Merry Christmas BMM readers!

It’s the night before Christmas. Santa made his stop at our house and I can’t wait to see the look on Lil’ J’s face in the morning when she sees what he brought.

I spent the night with her and her daddy starting new traditions… Drinking hot coco, watching Christmas movies, and making Christmas cookies.

Snoop even got dressed up for the affair. If you can’t tell, both of them were quite fascinated by the oven.

Sadly, our cookies weren’t homemade… We actually didn’t even take time to frost them this year, but Lil’ J still helped me break and place them on the cookie sheet. Maybe every year we’ll get a little more elaborate and by the time she’s 12 we’ll be experimenting with our own recipes.

Time is flying with my sweet little one. There’s a photo in an ornament on our tree of her two Christmases ago. Yes, she was about 8 weeks along in my uterus in that photo. Now she’s like 5,000 times that size, and thankfully, on the outside.

I hope Christmas and the holidays, and the new year bring you all joy, happiness and many blessings. I’m grateful to have you here as I share my life with y’all (yes, I live in Texas and I say y’all).

Merry Christmas!


In case you’re wondering, I got my adorable Christmas tree earrings from Grandma Marti’s Jewelry shop. They’re only $7 and there’s no shipping charge. In case you aren’t all gifted out from the holidays yet, here’s one more. Just leave a comment letting me know what you’re doing for the holidays and you’re entered to win some earrings of your choice from this shop. Entry form is below. It’ll run all week so enjoy your Christmas and come back and enter later!

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LiciaLee says:

I love the pics! We had a great Christmas this year! We did Christmas Eve with my parents last night and woke up this morning and opened family and santa presents. I love the Emerald Green Dangle earring. And your Christmas trees you are wearing in the pics!

Olusola says:

Merry Christmas to you and yours Jennifer.

Random reader question, what type sippy cup is Lil J holding? I like the looks of it. Thanks

Olusola, I believe we just got it at Walmart. I can’t remember the brand but it was inexpensive. While we’re on this topic, it’s also easy to clean and she likes holding it 🙂

We are staying here in town and having christmas as a family.

Tonya M says:

I have this Christmas thing down. Keep it at home and keep it low key. Bar-b-q even so I don’t have to cook.

Rebecca says:

I took the week off and we are having much needed rest and relaxation. 🙂 I love the red heart earrimgs

Kristen says:

We ran all over creation going to see family…very exhausting! Ugh!

Kristen says:

I like the Silver Chain Dangling Bells…thanks for the give away!

Melanie says:

I like the black and white bracelet!

Melanie says:

We had Christmas Eve dinner at my MIL’s. After dinner we all opened our gifts and enjoyed each others company while watching the kids play with their new toys.

Katy says:

This comment has been removed by the author.

Katy says:

We had a great Christmas celebrating with family on the days surrounding Christmas and enjoying time just the 4 of us on Christmas Day. I hope your Christmas was nice as well! 🙂

I think my favorite item is the angel earrings, though I was having a hard time choosing…. 😉

ERINR says:

I had two weeks off, so I’m enjoying being home with my little girl!!

Unknown says:

Merry Christmas! We spent the holidays in Michigan with my fam, but no snow this year! I love the amber autumn leaf necklace!


Brie H says:

We had Christmas Eve with my mom’s side the family, christmas morning with our family, christmas afternoon dad’s side of the family, and Christmas night with my husbands mom’s side of the family. Both kids got way too much stuff!!

Brie H says:

and my fav thing in her shop is the Blue Agate, Crystal & Silver Drops

allisa says:

We watch Christmas movies, make sugar cookies, and read “Twas the night before Christmas” every year!

allisa says:

The Green Crystal Christmas Bell Earrings are cute!

Merry Christmas! The holidays are not over at our house since we start with St.Nick’s Day and end with Three Kings Day!

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