I might die before I’m 30

I started writing this post earlier today and it was pretty straight-forward and happy-go-lucky about Christmas shopping for my kiddos, but as I sat down to finish writing it now I’m full of stress and anxiety because of what happened last night. Forgive me while I try to string both stream of consciousnesses together.

I was getting the kids out of the bathtub while talking to my mother-in-law. My husband was getting us takeout to enjoy after the kids went to bed. Handling both kids before bedtime is totally normal to me so I wasn’t worried about it.

I set Big T on the bed to jump and do naked flips onto the chair while I pulled Lil’ J out of the tub. Then she ran around naked while I put a diaper on her brother. Again, this is generally normal and no one peed on the floor or my pillow so we were good.

Then we all went into my son’s room to get their PJs on. He climbed on his glider chair and started rocking. Also normal. I turned around to put my daughter’s pajama dress on when my son stood up and pushed the glider with all his strength and knocked it backwards into the wall. He started crying and I realized his fingers were caught between the glider and the wall.

I picked him up and shushed him and rocked him but he was still screaming. I got off the phone and went to kiss his hand (kisses are great healing medicine in my house) when I noticed his pinky finger was bleeding. It was smashed at the finger tip, and it looked like his nail was about to come off. But the finger wasn’t broken as far as I could tell (he was moving it). But I got all queasy and started to panic. I didn’t know if I should rinse it or bandage it or both. I ran to the kitchen to get supplies when my husband walked in the door.

I has already been saying “oh no, oh no, this is bad!” And Lil’ J had seen the damage, so when her daddy walked in she (still naked, mind you) starts yelling “Daddy you need to help! [Big T] is hurt, it’s really bad! He’s bleeding!” Not exactly what you want to hear along with screaming from the other room.

I told him I needed help getting a bandage and he helped me tape it up. I said we could ice it but he didn’t think we needed to (it wasn’t swollen). I think I expected him to go into emergency responder mode and doctor it all up, but I guess he’s not a medical technician.

Right after we got a couple bandaids on him, Big T started to laugh and run again. I chased behind him trying to keep him still, or at least calm. He was trying to shush and cheer up his sister who was now crying because she thought we loved him more.

“No, we love you both equally,” I told her. “We just had to take care of your brother because he was hurt.” My kids are so stereotypical. Here my sun is running around laughing with a jacked up finger tip while my daughter is having an emotional meltdown (while now at least dressed in some pink pajamas) about us loving her brother more than her.

The rest of the evening before bed Big T was careful with his pinky finger. I didn’t think about it until after he fell asleep, but I probably could have given him some Motrin. I set it out in case he woke up overnight.

adventurous biracial boy So I’ve been up Googling what I should have done and many sites say call a doctor if the nail is coming off… He may need stitches so the nail grows back normal etc etc. I’m panicking that I may have waited to long to call the doctor and consequently deformed his pinky fingernail for life! What if he never finds a wife?!

This is only one example of the intense amount of stress my sweet adventurous son has put me through. Laughter keeps me from crying, because I feel like I’m constantly on edge with him, worried he’s going to do something to injure himself. From jumping on the couch inches away from a cracked skull on the tile floor (we hardly use our family room because of that now) to running in the street (front yard off limits, back yard OK). To putting small things in his mouth because he knows it makes me mad (or to him, hysterically funny). To literally finding any hidden pair of scissors and RUNNING WITH THEM. Who does that? … My son! And he may cause me to have a heart attack before I’m 30.

I shoulda kept him on lockdown in the baby carrier. This is what I get!

But maybe I’m just overprotective and used to a (now seemingly) mellow daughter. Is this normal?

adventurous adorable biracial boy

The funny thing is for Christmas we bought him a Power Wheels F-150 truck. He can’t drive it for awhile but he can sit in these things for hours (and his sister will be happy to chauffeur). Now I’m wondering what damage he could do in this thing. Of course he’ll be supervised, and to my knowledge, you can’t really run over YOURSELF with one of these things… So that’s something. Other than that I think we’ll get him some harmless bubbles. And while I’m at it maybe I can look into a toddler bubble he can live in for the next couple of years. Then maybe I can survive to see my 30s.

Normally I like to offer help and give advice but today, I need your words of encouragement. Moms of adventurous daredevils… How do you survive?


If you’re still looking for more (safe) gift ideas, and you’re looking for something that can last a while, there’s a unique feature you might be interested in. It’s called Smart Stages™ technology, and Fisher-Price has incorporated it in many of their toys.

Basically it changes the content as the child grows so you can adapt the toy to cater to the development of your child.


For instance, in Stage 1 the songs and phrases presented will be different than Stage 2 or 3. With the train my son likes to change the stage on his own. He hasn’t figured out how to do that yet with his Smart Stages Chair so I’ve kept it at a level 1 for now and play those games with him, and hopefully, as he grows the new songs and sounds will give new life to an old toy and make it one we keep around for a long time.

Now if they could just put that all in a Power Wheels car that starts as a one seater with a push-button drive, that later converts into a two-seater ride with a petal push, and eventually transformed into a full-fledged four-wheeler then I’d be set.

Hey… A mom can dream.

I’ve mentioned the Smart Stages Train and Chair in the past, comment letting me know which one you think your kiddo would like most and you’ll be entered to win one! I’ll select someone from the comments as a winner December 19th.

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This post was sponsored by Fisher-Price as a part of an ongoing partnership bringing my tips to you as an FP Insider. All opinions (and typos) are my own.

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  1. Oh man I hear this.
    My daughter is 7.5 and she is ALL girl. Never did anything dangerous at all.

    My toddler is almost 3 and he is pure hell. Always climbing things and getting into everything he shouldn’t. Doesn’t listen to anybody or anything!

    I am 24 and have now plucked a good 15 grey hair from my head since he’s been born. And now I have an almost 1 year old boy to add to it all. I also will probably die before I’m 30.

    We would love the Train!

  2. my boy is nothing like my girl. it’s kinda throwing me off. im learning as he is learning. i feel like im not prepared but mama needs to do what mama needs to do. my son would totally love the train!

  3. Definitely the train! My son never sits still long enough to enjoy a chair 🙂 He loves anything with wheels!

    Mine is definitely a handful–not as much of a daredevil, but he mastered our stairs (we have a split, so only about seven at a time) before he was 18 months and he does like to climb furniture now. My big challenge with him is putting everything and anything in his mouth, chewing on random stuff (my shoes?!), and throwing whatever he can from his high chair. Firm voices don’t seem to phase him–in fact, he thinks they’re funny–so I think we’re going to have our hands full!

  4. It is nice to know that others feel the same way! Your little guy is not the only one that does these crazy things, mine is right there with yours. Especially with putting small things in his mouth and laughing hysterically. It is exhausting…especially after having a very calm and behaved girl! I feel at the end of each day it is a miracle just to survive and advance…seriously.

    My kiddos would love the Smart Stages Train if chosen. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. My kids scare me like that too. Last night, my 3 year old just fell down the stairs and I automatically had horrible thoughts of the ER and broken bones etc…thank goodness she was just bruised. I’m glad your son is okay!

    My baby girl would love the chair (she’s only 4 months old but time sure flies fast)

  6. I am with you when it comes to managing an adventurous toddler son. I call my 2 year boy “stunt man” because he is always climbing and wanting to jump off of something…smh. I know that panicky feeling way too well when he injures himself. . Takes a lot of deep breathing and praying to get through those moments without losing your mind. Hang in there, girl. Oh yeah, my son is obsessed with trains so the Train is what he’d love.

  7. I would normally say the train, but my 3 year old has specifically asked for the chair and though I’ve tried to convince him that he needed a bigger boy toy, he smartly reminded me that his sister could use it too!

  8. I have this issue in my house with a 3y/o and 5mo old. I can tell when my 3 y/o needs a little more loving! Will have to look into the chair for Christmas. Great idea.

  9. My oldest–a girl, who is now 7–has always been very laidback, didn’t cause or get into any trouble, but could still have fun and I not worry about it. I always heard horror stories about wild kids but just thought it was maybe parenting. THEN, number 2 came along–another girl, who is now 4–that child has almost given me 100 heart attacks and is so different than her sister. She climbs, she rough houses, she flips, etc…and we have done the same parenting for both of them. Now, we have another one, a boy and he is almost 6 months (we call him Big T also), and I am terrified of what’s to come because he’s already so much bigger, stronger, determined, and has a lot more fight in him than the girls ever did, so I may be having a heart attack right with you before I’m 30 as well!

  10. Oh and I forgot to add, we would love to be entered for a chance at winning the chair! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  11. I have a nephew who is a LOT like your son. He recently cracked his head open on a dresser he flew into after jumping on the bed a little bit too rambunctiously. I think my sister-in-law deals with it by letting him learn from his mistakes and taking it all in stride, but I cannot imagine having a kid like that. I would bubble wrap everything! My daughter is wild for a girl, she loves jumping, but so far we have not had anything worse than a bitten lip or skinned knee. I hope you find words of comfort. As for the contest, I think Sonja would love the chair. She’s really into chairs.

  12. Ohhhh life with a 2 year old! Mine is the same way and I think I feel the pain more than he does when he hurts himself. He hits his head, I kiss it and he’s on his way. He smashes his finger, I kiss it and he’s on his way. He hits me in the head with a toy… my ears are ringing for 4 hours, I now have a migraine and I swear my vision will never be the same. Go figure! Kids are resilient, no worries momma! He will be fine!

  13. I love this! I go through the same thing with my son. So, I can totally relate. Good thing these kiddos bounce back pretty easily! They are tough!

    My son would love the Smart Stages Train! 🙂

  14. your son is absolutely adorable! My daughter is a rough and tumble type…. same thing except I am over 30;)

    PS saw you on the fisher price add on facebook today and was like I “know” her! 🙂

  15. Poor little guy (and mama!)
    I think mine would love the chair and train, but I’d pick the chair since we already have a train that sings/moves 😀

  16. The Smart Stages Train would be prefect for my little guy!!
    No about your dare devil toddler….when you figure out what to do please let me know! My 19 month old is off the chain!

  17. Somehow our “wild” son lived through childhood…yours will do. We have only girls for grands, but one of them looks girly and dresses girly but there is NO girly in her. The chair sounds like a neat idea to have at Mimi’s house. :>)

  18. My boy would totally dig the train!
    As for the daredevil antics…
    Just think of all the calories you’re burning, chasing him around! Since my son started walking, he’s been running. He likes to take the bolts out of the fireplace doors, pull ornaments off the Christmas tree, run across the house and fall down, then start laughing hysterically. Walking out to the car means trying to run out into the road. I have four brothers and a mom who was single and worked 60+ hours a week, so our house was a bit like the Lost Boys camp in Peter Pan’s Neverland. We are all in our 20’s and 30’s now, and my mother has survived and is currently in her mid-sixties. You’re doing just fine, mama.

  19. I have nothing to add but this is funny! I’ve heard this same sentiment echoed from moms of little boys including my MIL.

  20. Haha. I have a 3 year old boy. They definitely are good at giving heart attacks! My little dare devil would love the train!

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