How I lost 30 pounds in 3 months

Long story short? I stopped breastfeeding. But before people flip out about my accusation of the “calorie burning secret” failing me, let me explain.

So something funny happens to me after I have my babies. You’d think after popping out infants each over 9 pounds, I’d lose a ton of weight, right? Wrong! Even though I nursed each of them for 17 months, breastfeeding seemed to keep me hanging on to (even gaining) the pounds, not dropping them.

*Warning: If sweaty bra workout pics offend you, scroll down really fast now!*

Losing the baby weight: Tips for losing the baby (or breastfeeding) weight while working out with kids.

It’s weird. I left the hospital wearing the same size 4 jeans I managed to squeeze into throughout pregnancy, but a couple months later, I am ripping those same pants.

After having my daughter I thought maybe it was a fluke. I went up two, and three pants sizes AFTER having my baby. My face chubbed up a little, I had a lingering gut, and my butt and thighs got so big so fast I got stretch marks.

I didn’t really care that much though. I discovered yoga pants and fell in love. I didn’t really want to go back to jeans anyway.

But then once I weaned Lil’ J, my pants started to feel bigger and bigger, and I shrunk back down to my pre-pregnancy size. It was so bizarre!

After about a year I donated all of my size 8 jeans thinking I’ll never need these again. And boy was I wrong. Second baby, same story. I gained about 25-30 pounds during my pregnancy again, but it was almost all in my belly. My jeans still fit. But just a couple of months after nursing my new baby, I had blown back up, surpassing my pregnancy weight!

By this time I could see a pattern and I figured I’d lose the weight quickly again after I stopped breastfeeding, but I didn’t want to wait another year. I noticed how much different I looked in photos with my family, and was getting annoyed, so I decided to do something about it.

Losing the baby weight: Tips for losing the baby (or breastfeeding) weight while working out with kids.

I started going to the gym with one of my good friends, taking Zumba cardio combat, and body pump. I signed up for MyFitnessPal to track what I was eating. I’ve never been one for counting calories or going on a diet, but it was so educational for me to see exactly how many calories are in what I eat, how much sodium or sugars I’m eating, how many calories I burn exercising… All these things I just never bothered learning about before.

Losing the baby weight: Tips for losing the baby (or breastfeeding) weight while working out with kids.

I remembered one of the girls I met on my trip to Sevierville had a Fitbit. During the whole trip she would pace around when we were stopped and waiting to “get in her steps,” because she was trying to pass someone on a leaderboard.

Knowing how motivated I am by competition, I thought a FitBit would be a great step (ha- puns!) to getting into shape.

Losing the baby weight: Tips for losing the baby (or breastfeeding) weight while working out with kids.

My husband–A gym addict (I mean seriously, half of our garage is a crossfit gym) was so impressed with my efforts and progress. I joined a hip hop class, went on jogs with the kids, and we did a fun long family bike ride. I kept it up for months and lost 30 pounds (the last 5 dropped off instantly after I stopped nursing).

I reached my goal, hit my pre-pregnancy weight, and I was feeling great, looking healthy, and so inspired to be an example for my kids. I’d even do workouts with them in the playroom when I didn’t have time to go to the gym (actually most of my workouts involved them in some way, you can read about that here).

Losing the baby weight: Tips for losing the baby (or breastfeeding) weight while working out with kids.

Now what?

Well, at the end of the year I was swarmed with work, instead of using my mornings to take the kids to the gym, my husband took them with him and I worked on deadlines at home. It’s been hard for me to get out of that routine. I’m currently eating Dove chocolates while I write this post in my bathrobe.

I’ve stopped counting calories and I’m trying to find the motivation to get active again. Before it was new workout clothes, friends, and weigh-ins that got me going. It’s so hard to jump back in when you’ve been out for so long, but I know it’ll be worth it when I do. I need to recharge my FitBit, maybe get some new shorts and a new water bottle and get active.

Losing the baby weight: Tips for losing the baby (or breastfeeding) weight while working out with kids.

One of my friends invited me to do the Color Run with her this year. I’ve done 5ks but I’ve never ran one all the way though. I’m thinking this could be my motivation to get my butt off my desk chair. Maybe set a goal time as if I’m running a marathon and go for it… Do people do that for 5Ks?

Sears has relaunched their FitStudio website and invited me to use it this time around. You can connect your Fitbit, Jawbone or other device to track your workouts and earn Shop Your Way rewards points for shopping discounts on workout clothes, equipment, or another random treat for yourself that’s not workout related. I’m highly motivated by bribes, and this sorta feels like a bribe.

Losing the baby weight: Tips for losing the baby (or breastfeeding) weight while working out with kids.

It’s also a great resource for workout ideas and tracking your exercise. I know I was totally lost when I first started exercising, and on the days I wanted to do something at home I would look for video demonstrations for how to correctly do workouts. It’s all in one spot on FitStudio for free.

So wish me luck as I prepare to possibly run an entire 5k (can you tell I’m not totally committed yet?). I’m looking forward to being less moody and feeling those endorphins again.

If you’ve got a FitBit or sign up for FitStudio friend me so we can motivate each other! If you’re already a fitness guru, well good for you. Share your tips on social media using the hashtag #Achieve15

I may not be as motivated at my husband (at least my kids have one good role model in that department) but I do want to be healthy for them, so I can live a long and happy life and meet my great-grandkids!

Do you workout? What’s your motivation?

*This post was written in partnership with Sears as a part of their #BloggersSquad. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Great job on reaching your fitness goals! Nursing also made me gain weight, not lose. My son will be 5 in March and I’m almost back to pre-pregnancy weight, about 5 lbs away. I know the extra weight is probably muscle though since I take Body Pump at my local gym too! Good luck!

  2. Do you think having a fitbit helped you? Trying to figure out if it is worth buying one or to just by a pedometer.

    1. Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to you! YES the fitbit has helped me, but because it motivates me to reach my daily goal. 10k steps is 5 miles a day. It’s HARD to do that when you’re just hanging around the house. It makes me get active to meet that goal (and beat my friends 🙂 )

      The app is fun and really helpful. For me, the competitiveness of it is what gets me to keep going, I’m also held accountable by my friends. So it probaby depends what motivates you how much it benefit you!

  3. wow! I’ve had these same xtra 15 pounds hanging around since my son was born! Recently, I’ve started running. My motivation is I refuse to go up another pants size. Nope.

  4. I joined a gym more than a year ago. And then promptly stopped going. I was tired, fat, sad and totally unmotivated. I have the added displeasure of a brain condition that causes headaches daily and thensideaffects that come with multiple surgeries… Anyway, long story short: I was 253 pounds, and though I don’t reccomend this for very many other people, especially those who only have a few (less than 30) pounds to lose, I started a weightloss pill. Finally, at the beginning of January, I was down 70 pounds and felt like my body could handle a workout. An amazing trainer I know had a program called the 30/30/30: workout for thirty minutes a day, for thirty days, for $30. I decided to give it a shot, since $30 wouldn’t break the bank and if I failed I wouldn’t have massive guilt. She has introduced us to all the different programs and exercises available at the gym, from TRX to yoga to free weights. Heck, even racquetball is in there. It has been amazing. I have only missed one scheduled day, and even though I haven’t lost any more pounds, I am feeling way more firm, and toned. I love going to the gym now, and see it as my escape. (Five kids, who doesn’t want to escape, lol?)
    Good for you for recognizing what works for you, and what your body needs! Keep it up! Find that motivation, and get your booty back to it. Trust me, in the long run, your kiddos will thank you!

  5. I lost all of my baby weight pretty soon after Olivia was born, but I’m having trouble finding the time going to the gym. Recently I’ve been doing a combination of once a week go in the evenings and then on my days off I go in the morning. When Spring/Summer come I plan to go once on a run outside. I want to run a half marathon, but it probably wont be until NEXT summer that I even come close to being ready. Lookin good. You always have though. To me you look good in both pictures, but it’s all about feeling good too. I hope you do!

    1. We’ve got a lot of marathoners in the family so I think you will for right in! And good for you for working out so much. I wasn’t motivated until my son was much older. You’re right though, it’s about feeling good. Right now I know I’d feel better if I got back to the gym so I’m kicking it up a notch this week! 🙂

  6. I got into doing Beachbody workouts at home. At first I swore I would never be motivated enough to workout at home consistently but I really like the workouts and it’s set up as a program unlike other videos I’ve purchased which just had one or two workouts. Plus they all come with calendars so you’re progressing and the challenge lasts 3 weeks to 90 days (depending on the program) so I’m always working toward something. So far I’ve been able to workout 6 days a week since July. You also get a coach that checks in with you for extra motivation and before and after pics and measurements help

  7. I do a lot of at home workouts as well as workout at our gym at work and group classes at my gym. I also dabbled in running (but I HATE running). I need variety or else I get bored.

    Last year I got a personal trainer for a work challenge we did and did Camp Gladiator (boot camps) as well 3x a week. But with the colder mornings, I put that on hold in Nov until the weather gets warmer (all the CG workouts are outdoors and I can’t get motivated to get up at 5:30 am for 40 degree or below temps outside). LOL

    My goal isn’t to lose weight but get leaner and stronger. After my hydrostatic test at the end of Oct last year through CG, my BF was WAY down (9% BF)! I sabotaged it, however, with the holiday indulgence but I’m back on track and will continue to maintain my lean and fit goals.

    Congrats to you for getting healthy! I’m sure you’ll do great. It’s always best to have family support.

    1. Ok, that’s amazing! I love your body fat goal! I think I will do that too, it’s probably a good indicator for how toned you are too, right? You’re awesome!

      I’m not a huge fan of running either so I really hope I don’t punk out of my goal!

  8. Breastfeeding didnt make me loose weight either….she is 19m and I see no end in sight, its how she falls asleep, she is a bad sleeper so I feel like I have no choice

  9. I needed to read this. I’m in the same situation. I’ve started doing little things that will help me get back to my pre-pregnancy jeans, but sometime that looks like a farfetched dream.

  10. it’s important to remember every one is different. 6 months into breastfeeding, I was 15 lbs less than when I got pregnant. I gained it all back, plus some, when I stopped breastfeeding. so now I am trying to get healthier by watching what I eat and exercise.

  11. You look great! Your “before” photos remind me of myself right now. It’s all in my belly and I’m not a fan! The huge separation of abdominal muscles after the kids isn’t helping either. I was always the skinny girl, and still am – my legs and arms are super skinny – which makes my belly look huge! I look like I’m 3 months pregnant after I have a meal. I am very motivated right now because I have a wedding photography season coming up (I photograph weddings), being on my feet for 10 hours straight and doing tons of kneeling and squatting is really taxing and I know I am not fit enough for that right now!

  12. yes!! I held onto the weight while breastfeeding both of my boys (ages 4 and 1). It’s so frustrating! My youngest weaned just before the holidays, but who wants to count calories in December?! 🙂 I have been using the LoseIt app to track food and running a few days a week and I’m down 6lb so far. The longest run I’ve done was 3.4 miles! I felt like superwoman when it was done!

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