She made the squad: Now I’m hoping I made the right decision


Breastfeed for more than a year… Share photos of my kids online… Homeschool… These are just a few of the things I didn’t ever think I would do, but totally did. Now I’ve added “cheer mom” to the list.

A couple weeks ago my daughter tried out for an all-star cheerleading squad after six months of begging. She’s been in tumbling classes for a little longer than that, and watching cheerleading competitions on YouTube in her spare time.

Tryouts were an emotional undertaking. They began with nervous tears and ended with a nervous smile. The next day she learned that she made the level 1 all-star squad.

A few days ago, we had our first team meeting. We sat in a little classroom and received handout after handout detailing the team rules, costume fees and other expenses. We’re embarking on new territory.

Part of me worries about what’s to come. We’ve all heard about cheerleader stereotypes, and not long ago I was swearing off competitive sports. I want my children to do their best for the sake of self-improvement, not to win over someone else. But then another side of me, a big part if I’m being honest, is so excited to see her on stage with her team shining while doing something she loves.

It’s all confusing, and exciting.

When we got home I tossed the kids in the tub. Not like I used to when they we small–gently placing them in a shallow bowl. No, now they can get undressed and jump in with a splash on their own.–When did they get so big?

This space–Bath time, this is easy territory. A tradition that hasn’t changed too much over the years. Amidst a sea of half-used bath time products (note to self– time to clear that out), I reached for our bottle of Baby Dove Tip to Toe Wash. I was gifted some bottles on my trip last week and we haven’t looked back since. It leaves their skin moisturized and silky smooth, and smelling oh so squeaky and clean. This was an easy decision.

There’s no one right way to parent. There’s no manual for making all of the right decisions for our children. But I’m realizing that there is a superior way to care for my children’s skin.

So I’m a cheer mom now. Officially. I’m not sure what’s ahead in this new chapter. I’m not sure what will be next on my list of things I never said I’d do. But amidst all of the difficult parenting decisions we face, and all of the things we do that we said we never would; I am thankful for the easy decisions and for the incredible adventures that come with the new ones.

Parenting is hard enough, and I love brands who make it easier for me, which is why I partnered with Dove on this post. During a bath a baby’s skin can lose moisture up to 5xs faster than an adult’s skin. Baby Dove products are all dermatologist and pediatrician tested and hypoallergenic for all babies’ skin types. Even sensitive skin. You can learn more about this new mild and moisturizing product line at

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  1. Congrats on your daughter making the team. I too like brands that make life easier and who give back as well. Our kids are important and need to be watched over. Looking forward to hearing more about your daughter’s journey as a cheerleader.

  2. Dove products have had a place in my home for as long as I can remember because the quality suits our family’s needs. My grown daughter has very sensitive skin and I believe she could benefit from using these products as well so I’m going to send her this info.
    Congrats on your new little Cheerleader! They grow up way too fast, don’t they!

    1. They seriously do grow so fast. It’s crazy! And yes! We’ve loved Dove products for years and years as well. My son has had more sensitive skin than his sister so it’s great to find a product that doesn’t make him break out.

    2. Oh I’m so glad you’re going to pass the info along, that’s wonderful I hope she finds it helpful! And thank you! We are excited for this new adventure!

  3. Shove over… I am totally in the same boat you are.
    Now my daughter is a flyer on an all-star team AND a CFL Cheer team. (Canadian Football League) It’s a lot of work but the kids get so much out of it and honestly, it’s an awesome experience. My daughter has traveled, learned how to work hard and she is in amazing shape.
    Once you go to that first competition you will be hooked too. They are SO much fun!!

  4. Congrats to your little one making the team that is wonderful! I sometimes look at mine and think where has the time gone, how did they get so big!

  5. Oh, I can’t wait to hear more about it. I think we all do things as parents we never thought we would do. That’s how WE grow!

  6. Congrats to her for making the team! I’m sure she is going to have so much fun! I just picked up some of the Baby Dove products for my little one. I love Dove and I’m really excited they have a line for little ones!

  7. Congrats to your daughter! Her hard work has paid off – and congrats to you for raising a daughter with so much confidence. I also like Dove products. They are gentle on the skin.

    1. You’re so kind Alicia, thank you! And I’m with you! Love a product that’s so gentle on the skin. So glad they have this new product for babies.

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