Making No Sew Curtains for Spawnie: What I’m Makin(g) Monday

I know it’s SO LAME but I come close to tears when I talk about putting Spawnie’s nursery together. Decorating a nursery for a little girl is quite honestly something I’ve dreamed of doing for SO LONG.I’ve never had a set sketch or layout decided but I’ve always known I’d want lots of PINK… And some other colors. Well, finding the swatches of the bedding I love, and adding that with other items in the room to match has been one of the most fun experiences of my life.

I was just telling a friend that I have NEVER decorated an entire room… Never had something on every wall, or enough curtains for all of the windows. I’m just not a very good decorator and my rooms have always been very plain. Even now my living room has basically four things hung up but there’s SO MUCH blank space on the walls, I don’t have any decorative pillows, I’m missing a curtain panel, and nothing really coordinates.

I’ve tried to make my living room look trendy but since we’ve moved so much it’s been hard to keep up with.

With my Spawnie’s nursery I’ve tried to turn over a new leaf. I already have something on almost all of the walls and I’m not stopping! It’s also the first time I’ve had curtains AND valances, and guess what?… I MADE THEM MYSELF! Operation Nursery Makeover Part 5 (click that link to read 1-4)!And since my sewing machine is out of commission right now I did it WITHOUT sewing. I used this wonderful stuff right here! Iron-on adhesive. I got the extra-strength Heat n Bond and it works GREAT!

So for you ladies who don’t have, or are intimidated by sewing machines this is a fast and cheap way to do it! Honestly the HARDEST part of this whole ordeal was picking fabric and getting it cut the right size. I brought fabric swatches to match with my bedding coming from Artistic Sensations and ended up ordering some of the same fabric online for the valance, but getting a pink at the store to match.I was LITERALLY in the fabric store walking round and round doing math in my head and near tears, ok I lied… IN tears trying to figure out how much I needed and why I kept calculating “6 yards.”

Turns out I was converting inches to FEET and THINKING yards and got way thrown off…. Stupid Preggo Brain. My best advice is to ASK FOR HELP from the nice lady cutting your fabric. I told the lady at Hancock Fabrics I was making curtains and she asked me “want them to bunch?” then when I said “yea” she helped me cut the right length! I asked her to cut each one in half too so the sizes were pretty much set for each panel.

She also told me to pre-wash the fabric cause it can (and did) shrink. So I used our washer and dryer for the first time in about a year… I didn’t even need my husband’s help to do it! And I pre-shrunk the fabric!After that I ironed out all of the fabric and got to sewing… I mean, more ironing.

For three sides I folded over the edges by about 1/2 inch for a hem. Then at the fourth side (which would be placed at the top, that the curtain rod would go in) I folded over a hem, then folded again about an inch so there was room for the rod.I ironed each side down first to make a crease, then cut the iron stitch stuff to the same length of each side, placed it under the folded-over part, and ironed it shut!!

Repeat for each panel, place on the inner curtain rod and TADAA!!The valances were easier cause there was less fabric. I only bought 2 yards and I have lots left over that I’ll use for a pillow. Same story, just different lengths… Mine are about 23 inches long.Put those on the outer curtain rod and TADAA!!So, what do you think?! And you are lucky cause I was gonna save these pics for a part of the nursery reveal but what the heck, I’m so excited I wanted to show it off!! The crib wasn’t up in this picture though, and the room was a mess so seeing everything together will still be a surprise.

What did you make? Link up and share! I’m loving visiting your sites and getting more fun ideas! I’m visiting them all! Be sure to link back to “What I’m Makin(g) Monday” here to help spread the word!

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  1. Cute!! Love the fabric & what a great idea to use iron-on adhesive. It’s so funny the stuff we “have” to do when nesting- my nursery involves refinishing furniture & quilting, LOL!

  2. Love the curtains! It’s so cool that you’re putting together such a polished room for your baby, it’ll look really nice when it’s done!

  3. I haven’t made anything in months but I feel a little inspired! Isn’t that heat and bond awesome. I did about 9 9′ panels 3 years ago and they are still holding up great!

  4. Oh the curtains came out so well. Of course, I had saw the pic u put up on twitter a while back, but seeing the valances makes them pop even more. Spawnie is going to have the ultimate princess room.

  5. Great job on the curtains! I have a serious love for curtains. I feel like they really just make a room.

    I’ve made almost EVERYTHING in our Bean’s nursery. From all the crib bedding, the glider slipcover, the curtains, to many of the art pieces and decorative touches. I’ve been having a ball doing it all.

  6. Those curtains look great!! I too have thought about how I would decorate a little girls room and YES it involves lots of PINK!!

    Thanks for helping my celebrate my SITS day today! I’ve loved your blog for awhile now! I don’t comment very often but stop by from time to time to see how the Baby is coming along! Congrats on your little Spawnie!!

  7. Oh goodness- how stinkin adorable! 🙂 I love how crafty you are… and you know, the beautiful thing about doing the nursery all on your own is that although it doesn’t super match as you put it together- it will be perfect for you and Spawnie when she decides to come!

    Gosh, I’m so excited for you!! What a wonderful time- nursery decorating!!! 🙂 Keep enjoying it, you’re doing awesome!!

  8. These curtains are great and it looks so easy! Even a sewing-challenged person like myself could tackle a project like this. Great job!
    Come on over when you get a chance. I’m putting my hubby on blast, telling the entire blogoshpere about his azalea bush butchering ways! “OH NO HE DIDN’T!” Have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  9. Ok so you’re amazing. You are really getting ready for your baby girl. I wish I could hug you RIGHT NOW!! Those curtains look AMAZING. I have a three panel window that NEEDS curtains. We’ve been searching for years for just a ROD!!

    Have a blessed day, and a blessed week =)

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