I met the woman who made my son’s favorite toy

The other day I loaded up on a pack of AA batteries yet again. Then spent the next half hour changing the old ones out all of my son’s automated toys. When he woke up from his nap and noticed all of this friends were brought back to life singing and dancing again, he was so excited, and might I add–entertained for the next half hour. I even taught him how to get them all going at once… And now I’m sorta regretting that.

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One of his favorites is a toy my dad bought him for his birthday. It’s the Laugh and Learn Puppy by Fisher-Price. Big T loves pressing the buttons, getting him to laugh, sing and rock. I never thought some day I’d be meeting the woman who designed this toy but a few months ago I did.

(Don’t mind my unintentional side-eye)

Beth Hageman is a toy designer at Fisher-Price and when I met her at the headquarters, she showed us some of the toys she designed and what goes into making a toy. They’re like human elfs. I had no idea all of the testing and trials that went into bringing a toy to life. It takes about a year from brainstorming to showing up on store shelves. I had no idea so many things went into designing a toy. Like how much it will cost, how they’re actually going to make it, will it fit on a store shelf?

She says since she’s become a mom, her approach to making toys has changed a little.

“I feel like I understand a little more on another level emotionally,” She said. “I get it now, how awesome it is when your child is engaged with a toy and is playing or figuring it out.  How I was so proud of the time I watched her figure out the shape sorter or start to wiggle to a favorite song in a toy.  Or wow, how fast they grow up and you want this toy to last!”

After this trip I kinda felt as if I had met a celebrity. And I was truly impressed with all the love and attention that goes into planning each toy. Beth mentioned she put her daughter’s favorite song (the Itsy Bitsy Spider) in one of the toys she was designing–Who wouldn’t?

So now when my son goes over to the bench we have lined with his favorite singing animals, I smile when he reaches his favorite and think to myself I know who invented that!

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*This post was sponsored by Fisher-Price as a part of a multi-month partnership bringing my tips to you. However all opinions and typos are my own.

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  1. Oh, the Laugh and Learn Puppy…We got one when my older son was a baby six years ago, and that thing had a tendency to randomly talk in the middle of the night! We’d be sleeping and suddenly hear it sing or talk, and it was CREEPY! I was so happy when I finally found that it had an off switch! BUT…we brought it back out when my younger son was born, and it’s been very well behaved this time around! I think everyone has a random talking toy, and I can’t help but laugh at ours! It is a cute toy, though, and the songs are catchy!

    1. Ok Amy, that is creepy!!! hahaha. Ours hasn’t done that. We have a motion-censored dog that laughs hysterically and spins and Big T is so terrified of it. We had to hide it so he’d never accidentally run into it again.

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