Messy House Part 2: He Says She Says

He Says: “Aren’t you embarrassed by our mess?”
She Says: “No one has to come over.”

We have a baby. I think this is my excuse for having a messy house for at least another two years.
What say you?

Beth says:

I say if he’s embarrassed, he needs to get his ass to cleaning 😉

Beth, my thinking 100% HAHAHAHA!!

ok ok… to his credit, he does all the laundry and dishes, and mine and Lil’ J’s things are like 90% of the mess but still… I’m ok with cleaning once a week (or two) yikes…

Georges says:

Love that pic of Lil J!
My son is nearly 4 and our house seems to be a mess all the time too. It bugs me, but I guess not enough to constantly clean up. Kids are messy and want to get into everything. I constantly apologize to my husband and he always reminds me that our house is clean compared to how his mom used to keep their house. That brings some comfort, but I still feel like I can do more. I guess there is a time and season for everything and I figure that this time in my life is to let my son be a kid because before I know it, he’ll be moving out and I’ll be wishing he was back home causing havoc…..sometimes!

lol I agree. Lately I’ve been a neat freak too. On another note, your lil girl eats pasta. My Lil guy chokes on it.I’m so jealous.

NOE says:

What exactly is having a clean home with children? that doesnt sound like much fun, i mean think about it… if you have a clean home with young children, you’re spending the majority of your day/time, cleaning… blah…. who wants to do that all the time?!
i say as long as the kitchen,bathroom & the common room is cleaned, all the other stuff will continue to be there. Your child’s youth, not so much, so enjoy the time with your kids, they don’t complain about any mess.

Anonymous says:

Maybe you can hire a cleaning service to come out 1-2 times a month to do the heavy duty stuff and you can pick up on the weeks they’re off.

Mama B says:

Having kids and a clean home is no fun!! It’s more fun to play!

Haha. I like having a clean house, so after everyone is in bed I clean. But I don’t interrupt play time and make the boys clean. And I don’t have people over if my house is messy, lol!

Will a maid service pick up my crap?

My house is messy too. Who has time to clean up when there are babies to love on?

Catrina says:

I have learned sometimes it’s easier to let some thing go, and spend time with your children, then to stress the house being messy. And besides, when they get older you can put them to work and call it teaching them responsibility!!

If John said that to me, my response would be: “If you’re embarrassed, clean it up or get us a cleaning service! Otherwise, leave me alone!” LOL

I’m messy and so is John. We have help come in every other week to keep it manageable. If I were at home I’d probably be a much better housekeeper…..ok probably not.

PS – this is the cutest pic in a while. I tend to like the regular day, non-gussied-up, non photoshopped pix so much!

i only clean once a week. if its not that day, FORGETABOUTIT 🙂

I agree with dani… that pic of lil j is one of my favs 🙂 SO STINKIN cute. and almost a year!!! eeee!

Desiree says:

I’m OCD about cleanliness and thank the baby Jesus, my husband is neat so our house is never messy. Now, covered in dog hair? That’s a different story….

However, because I’m OCD about it, I can do a LOT in about twenty minutes. I’m talking vacuum, put a load of laundry in, fold a load, put away random things AND take a shower! Just did it yesterday. 🙂 The key is to have a place for your clutter.

My husband knows not to bring anything in the house unless he knows where it’s going to get put away when it’s not in use.

And I have plenty of time to love on my baby. 🙂

Well, I like my place clean. Someone I know makes a huge to-do list for their husband every time he has a free moment. I was kind of appalled. So I’ll probably have a messy house someday, too.

It shouldn’t matter!

Megan says:

I was always really messy, but weirdly became a BIG clean freak after my son (now 5 months) was born. I think it’s because as of right now, I’m staying at home and I feel guilty if I don’t…that having a clean house is part of my “job” now.

You work! When you get to be home, you want to be with your daughter, not cleaning. Better to have a messy house and a daughter who adores you. <3

MsB.Plan says:

I remember reading somewhere in your old posts that your hubby helps at house chores :)! You are the handywoman and his the one who cleans and cooks – I remember that, LOL!

My husband is good at helping me too and we share the cooking and cleaning, but since I am a stay at home something he is getting a little bit relax about giving a hand, but I don’t let that happen and he helps at weekend. If he told me that the place is a mess, I would point out that we both live here together and he can help too – well he would make sure it was not too messy for our friends and family to see.

When Berry comes I’ve told him that he has to help even after work. I am not going to be a super woman, because that will only lead him into bad habits. So we will both help at home.

Sarah says:

Well I don’t have kids, but i do have an 833sf apt with 2 ppl, 2 dogs and an eBay business! Keeping clutter up is tough! But I’m kinda a neat freak. Since our place is small it only takes about 2-3hrs a week to keep the cleaning done, and I do dishes and pickup clutter every day. Clutter only takes 5-10min to put it away as long as everything has a place. But let me say since my husband and I both work, he helps. I asked him to. With your situation you should BOTH be cleaning.

Jenny says:

Im a stay at home mom (daughter is a month younger than lil J) and my house is pertty messy too. Laundry is always waiting in the dryer for me or dishes filling up the sink cuz I havent put away the.clean ones in the dishwasher but I do usually run through the house at the end of most days and just throw all the toys in a basket and clothes in a hamper.
…. I know this is off topic but I was wondering about your pool party for lil J and the diaper situation. Since you use cloth diapers and they are waterproof do you just use that in the pool or do you still buy the special swimmers diapers?

Jenny, I MAY buy a swim diaper if I have time, I’m soooo behind! In the past we just take her diaper off and hope she doesn’t poop. haha. Ok TMI? Bad mom? Sorry! I may buy a disposible swim diaper for her party! And we moved it to a splash pad, so no being under water in the pool. Oh, and there are sim cloth diapers. I may get one of those… Yikes! I’m so behind!

I think messy is fine but always within 15-20 min of able to get it company ready

Monkey Sews says:

If time is tight and the choice is spending time with your child or picking up clutter… obvious. When J is older you can involve her in cleaning (they love it). My husband does the dishes after everyone goes to bed and never complains about my mess and I don’t complain about his.

Johanna says:

SERIOUSLY. You have the cutest kid ever.

Quiana says:

I’m a neat freak and I feel like when my apartment’s disheveled it’s a reflection of my mind while DH could care less! Since Nia’s started crawling and is almost walking I’m especially anal about the areas she frequents the most. If it was up to me we’d have 2x month cleaning service and although I’m currently a SAHM it’s sometimes hard to keep pace. When I get overwhelmed I stay up until the wee hours cleaning. The one thing I can’t have is dishes in the sink. They all have to be washed before I go to bed.

I’ve been dealing with the same thing. A messy house. There’ve been so much going on and my little one is becoming more mobile. So, she’s been tearing the house apart. It probably bothers me more than my hubby. I mentioned hiring a cleaning service, but he refuses. He’s paranoid about people coming into our home and cleaning up after us. He thinks we should do it ourselves.

She is adorable! Not a mom yet so no motherly advice to give YET! 🙂 Stopping by from SITS!

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