Make Me Babies Had it SO Wrong!

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and re-read some of my old posts. That’s when I happened upon this one. I was newly pregnant and curious what out unborn child would look like. Unfortunately,’s suggested outcomes game me nightmares.

It made me laugh a little, how wrong it was. Ok, so my baby is A LOT lighter than I pictured, but she looks nothing like this…

Or this

or this

ok she does look a little like this

But nothing like THIS


Instead she came out much cuter. Well, depending on the time of day you catch her.

Look at your baby.

Now back at mine.

Now back to yours.

Now back to mine.

She’s an alien. Sadly, yours isn’t. But maybe she could be if you hung around radioactive buildings.

Now look down.

Back up.

Back down.

Where are you? You’re visiting my blog. And my baby is a cyclops.

What’s in your hand?

Now back to me.

Back down.

I have TWINS!

Look again.

They’re a Siamese twins.

Anything’s possible when you combine imagination, boredom and a baby’s nap time.

We’re a ying yang.

Liss@Random says:

XD You are hilarious! And that Old Spice commercial was one of my favourites!

Anonymous says:

That was hilarious, I actually did laugh out loud.

YUMMama says:

Cute. Yes, Make Me Babies was way off. Lil J is so much cuter than any of those creations they were able to come up with. Thank goodness.

Jazmyn says:

Bwhahaha I love the Old Spice reference! Either way, your baby is CUTE!

MsBabyPlan says:

This one is so funny. I remember when I read about how your baby was going look like, it was funny but also scary.

Lil J is so cute…

Rania says:

hahah! Very funny! And yes, your baby was MUCH cuter (Thank goodness) than those “predictions” hahah

Jennifer says:

LOL thanks for the laugh! Some of those “make me babies” kids were a little creepy looking but the one with the green frame is cute, but your real baby is much more cute than any of them…even as an alien.

She is much cuter then the “Make me babies”

Jennifer says:

That was really funny. And that last make me babies was kind of terrifying.

Jay says:

In a word, hilarious!

ashalily says:

My cousin and I did this on her mac and it had us laughing so hard no sound was coming out!

MarfMom says:

Haha yah, I’d used the site as well, before I had M. The first baby they gave me was Black. I’m Latina, but nowhere near that dark. Second time around they gave me a blond, very white baby. The only thing that ended up being right was that somehow M. came out with blond hair! Maybe I should revisit the site this week and see what they come up with for Smudge…

melifaif says:

Jenn, you crack me up!! I love it….I remember when you did those!!! Ha….and how I teased you about a red headed baby!!! hehehehehe….

I just adore you both. So cute and pure sweetness.

LOL You crack me up!!!!

Mrs. K says:

Too funny. I’ve tried one of those websites too that uses “top FBI technology” to predict what my husband and I future babies will look like. I also hope they are wrong because it did not come out pretty. LOL.

Madgew says:

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LOL! I didn’t know you had such a twisted sense of humor

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