What makes someone beautiful? She says/ She says

She says: Mom, why are you wearing makeup?

She says: Because I’m getting ready for work.

She says: Oh, does it make you feel pretty?

She says: Sometimes… But makeup isn’t what makes us beautiful is it?

She saysNooooo!

She says: That’s right. What do you think makes someone beautiful?

She says: Pretty dresses.

She says: You know what I think makes someone beautiful?

She says: What?

She says: When someone is nice to people, and helps other people smile.

She says: And makeup! … Just kidding. *laughs*

Mother daughter #feelbeautifulfor

Right now anything sparkly, glittery, yellow or shiny catches her eye as beautiful. As she gets older I’m sure her idea of beauty will evolve, but I hope she always remembers (with my help) that true beauty lies within.

One discussion we tend to have a lot is about hair. Oh the curly hair struggle. I talk more about deciding to stop straightening my hair and wear my curls in their natural state with my little girl in this video.

*This post is sponsored by Dove. All opinions (and typos) are my own.


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  1. Where’d you get the photo of you and Lil J made? I’m interested in getting one made for my family. Thanks.

    1. Hi! Unfortunately I’m not sure where it was made. Dove actually sent this to me out of the blue as a part of their #FeelBeautifulFor campaign. I love it too and need to find out how I could make another with my son! 🙂

  2. I love that she asked if you wore makeup because it “makes you feel pretty”. If you want to wear make up, or lots of jewelry, or spend an hour on your hair, do it because you WANT TO, not because you feel you “have to”. Even that distinction will make a difference. 🙂

  3. That is such a beautiful mother/daughter picture of you two. I love it! It’s great that you are having these conversations with her. And hang in there with the natural hair. It is challenging but you’ll eventually have more good days that bad hair days. 🙂 I love how you wear yours by the way.

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