Medicine Storage Tips to Keep Kids Safe


Last night I shared a scary situation that’s changing the way I parent and ways we can improve our homes to make it safer for our children. Changes I most definitely will be implementing with my adventurous son.

Medicine Safety Tips for Families FI

It’s National Home Safety Month and I recruited my family to help me make a quick video to show important tips for keeping your kids safe from medicine in your home. Take a look and let me know what you think!

For more information on this important topic visit Up&Away.  Medicine Storage is so important!

Do you follow all of these tips in your home?


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  1. They make you know and follow guidelines for medication and dangerous chemicals and child protection locks/door knob covers/outlet covers – you name it! – when you adopt, so I feel like my place is overly safe. Lol. They should have you take classes when you give birth too, I think. In the hospital. Just short educational videos like the one you did could save lives (like something that teaches moms not to water down breast milk or formula… or not leave their kids in the car, etc.).

  2. Wow, you know this is an area I’ve not been careful about at all. I’ve trusted the safety caps and left medicine easily reachable. I’ll be finding a new solution this afternoon. Scary!

  3. Wow….this is something that isnt talked about much and it happens so often loved the way u made the information so simple and precise.

  4. This is great article. I find this very hard and it is getting hard as my 3 year old is getting into places. I am very diligent in keeping things out of reach for her since she is so smart and does try to explore everything.

  5. My daughter is a teen but I still make sure to keep our medicine stored safely. These are good tips and this info is needed for all parents.

  6. That’s a great infograph. I had no idea that 80% of ER visits were from children taking medications on their own. My daughter is crawling now, and I know we haven’t gotten everything out of her reach that we need to. This article is a good reminder to do that right away! Thanks!

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