Time for Maternity Photos!

I got my CD of maternity photos yesterday and I’m so happy with how they turned out. If you live in Texas and are looking for a Central Texas maternity and newborn photographer, be sure to check out Forever Bliss Photography. She’s great and her fees are AMAZING! I’m talking less than $100 for the sitting AND the edited prints on CD which you can print out for yourself!

Originally I didn’t want to do outside photos but I realized that it would be nice if my husband were in at least a few of the pictures. I ended up liking those way more than I thought!

I wrote on my Parenting.com blog today about my husband’s moodiness towards posing for photos but he was a trooper for these… Even though he ran to sit in the car after his part.

Little does he know we’ll be doing these shoots just about every season once Ladybug gets here, but I’m hoping by then he’ll be less camera shy. We’ll see.

I uploaded an album of most of my favorites on my Facebook Fan Page, so if you can,”Like” your favorite! I want to get some printed to put in the nursery, and in an album.

Here’s a few of my favorites:

What do you think? I think with a daddy like that Spawnie’s GOTTA be cute! 😀
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Armywife101 says:

These are really beautiful pics…Congrats !!!
Army Wife 101
About One

MsBabyPlan says:

I like them all especially the last one, very girlie!

thecookswi says:

jenny, they are so beautiful . you two are both looking great . all the best for the remaining time in your journey.

these photos are amazing, you are beautiful!

Tori says:

Those are fabulous pictures! You look great! And yes, I agree, you guys are going to make a super cute baby girl. You’ve got some fantastic genes to work with! 🙂

Very nice pics. That last one is gorgeous. You look all of 21 years old and not a stretch mark in sight.

Celeste says:

Oh… Jenn!! They’re all fabulous!! I especially like the one w/ the damask in the background & the 4th one (look how happy daddy is there) 🙂

You are too cute. And, yes – Spawnie’s going to be super cute.

Tara says:

glad you love them! I had a blast!

Angie says:

I LOVE them!! I especially love the last one of you!! beautiful and how cool is it that you got to capture those moments on film! 😀

Julia says:

awesome! i love the black and white one of you by yourself, looking off to your left (3rd one from the bottom) very pretty

Ooooh I love those pictures! You are so tiny and cute, im jealous! Hoep you are feeling good too!


You look beautiful. Thank You for sharing. I just made it halfway… 20 weeks:) How far are you now? Have a great day. Blessings,

LegalChic says:

Awww you look beautiful in the pics! That is gonna be one cute baby!


Chantel says:

I love the last one! Very cute!

melifaif says:

You look simply amazing. Ya’ll are so cute. My favorite of you is in front of the black and white damask print and you are looking behind…great memories. Can’t wait to see what she comes out like…hehehe

Beth says:

The photos are just beautiful! Awwww! Also, never realized before that you were in Texas. So… howdy, fellow Texan! lol

Christina K says:

I heart the last one! And, the photos of you two together are great, too.

Gorgeous! We love them all, we can’t wait until Ladybug is here either!

Kathryn says:

Beautiful! They came out great! My favorite is the fourth one from the top, in black & white where you are looking off to the side. My husband wasn’t crazy about doing them either, it must be a guy thing! lol I hope to get my cd this weekend!

Zeemaid says:

Just beautiful!!! You certainly have that pregnant lady glow! I never thought of having those sorts of photos done. You will love looking back on this time!

jineen says:

i absolutely love these picks!!!!!!!!!!!

Abby says:

Gorgeous photos! I especially love that last one. Fantastic, and a great idea all around.

YUMMama says:

I think Spawnie is going to be absolutely beautiful. And I did ‘like’ my fav on your Facebook Fan Page already. They turned out so amazing.

Nancy E. J. says:

I love them all, but I think the last one is my favorite! Just a beautiful picture.

Charity says:

I love ’em all!! 😉

You are such a cute little pregnant person! lol Great pictures!! I want the maternity pics someday, but we’ll see how HUGE I get and how much I want to remember if I look like a beast..lol yours are wonderful!

Mrs. Dew says:

awe these are GORGEOUS! you have a great bump!

becca says:

those look awesome! good call getting maternity pics done. i think you will cherish those.

Awh you look pinktastic! Love your glow!

Elissa says:

Wow! One picture is nicer than the next I’m so happy for you.

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