Mini Mod #12: Houndstooth print dress and capelet from a La Modish

Dress and reversible Capelet c/o a La Modish

Holy smokes!! Happy 11-11-11!

This week it got into the 60s, so I got a little excited and busted out some winter wear. I’m in love with this houndstooth dress and caplet. I liked it before trying it on her, and I contemplated saving it for her to wear in December around Christmas time but once I put it on her I realized I couldn’t wait. Since the caplet is reversible she can wear this a few times and it’ll at least look different.

It’s totally inspired me to try to step outside of the box when it comes to sewing. So far I’ve used lightweight cotton print fabrics but I can try even more with corduroy (which I typically am not a huge fan of but this has turned me into a believer) and other fun fabrics I’m just now discovering.

I can’t go crazy though because I already have tons of fabric I need to make dresses out of before I move on. I’m finding it’s fun to buy and fun to make but my desire to consume is faster than my desire to create. But I have created 8 dresses in the past month or so which isn’t too bad.

This dress she’s wearing is from a La Modish, which seriously has some of the most GORGEOUS boutique clothing I have ever seen. No joke. Matilda Jane has nothing on this store. If I could produce something this gorgeous I’d be tempted to quit my job and just make her things like this all day. But I can’t, so I’ll keep working and save for one every now and then.

You can also use code “BABYMAKER” to get 20% off your entire order from now to Thanksgiving. They have a great sales rack, but I have my eye on the Flower Fields and Plum Rose dress, one of them may end up being my daughter’s Christmas dress.

Now I  want to get a little caplet for myself. Look how Lil’ J is stylin like the stars!


What were your little ones sporting this week? Link up and show them off because I’d love to see!

Mini Mod

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  1. Since I don’t have a little girl yet to get this adorable dress, I think I am going to settle for the houndstooth tie I saw on their site. Thanks for the code!!!

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