Messy House: He Says/ She Says

He Says: Did you record ‘Hoarders’?
She Says: No.
Then He Says: Good, because that show gives me a headache. I’d rather die than live in a messy house.
Then She Says: A little dramatic?!
While thinking: ‘That can be arranged’
What say you?PS: No, I don’t really want to kill my dramatic husband.

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  1. My husband is the messiest person I know! I’m not a neat freak, but I hate things being dirty. Clutter doesn’t bother me so much, but filthiness is nasty. So with the combo of me not really caring about clutter and him being a slob, we usually have a very cluttered bedroom. (I try to keep the living room and kitchen presentable but never care about how the bedroom looks.) Sometimes I WISH I was a neat freak so my house stayed tidy.

  2. I’m not a neat freak at all, but my husband is a slob. he leaves his clothes on the floor and after he’s eaten his food, he leaves his dirty dishes on the table. I go nuts on him every day.

  3. Houses get messy sometimes then they get clean again…that’s pretty normal I think. However…that hoarders business is just waaaaaay overboard. I wouldn’t be able to function in a house like that.

  4. At the risk of sounding like a drama queen, I’m going to have to go with him in this one! I cannot function if my house is even remotely messy. It drives my boyfriend crazy, but I’ve never once heard him complain about our house being too clean!

  5. What I love is lil’ J’s curly hair in this picture! It’s so stinkin’ cute.

    I use to be such a neat freak, but I’ve learned that with the baby, house cleaning can wait. I’m much more interested in spending time with my baby girl!

  6. I hate cleaning but I also hate a super messy house. I do feel that there is a middle ground though and I think that’s where we exist. My biggest battle is keeping our daughter’s toys neat and orderly. It used to be easier before she started getting toys with a million pieces like blocks and the furniture and decorations for her dollhouse

  7. My mess is caused by my books around the house. I try to keep the place tidy because it is a big house now and I also have a studio where I can leave my books on the desk – I am looking at the book I finished reading few days ago on the sofa. I am going to put it on the shelf :).

  8. That show is just awful. I don’t watch it anymore. Just don’t understand why/how anyone would allow themselves to get to that level of filth.

  9. I can’t stand clutter! But I LOVE that show! But I would NEVER be able to “live” that show. My husband is a reforming messy (only because he knows it bothers me) and I have learned to let things go a little more for his sake and because I got tired of picking up after him ALL the time. So now I let it go for a bit, then directly ask him to clean up his stuff! 🙂

  10. I’m loving your responses! I’m definitely more of the messy one. I leave my blazers around the house when I get home, but usually because I go straight to comfy clothes so I can play with Lil’ J. He’s definitely more of a neat freak, he says he can’t concentrate in a messy area. I’m not a hoarder, and I can’t believe some of those places on that show, so I’m not that bad, or even close, but I’m totally cool with leaving my clothes around for awhile and picking them all up ever couple of weeks. haha.

  11. Oh my word, that is so funny! I think, I would die too if I had to live in that kind of mess!! But, that show is addictive…The conditions they show are so terrifying sometimes, I just can’t stop watching because I want to see if they ever make any improvement. My mother-in-law could definitely qualify to be on that show…and I’m not joking. Her hoarding is out of control! She’s filled up the 2500sq ft house, 1500ft of porch, the basement, a single-wide trailer (that she bought for “JUST $100”), a 40ft shipping container, and there is stuff littered and piled throughout their 10 acres. It is insane! My husband hates the show because it reminds him of his mom…lol BTW, that pic is so cute!

  12. I can;t stand mess and my husband is worse. He would get me a drink and stand there waiting for me to finish it so that i wouldnt put the glass on the night stand lol..i broke him of this habit! Thankfully, my husband loves to clean so he does almost all of it..i appreciate it very much lol. I couldnt live in a messy house either.

  13. He IS pretty dramatic. That’s hilarious. I don’t mind when my husband acts dramatic sometimes because I can be a big drama queen at times. I figure, he deserves his share. It’s only fair. LOL

  14. My hubs is a neat freak. I wouldn’t say I am messy, but sometimes I just feel like there are more important things than having a sparkling clean house, like spending time with my daughter.

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