Making the Most of Halloween: 5 Social Distancing Halloween Ideas

Well, I’ve never experienced Halloween during a global pandemic, and I’m assuming you’re in the same boat. The holiday that usually has my kids running and giggling down the streets is going to look a little different this year. 

If you’re like me, you still are hoping to make the most of this Halloween even if it means your area is opting out of trick-or-treating all together. 

The good news is I have a handful of fun ideas for Halloween at Home that we’ve tried in the past (thanks to some very rainy nights in the past). Hopefully these ideas will help ya’ll have lots of tricks and treats, even if you’re doing it all at home.

On my Instagram page I shared some fun ideas you can do with some glow in the dark raisin snacks and I wanted to elaborate a little here and add any other ideas we think of between now and Halloween!  

Hide and Seek Trick or Treat in the Dark

This is one of my favorite ideas. Hide your kids’ trick or treat bags (pre-filled with treats). Then turn down the lights, give your kids flashlights, and send them on a hunt to find them. 

To spice it up, try adding some yummy Sun-Maid Sour Raisin Snacks cause they taste like sour candy, and now come in glow in the dark packaging. So if you want to make the hunt even spookier you can hide some of these glow in the dark packs to light the way on their search.

Dress Up as a Family

This activity is pretty self-explanatory. We have a tradition of doing family-themed Halloween costumes the past several years. But even if you don’t all dress up from the same story or movie, you can all get dressed up in costume. Or how about you take it a step further and have a Halloween fashion show? Take turns walking the runway and voting for your favorite and most creative costumes. 

Halloween Dance Party

This activity wins as one of my kids’ favorites and it’s a super easy way to have a social distanced Halloween. Just turn on some Halloween tunes and have a let loose! You can also turn off the lights, add some glow sticks and some Sour Raisin Snacks that have cute glow in the dark packaging for a Halloween disco dance party. 

Decorate Pumpkins

Whether you like to carve your Halloween pumpkins or decorate them with paints and markers, this is a simple tradition that’s fun for the whole family. 

Watch a Spooky Halloween Movie

It’s a great night to introduce some of your favorite Halloween classics to your kids. Whether your kids are young and looking for a silly Halloween flick. Or if they’re older and ready for all the thrills, a movie is a fun way to celebrate the holiday together. For our movie nights we love having popcorn and treats and that’s a must–Especially on Halloween. Maybe even set up your own candy buffet with some of your favorite Halloween snacks (that would be candy corn for me–YUM!)

What else do you like to do for Halloween with your family? 

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