able to crop my image properly. I am not sure if you can delete that first entry {#4}, I can’t seem to edit it myself. Sorry about that!

  9. 🙁 I wish I had a lil one to dress up and join this meme!! ::sigh:: one day.

    Anyway, I’m really commenting to say OMG Lil J’s face is changing! She still looks just like you, but you can see the “Littlegirlness” coming through and the “itsybitsybabyness” going away slightly. Awwwww! She’s precious as always.

  10. She looks cute, as always! I love that dress!

    Also, I have had that same thing happen with a sippy cup (not a straw cup), where nothing was coming out. It’s so sad because the baby just keeps trying to drink out of it and they are so little they can’t tell you what’s wrong!

  11. I really love that dress! It’s adorable 🙂

    And we’re struggling with sippy cups. C loves to drink out of a straw – sometimes. Other times she acts like the sippy cup is pure evil. I’m doing some sippy cup shopping this weekend, so hopefully we can find one that she loves too!

  12. Would LOVE to win this giftcard! Her pics are just precious and Bentley uses these same cups! He will only drink out of straw cups he couldn’t ever get stuff out of the spill proof sippys either! =)

  13. Great idea on how to adjust the dress. I have a few little outfits I’ve been dying to put on my baby, but they are just a little too big. I’ll have to see if your trick works on them.

  14. Shoot, I FINALLY set up my new gmail with my married name and didn’t realize it’s signing me as anonymous. (9/3 4:45 p.m.) While I’m still figuring it out… mkdoyle47 at g-mail 🙂

  15. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Chrome. I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to let you know. The style and design look great though! Hope you get the issue solved soon. Many thanks

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